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2019 Upper Deck Deadpool Trading Cards

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool Trading Cards

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The irreverent Marvel anti-hero adds a little more action and humor to the trading card landscape in 2019 Upper Deck Deadpool.

Averaging two premium inserts per Hobby box, the comic-based release is all about the "Merc with a Mouth." Every pack should have one insert or parallel.

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool Base / Inserts

Centered around some of Deadpool's notable events and characters, the 100-card base adds two parallels. One of these is the Pink parallel that comes in every box, and the other is Black. One High-Series Base card is also expected in each box.

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool

Not likely surprising anyone, the main 2019 Upper Deck Deadpool inserts are quite playful. Sportball has some fun with various athletic pursuits using familiar design styles.

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool

There is also Deadpool Bombing, which is essentially Deadpool's version of a photobomb, but with other UD Marvel cards.

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool

And it wouldn't be Deadpool without a helping of chimichangas. In fact, Chimichanga with Deadpool walks you through the steps to make the tasty dish.

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool Premium Inserts / Hits

Among the premium options in 2019 Upper Deck Deadpool, collectors can chase 3D Lenticular, plexiglass Dead Glass, and manufactured Dead Patch cards. The multi-tiered patch cards and lenticular cards both have SP and SSP versions, as well. These short prints are case hits.

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool

There are also The New Mutants #98 Cut Comic Panels and rare The New Mutants #98 Cut Comic Covers (#/10) cards featuring pieces from the original issue to introduce Deadpool. Lastly, hand-drawn Sketch cards average two per case.

Estimated Release Date: January 2019
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool Hobby Box Break Average

  • 2 Premium Inserts / Hits (3D Card, Cut Comic, Dead Glass, Dead Patch, or Sketch)
  • 1 Base High Series and 1 Base Pink Parallel

2019 Upper Deck Deadpool Hobby Case Hits Average

  • 2 Sketch Cards
  • 1-2 Dead Patch SP and 1-2 Lenticular SP

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change.

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