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2019 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2

2019 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards – Set 2

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Giving Topps a lot of freedom, 2019 Topps On Demand is basically a bunch of unrelated, limited-edition sets that each act as a truncated version of a standalone release.

Although heavily geared to baseball, past years, including 2018, have also featured Stars Wars sets and various entertainment brands under the Topps umbrella, like Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages.

Issued in pack or set form, the 2019 Topps On Demand sets are normally sold for a week as supplies last. However, many releases, especially the MLB options, have sold out in mere hours. Prices vary considerably based on the guaranteed output per pack.

2019 Topps On Demand is an ongoing product line with new options released throughout the year. Check back for new set details as they are announced.

2019 Topps On Demand Set Checklist

Set 1 - 2019 Topps On Demand Black and White Baseball Details

Delivering on the name, 2019 Topps On Demand Black and White lets the colorless images do the talking through a 70-card base set alongside 10-card sets featuring 2018 Champions and Awards (2 per pack) and Team Celebrations (1 per pack). Splashes of color can be found in the various parallels that average two per pack.

2019 Topps On Demand Black and White sells for $60 per pack. Because the autograph cards fall 1:2 packs, it can be more of a gamble at that amount with only a 50/50 shot at a signature.

2019 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 1

2019 Topps On Demand Black and White Baseball Checklist

70 total base cards, 20 inserts and 27 signers. Buy on eBay. 
Final Print Run is 2,000.
Each sealed pack has 25 base cards and 5 parallels/inserts. Autographs are 1:2 packs.
BASE PARALLEL: Sepia (not #'d), Background Color #/25, Full Player Color #/10, Full Color 1/1.
AUTOGRAPH PARALLELS: Base (not #'d), Full Player Color #/10, Full Color 1/1.
2019 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 2

1 Mike Trout
2 Mookie Betts
3 JD Martinez
4 Christian Yelich
5 Jose Altuve
6 Shohei Ohtani
7 Joey Votto
8 Freddie Freeman
9 Khris Davis
10 Paul Goldschmidt
11 Jose Ramirez
12 Nolan Arenado
13 Jose Berrios
14 Giancarlo Stanton
15 Kris Bryant
16 Trevor Story
17 Javier Baez
18 Juan Soto
19 Gleyber Torres
20 Bryce Harper
21 Miguel Andujar
22 Rhys Hoskins
23 Aaron Judge
24 Francisco Lindor
25 Trea Turner
26 Alex Bregman
27 Charlie Blackmon
28 Michael Conforto
29 Ronald Acuna Jr
30 Ozzie Albies
31 Cody Bellinger
32 Anthony Rizzo
33 Matt Chapman
34 Eric Hosmer
35 Jose Abreu
36 Kyle Schwarber
37 Mitch Haniger
38 Max Muncy
39 Andrew Benintendi
40 Manny Machado
41 Matt Carpenter
42 Albert Pujols
43 Xander Bogaerts
44 Marcell Ozuna
45 Buster Posey
46 Walker Buehler
47 Miguel Cabrera
48 Jacob deGrom
49 Blake Snell
50 Trevor Bauer
51 Aaron Nola
52 Justin Verlander
53 Corey Kluber
54 Max Scherzer
55 Noah Syndergaard
56 Luis Severino
57 Gerrit Cole
58 Clayton Kershaw
59 Craig Kimbrel
60 Aroldis Chapman
61 Jeff McNeil
62 Kyle Tucker
63 Ryan O’Hearn
64 Steven Dugger
65 Cedric Mullins
66 Chance Adams
67 Jonathan Loaisiga
68 Justus Sheffield
69 Urias Luis
70 Brad Keller
2018 Champions & Awards - 2 per pack
1 Bryce Harper 2018 HR Derby Champion
2 AL Wins 2018 All-Star Game
3 Red Sox World Series Champions
4 Steve Pearce World Series MVP
5 Christian Yelich NL MVP
6 Mookie Betts AL MVP
7 Jacob deGrom NL Cy Young
8 Blake Snell AL Cy Young
9 Ronald Acuna Jr NL ROY
10 Shohei Ohtani AL ROY
Team Celebrations - 1 per pack
1 Boston Red Sox
2 New York Yankees
3 Chicago Cubs
4 Los Angeles Angels
5 Los Angeles Dodgers
6 Houston Astros
7 New York Mets
8 Atlanta Braves
9 Milwaukee Brewers
10 Washington Nationals
Autographs (1:2 packs)
1 Mike Trout
2 Jose Altuve
3 Shohei Ohtani
4 Freddie Freeman
5 Paul Goldschmidt
6 Trevor Story
7 Juan Soto
8 Bryce Harper
9 Miguel Andujar
10 Rhys Hoskins
11 Aaron Judge
12 Francisco Lindor
13 Michael Conforto
14 Ozzie Albies
15 Manny Machado
16 Marcell Ozuna
17 Jacob deGrom
18 Corey Kluber
19 Noah Syndergaard
20 Jeff McNeil
21 Ryan O’Hearn
22 Cedric Mullins
23 Chance Adams
24 Jonathan Loaisiga
25 Justus Sheffield
26 Urias Luis
27 Brad Keller 


Set 2 - 2019 Topps On Demand GPK Valentine's Day Details

Bringing the Garbage Pail Kids' stylings to the heart-filled holiday, 2019 Topps On Demand GPK Valentine's Day features the full 20-card base set in every pack. That includes 10 "A" names and another 10 "B" names. There are also five parallels, including three Green Border cards and one festive Pink Border card. Although typically considered variations rather than parallels, each pack also has one "C"-name parallel. However, the subject list was not provided. Collectors can also chase sketch cards that average 1:2 packs. No artist list was supplied either.

Each 2019 Topps On Demand GPK Valentine's Day pack sells for $40 as supplies last.

2019 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 3

2019 Topps On Demand GPK Valentine's Day is Gross Checklist

10 base cards with different name versions. Buy on Topps. 
Each sealed pack has 20 base cards (all of the A/B names) and 5 parallels. Sketch cards are 1:2 packs.
BASE PARALLELS: Green Border (3 per pack), Pink Border (1 per pack), C Names (1 per pack).
2019 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 4

Base A Names
1a Adam Bomb
2a Scottie Potty
3a Boozin Bruce
4a Up Chuck
5a Junkfood John
6a Mad Mike
7a New Wave Dave
8a Dead Ted
9a Unstitched Mitch
10a Fryin Brian
Base B Names
1b Blasted Billy
2b Jason Basin
3b Drunk Ken
4b Heavin’ Steven
5b Ray Decay
6b Savage Stuart
7b Graffiti Petey
8b Jay Decay
9b Damaged Don
10b Electric Bill


2019 Topps On Demand Set Trading Cards - Set 2 5
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Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Reviews

  1. Author

    I love the concepts behind many of Topps on-line exclusives. Some have even motivated me to pull out a crowbar and pry open my wallet. I almost ordered a few of the packs, but instead of grabbing my credit card, I pulled out my collection of orders from Topps and relived the heartbreak of the stack of cards with dinged corners and chipped edges. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me ten more times, those are on me, but I won’t be fooled again.

  2. Author

    Dan J just reminded me of why I rarely purchase Topps On Demand .

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