2020 Topps Mini Baseball Cards

2020 Topps Mini Baseball Cards

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With 2020 Topps Mini Baseball, one of the biggest sets of the MLB season is also one of the smallest. The "big" referring to the size of the checklist and the "small" referencing the size of the 2.25" x 3.125" trading cards.

Sold for 15 days at $24.99 per box (as supplies last), the online-exclusive set is issued under the 2020 Topps On Demand series.

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2020 Topps Mini Baseball On Demand Set Details

Offering 35 cards per box, 2020 Topps Mini Baseball breaks up the massive cardboard meal into small bites. Each box contains 30 random base cards from the 1,000-card MLB flagship set. This is made up of the base sets from Series 1, Series 2 and Update Series.

2020 Topps Mini Baseball Cards 1

Falling three per box, parallels are numbered to 25, 10, five or one-of-one. The 2019 release featured four parallels per box.

Each box also has two inserts, which is an increase compared to last year. These can either be base short-print (SP) image variations or the 35th-anniversary 1985 Topps Baseball cards.

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On the other hand, 2020 Topps Mini Baseball autographs fall at tougher odds compared to 2019. Whereas 2019 averaged 1:15 boxes, it is 1:25 boxes for 2020.

2020 Topps Mini Baseball Cards 2

The choices include 10 base autograph signers and four dual autograph booklet pairings.

2020 Topps Mini Baseball Cards 3

Sales Date: November 17, 2020; Expected Ship Date: December 24, 2020
Product Configuration: 35 cards per pack, 1 pack per box

2020 Topps Mini Baseball On Demand Box Break

  • 30 Mini Base Cards
  • 3 Mini Base Parallels
  • 2 Inserts (Image Variation or 1985)


2020 Topps Mini Baseball Checklist

  • Final Pint Run=13,401 Boxes

Base Set Checklist

1,000 cards. 30 per box.
PARALLEL CARDS (3 per box): #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1.

Series 1 - 350 cards
Full Series 1 Checklist
Series 2 - 350 cards
Full Series 2 Checklist
Update Series - 300 cards
Full Update Series Checklist


Base SP Variations Set Checklist

*Combine with 1985 insert to fall 2 per box.*


1985 35th Anniversary Set Checklist

*Combine with SP variations to fall 2 per box.*


Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards.
*Autographs combine to fall 1:25 boxes.*

Andrew McCutchen
Aquino Aristides
Dustin May
Juan Soto
Kwang-Hyun Kim
Luis Robert
Luke Voit
Nico Hoerner
Tony Gonsolin
Toro Abraham


Dual Autograph Booklet Set Checklist

4 cards.
*Autographs combine to fall 1:25 boxes.*


Pete Alonso / Jacob DeGrom
Cody Bellinger / Walker Buehler
Gleyber Torres / Aaron Judge
Jose Altuve / Alex Bregman


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