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2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist

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Providing fans a new option for collecting MLB prospects, 2020 Leaf Draft Baseball is available in a Hobby Blaster format featuring three autographs along with a Retail Blaster offering two autographs.

Although it is a new product, the release mirrors the football version.

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Set Details

Essentially a factory set with random autographs added, 2020 Leaf Draft Baseball has a 50-card base lineup that comes in every box.

In addition, the autographs are packed individually within the box.

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 1

Per Leaf, 2020 Leaf Draft Baseball is a "value-oriented release."

Release Date: December 23, 2020
Product Configuration: 52 or 53 cards per box, 20 boxes per case

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Hobby Blaster Box Break (Red Box)

  • 3 Autographs

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Retail Blaster Box Break (Blue Box)

  • 2 Autographs

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 2

Set Checklist

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Checklist


Base Set Checklist

50 cards. Full set per box.

01 Fernando Tatis Jr.
02 Ronald Acuna
03 Wander Franco
04 Ronny Mauricio
05 Marco Luciano
06 Noelvi Marte
07 Dylan Carlson
08 Julio Rodriguez
09 Deivi Garcia
10 Jasson Dominguez
11 Bryce Ball
12 Tanner Burns XRC
13 Garrett Mitchell XRC
14 Bryce Jarvis XRC
15 Heston Kjerstad XRC
16 Bobby Miller XRC
17 Carmen Mlodzinski XRC
18 Spencer Torkelson XRC
19 Slade Cecconi XRC
20 Aaron Sabato XRC
21 Jarren Duran XRC
22 Geraldo Perdomo XRC
23 Orelvis Martinez XRC
24 Luis Rodriguez XRC
25 Nick Loftin XRC
26 Max Meyer XRC
27 Asa Lacy XRC
28 Austin Martin XRC
29 Emerson Hancock XRC
30 Nick Gonzales XRC
31 Robert Hassell XRC
32 Zac Veen XRC
33 Reid Detmers XRC
34 Garrett Crochet XRC
35 Austin Hendrick XRC
36 Patrick Bailey XRC
37 Justin Foscue XRC
38 Mick Abel XRC
39 Ed Howard XRC
40 Nick Yorke XRC
41 Pete Crow-Armstrong XRC
42 Jordan Walker XRC
43 Carson Tucker XRC
44 Nick Bitsko XRC
45 Jared Shuster XRC
46 Tyler Soderstrom XRC
47 Jordan Westburg XRC
48 Burl Carraway XRC
49 Yoelqui Cespedes XRC
50 Oswald Peraza XRC


2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Autograph Checklist

Hobby Autographs Set Checklist

102 cards.

