2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner

2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards – Winner

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Although March Madness is not happening this year, 2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball provides MLB collectors with a similar format to decide the best player in the game today.

The online-exclusive release includes round-by-round fan voting and a limited period for each round.

2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Set Details

An offshoot of the primary 2020 Topps Now Baseball set, 2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball starts with 64 players and ends up with just one current legend.

Collectors can vote on each head-to-head matchup to decide the winner in each round.

Round 1 includes 64 subjects split between four different divisions, with all groups seeded from one to 16.

2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner 1

The Hank Aaron Division includes top hitters led by Mike Trout as the #1 seed, and the Babe Ruth Division is home to some of the best sluggers (Christian Yelich #1). Meanwhile, the Sandy Koufax Division boasts notable pitchers (Gerrit Cole #1) and the Willie Mays Division offers standout athletes (Ronald Acuna Jr. #1).

For some reason, Shohei Ohtani has two different spots. He is as a batter in the Babe Ruth Division (#9 seed) and a pitcher in the Sandy Koufax Division (#15 seed).

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2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Bonus Cards

Those participating in the online-only 2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball set can also earn bonus cards. These are awarded to collectors for buying players who ultimately receive the most votes in their division. The Top 4 (or Final Four, if you prefer NCAA terminology) subjects deliver one Silver Bonus card for every card purchased of that specific player. For the overall winner, collectors earn a Gold Bonus Champion card. Bonus cards are awarded at a 1:1 ratio, so the more you buy of the winning players, the more bonus cards you can redeem.

2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Gallery

Large bracket images.

2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Checklist

Top 32 Players Set Checklist

32 cards. Buy on eBay.
2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner 7

BB1-1 Mike Trout - Angels (PR=1,083)
BB1-2 Cody Bellinger - Dodgers (PR=253)
BB1-3 Nolan Arenado - Rockies (PR=153)
BB1-4 Anthony Rendon - Angels (PR=165)
BB1-5 Freddie Freeman - Braves (PR=173)
BB1-6 Kris Bryant - Cubs (PR=201)
BB1-7 DJ LeMahieu - Yankees (PR=199)
BB1-8 Bryce Harper - Phillies (PR=210)
BB1-9 Christian Yelich - Brewers (PR=214)
BB1-10 Juan Soto - Nationals (PR=289)
BB1-11 Alex Bregman - Astros (PR=140)
BB1-12 Aaron Judge - Yankees (PR=397)
BB1-13 Josh Donaldson - Twins (PR=158)
BB1-14 Gleyber Torres - Yankees (PR=293)
BB1-15 Pete Alonso - Mets (PR=382)
BB1-16 Shohei Ohtani - Angels (PR=279)
BB1-17 Gerrit Cole - Yankees (PR=298)
BB1-18 Justin Verlander - Astros (PR=164)
BB1-19 Jacob deGrom - Mets (PR=258)
BB1-20 Max Scherzer - Nationals (PR=185)
BB1-21 Stephen Strasburg - Nationals (PR=175)
BB1-22 Walker Buehler - Dodgers (PR=192)
BB1-23 Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers (PR=156)
BB1-24 Patrick Corbin - Nationals (PR=129)
BB1-25 Ronald Acuna Jr - Braves (PR=432)
BB1-26 Mookie Betts - Dodgers (PR=224)
BB1-27 Francisco Lindor - Indians (PR=135)
BB1-28 Jose Altuve - Astros (PR=116)
BB1-29 Javier Baez - Cubs (PR=165)
BB1-30 Trevor Story - Rockies (PR=112)
BB1-31 Trea Turner - Nationals (PR=133)
BB1-32 Fernando Tatis Jr - Padres (PR=246)


Top 16 Players Blue Set Checklist

2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner 8

BB2-1 Mike Trout - Angels (PR=959)
BB2-2 Cody Bellinger - Dodgers (PR=217)
BB2-3 Nolan Arenado - Rockies (PR=130)
BB2-4 Freddie Freeman - Braves (PR=144)
BB2-5 Christian Yelich - Brewers (PR=170)
BB2-6 Juan Soto - Nationals (PR=229)
BB2-7 Aaron Judge - Yankees (PR=401)
BB2-8 Gleyber Torres - Yankees (PR=281)
BB2-9 Gerrit Cole - Yankees (PR=308)
BB2-10 Jacob deGrom - Mets (PR=230)
BB2-11 Max Scherzer - Nationals (PR=162)
BB2-12 Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers (PR=172)
BB2-13 Ronald Acuna Jr - Braves (PR=415)
BB2-14 Mookie Betts - Dodgers (PR=237)
BB2-15 Francisco Lindor - Indians (PR=137)
BB2-16 Javier Baez - Cubs (PR=157)


Top 8 Players Purple Set Checklist

8 cards. PR=TBA.
2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner 9

BB3-1 Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels (PR=912)
BB3-2 Cody Bellinger - Los Angeles Dodgers (PR=273)
BB3-3 Christian Yelich - Milwaukee Brewers (PR=260)
BB3-4 Juan Soto - Washington Nationals (PR=325)
BB3-5 Jacob deGrom - New York Mets (PR=294)
BB3-6 Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals (PR=291)
BB3-7 Ronald Acuna Jr - Atlanta Braves (PR=436)
BB3-8 Mookie Betts - Los Angeles Dodgers (PR=316)


Top 4 Players Red Set Checklist

4 cards. PR=TBA.
2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner 10

BB4-1 Mike Trout - Angels (PR=934)
BB4-2 Christian Yelich - Brewers (PR=276)
BB4-3 Ronald Acuna Jr - Braves (PR=439)
BB4-4 Max Scherzer - Nationals (PR=271)


Top 2 Players Orange Set Checklist

2 cards.
2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner 11

BB5-1 Christian Yelich - Brewers (PR=TBA)
BB5-2 Max Scherzer - Nationals (PR=TBA)


Top 1 Player Gold Set Checklist

2020 Topps Now Bracket Bonanza Baseball Cards - Winner 12

BB6-1 Christian Yelich - Milwaukee Brewers


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User Reviews

  1. I just voted on these cards. Matchups are tough to pick. #16 seeds are very capable to beat a #1 seed in these brackets. This is probably tougher than a basketball Match Madness basketball bracket. Mike Trout is a deserving #1 seed but even he’s capable of losing in the bracket matchup in the 1st Round.

  2. My first time purchasing directly from Topps. I literally want to throw this card in the trash. I paid $20.00, which included shipping, for a dressed up $.50 cent card. Topps does there best at sucking up all the value they can make off of every card. It’s deals like this that drive people out of the hobby and why my wife will never understand. Fool me once…

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