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2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Cards

2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Cards

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The Kenny Mayne collaboration enters a new season with 2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 cards.

The set is virtually identical to the 2019 version in terms of design and gameplay. It essentially boils down to the card game War, where the high card wins. The only difference for 2020 is the player lineup.

2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Set Details

Just like Series 1, the 2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 checklist includes 52 players broken down like a standard deck of cards. This means four players per number or face card, with each split across the four suits. However, instead of clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades, it's baseballs, caps, cleats and gloves.

2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Cards 1

In addition, retired players fill out the 26-card variations insert. In this case, each number card or face card adds two new players to the primary deck.

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The main set sells for $19.99 and includes all 52 base cards, two variations and a game mat. Booster packs help fill in the remaining variations at five per pack. These go for $4.99 each.

Release Date: May 21, 2020
Product Configuration: 54 cards per set + 1 mat

2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Set Break

  • 52 Base Cards
  • 2 Variations
  • 1 Fold-Up Game Mat


2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Checklist

Base Game Cards Set Checklist

52 cards. Full set per box. Buy on Topps.
2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Cards 2

A Juan Soto
A Gerrit Cole
A Mike Trout
A Christian Yelich
K Nolan Arenado
K Jose Altuve
K Vladimir Guerrero Jr
K Javier Baez
Q Pete Alonso
Q Aaron Judge
Q Ronald Acuna Jr
Q Cody Bellinger
J Bryce Harper
J Clayton Kershaw
J Jacob DeGrom
J Fernando Tatis Jr
10 Masahiro Tanaka
10 Whit Merrifield
10 Anthony Rizzo
10 Trevor Story
9 Josh Bell
9 Josh Hader
9 Joey Gallo
9 Austin Riley
8 Matt Chapman
8 Rafael Devers
8 Ozzie Albies
8 Mookie Betts
7 Josh Donaldson
7 Gary Sanchez
7 Walker Buehler
7 Miguel Cabrera
6 Jorge Soler
6 Ketel Marte
6 Joey Votto
6 Stephen Strasburg
5 DJ LeMahieu
5 Buster Posey
5 Andrew Benintendi
5 Shane Bieber
4 Luis Robert RC
4 AJ Puk RC
4 Gleyber Torres
4 Shohei Ohtani
3 Brendan McKay RC
3 Bo Bichette RC
3 Jesus Luzardo RC
3 Aristides Aquino RC
2 Yordan Alvarez RC
2 Dylan Cease RC
2 Nico Hoerner RC
2 Gavin Lux RC


Variations Set Checklist

26 cards. 2 per set or 5 per booster pack. Buy on Topps.
2020 Topps 52-Card Baseball Game Series 2 Cards 3

V-A Jeff Bagwell
V-A Tom Seaver
V-K Mike Mussina
V-K Ernie Banks
V-Q Wade Boggs
V-Q Ichiro
V-J Will Clark
V-J Frank Robinson
V-10 Willie Mays
V-10 Rod Carew
V-9 Darryl Strawberry
V-9 Ryne Sandberg
V-8 Hank Aaron
V-8 Nolan Ryan
V-7 Mariano Rivera
V-7 Robin Yount
V-6 Brooks Robinson
V-6 Randy Johnson
V-5 George Brett
V-5 Ozzie Smith
V-4 Carl Yastrzemski
V-4 Rickey Henderson
V-3 Roberto Clemente
V-3 Pedro Martinez
V-2 Derek Jeter
V-2 Mike Schmidt


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User Reviews

Michael Fox
Michael Fox

I like this set. I completed the first series with the variations. I question why Topps would repeat many of the same players living and dead in series two. There are 20,000 players to choose from.


My first reaction was, “This is so cool.” then Topps, of course, has to issue variation cards, making collecting all available cards impossible/cost prohibitive.

The more Topps does this, and the longer I am exposed to this, the less my enthusiasm for the hobby becomes.

Is anyone at Topps listening?

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