BA-AC1 Antonio Cabello XRC
BA-AH1 Austin Hendrick XRC
BA-AM1 Austin Martin XRC
BA-AS1 Aaron Sabato XRC
BA-AW1 Alika Williams XRC
BA-AW2 Austin Wells XRC
BA-BH1 Ben Hernandez XRC
BA-BJ2 Bryce Jarvis XRC
BA-BL1 Bayron Lora XRC
BA-BM1 Bobby Miller XRC
BA-CC1 Carlos Colmenarez XRC
BA-CH1 Cole Henry XRC
BA-CH2 Cristian Hernandez XRC
BA-CM2 Carmen Mlodzinski XRC
BA-CM3 Coby Mayo XRC
BA-CM4 Chris McMahon XRC
BA-CR1 Christian Roa XRC
BA-CT1 Carson Tucker XRC
BA-CW1 Cole Wilcox XRC
BA-DC1 Dylan Carlson
BA-DC2 Diego Cartaya XRC
BA-DD1 Dillon Dingler XRC
BA-DF1 Dax Fulton XRC
BA-DR1 Drew Romo XRC
BA-DSK D'Shawn Knowles XRC
BA-EC1 Edward Cabrera XRC
BA-EH1 Ed Howard XRC
BA-EH2 Emerson Hancock XRC
BA-EP1 Erick Pena XRC
BA-EP2 Everson Pereira XRC
BA-FA1 Francisco Alvarez XRC
BA-FT1 Fernando Tatis Jr.
BA-GC1 Garrett Crochet XRC
BA-GM1 Garrett Mitchell XRC
BA-GP1 Geraldo Perdomo XRC
BA-HB1 Hunter Brown XRC
BA-HH1 Hudson Haskin XRC
BA-HK1 Heston Kjerstad XRC
BA-HY1 Hector Yan XRC
BA-IH1 Ivan Herrera XRC
BA-JD1 Jasson Dominguez
BA-JD3 Jarren Duran XRC
BA-JF1 Justin Foscue XRC
BA-JJ1 Jared Jones XRC
BA-JK1 Jared Kelley XRC
BA-JL1 Justin Lange XRC
BA-JR1 Julio Rodriguez
BA-JS1 Jared Shuster XRC
BA-JS2 Jonathan Stiever XRC
BA-JW1 Jordan Walker XRC
BA-JW2 Jordan Westburg XRC
BA-KA1 Keegan Akin XRC
BA-KH1 Kyle Harrison XRC
BA-LA1 Luisangel Acuna XRC
BA-LD1 Lewin Diaz XRC
BA-LG1 Luis Garcia XRC
BA-LM1 Luis Medina XRC
BA-LM2 Luis Matos XRC
BA-LP1 Liover Peguero XRC
BA-LR1 Luis Rodriguez XRC
BA-LT1 Leody Taveras XRC
BA-MA1 Mick Abel XRC
BA-MA2 Maximo Acosta XRC
BA-MB2 Mike Baumann
BA-MH1 Miguel Hiraldo XRC
BA-ML1 Marco Luciano
BA-MM1 Max Meyer XRC
BA-MU1 Misael Urbina XRC
BA-MV1 Miguel Vargas XRC
BA-MW1 Masyn Winn XRC
BA-MY1 Miguel Yajure XRC
BA-NB1 Nick Bitsko XRC
BA-NG1 Nick Gonzales XRC
BA-NL1 Nick Loftin XRC
BA-NM1 Noelvi Marte
BA-NY1 Nick Yorke XRC
BA-OB1 Osleivis Basabe
BA-OM1 Orelvis Martinez XRC
BA-OP1 Oswald Peraza XRC
BA-PB1 Patrick Bailey XRC
BA-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong XRC
BA-PM1 Pedro Martinez XRC
BA-RD1 Reid Detmers XRC
BA-RG3 Richard Gallardo XRC
BA-RH1 Robert Hassell XRC
BA-RM2 Ronny Mauricio
BA-RV1 Ricky Vanasco XRC
BA-SC1 Seth Corry XRC
BA-SC2 Slade Cecconi XRC
BA-ST1 Spencer Torkelson XRC
BA-TB1 Tanner Burns XRC
BA-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom XRC
BA-WF1 Wander Franco
BA-WP1 Wilderd Patino XRC
BA-YC1 Yoelqui Cespedes XRC
BA-YC2 Yiddi Cappe XRC
BA-YG1 Yoendrys Gomez XRC
BA-YS1 Yolbert Sanchez XRC
BA-ZDL Zach DeLoach XRC
BA-ZV1 Zac Veen XRC


Retail Autographs Set Checklist

79 cards.

BA-AB1 Alec Burleson XRC
BA-AC3 Adisyn Coffey XRC
BA-AJV AJ Vukovich XRC
BA-AS2 Alex Santos XRC
BA-AS3 Alerick Soularie XRC
BA-BC1 Burl Carraway XRC
BA-BE1 Bryce Elder XRC
BA-BF1 Brandon Pfaadt XRC
BA-BW1 Beck Way XRC
BA-CA1 Cory Abbott XRC
BA-CB1 Clayton Beeter XRC
BA-CB2 Carter Baumler XRC
BA-CK1 Colt Keith XRC
BA-CM1 Casey Martin XRC
BA-CR2 Carson Ragsdale XRC
BA-CS1 Casey Schmitt XRC
BA-CT2 Carson Taylor XRC
BA-DC3 Daniel Cabrera XRC
BA-DC4 David Calabrese XRC
BA-DML Dylan MacLean XRC
BA-EC2 Evan Carter XRC
BA-FZ1 Freddy Zamora XRC
BA-GW1 Gage Workman XRC
BA-HB2 Hunter Barnhart XRC
BA-HC1 Hayden Cantrelle XRC
BA-HP2 Holden Powell XRC
BA-IB1 Ian Bedell XRC
BA-IS1 Ian Seymour XRC
BA-JB1 Joe Boyle XRC
BA-JB2 Jack Blomgren XRC
BA-JC1 Jeff Criswell XRC
BA-JE1 Jake Eder XRC
BA-JF2 Jesse Franklin XRC
BA-JG1 Jimmy Glowenke XRC
BA-JH1 Jagger Haynes XRC
BA-JH2 Jeffrey Hakanson XRC
BA-JM1 Jackson Miller XRC
BA-JN1 Jordan Nwogu XRC
BA-JV1 Jake Vogel XRC
BA-JW3 Joey Wiemer XRC
BA-JWY Jeremy Wu-Yelland XRC
BA-KH2 Kyle Hurt XRC
BA-KM1 Koen Moreno XRC
BA-KN1 Kyle Nicolas XRC
BA-KR1 Kalai Rosario XRC
BA-LK1 Landon Knack XRC
BA-LL1 Luke Little XRC
BA-LN1 Liam Norris XRC
BA-LP2 Levi Prater XRC
BA-MG1 Michael Guldberg XRC
BA-MH2 Mason Hickman XRC
BA-MR1 Marco Raya XRC
BA-MT1 Milan Tolentino XRC
BA-MW2 Mac Wainwright XRC
BA-NF1 Nick Frasso XRC
BA-NG2 Nick Garcia XRC
BA-NS1 Nick Swiney XRC
BA-PH1 Petey Halpin XRC
BA-RM1 Rafael Marchan XRC
BA-RS1 Reid Schaller XRC
BA-RZ1 Ryan Zeferjahn XRC
BA-SE1 Stevie Emanuels XRC
BA-SI1 Sammy Infante XRC
BA-SS1 Spencer Strider XRC
BA-SW1 Sam Weatherly XRC
BA-TB2 Tyler Brown XRC
BA-TC1 Trei Cruz XRC
BA-TG1 Tyler Gentry XRC
BA-TH1 Tink Hence XRC
BA-TH2 Trevor Hauver XRC
BA-TK1 Tyler Keenan XRC
BA-TM1 Tanner Murray XRC
BA-TP1 Trent Palmer XRC
BA-TR1 Tekoah Roby XRC
BA-WB1 Werner Blakely XRC
BA-WK1 Will Klein XRC
BA-ZB1 Zach Britton XRC
BA-ZD1 Zach Daniels XRC
BA-ZM1 Zach McCambley XRC



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Shop for 2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Hobby Blaster Boxes

Each Hobby Blaster box is slated to have:

  • 3 Autographs

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Shop for 2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Retail Blaster Boxes

Each Retail Blaster box is slated to have:

  • 2 Autographs

Here are the top deals on Retail boxes currently listed on eBay

2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Factory Sealed Blaster Box- 50 Card Set + 2 Card Auto $21.002020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 3
2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Box / Factory Sealed $22.002020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 3
2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Unopened Blaster Box - 2 Auto - Wander? $24.952020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 3
2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Box - Factory Sealed - 2 Autos Per Box $29.882020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 3
2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Factory Sealed Blaster Box-2 AUTOS+50 Card ROOKIE SET $29.952020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 3


2020 Leaf Draft Baseball Blaster Cards Checklist 8Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

Dave Karpinski
Dave Karpinski

Trey quick question. I purchased 2 unopened hobby boxes. Both boxes autographs were 1 from the hobby checklist and 2 from the retail checklist. Is this how it is supposed to be? Seems really odd to me. Thanks

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

It was not mentioned anywhere that I saw, but that is what tends to be the box output for Hobby. Leaf also specially stated this was the case for the 2021 football version.

Greg Miller
Greg Miller

Trey… I bought a box/set at my local WM today and got a gold set. I discarded the packaging. Is there any info on whether the gold parallel sets are produced in the same quantity as the silver/white (which is considered the “true” base)? Any ratio info on the gold parallels? Didn’t realize that you either got an ALL silver/white or ALL gold set in each box. Thanks for any info..

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

No word on rarity.

Just pulled a Trei Cruz blank auto error card. Should I just hold onto this? Try to sell? Never had an empty sticker auto situation before…

Edward Schweinel
Edward Schweinel

Love those autos


Any idea when the checklist is going up? Product released today.

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Yep. We know. It goes up as soon as Leaf makes the checklist available.

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