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2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide

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The '19 MLB season may be over, but 2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball is still moving ahead on cardboard.

Sold online by Topps, the print-to-order cards document key moments that occur after final out of the World Series, but before the start of the 2020 season.

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Set Details

The 2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball checklist starts immediately following the Washington Nationals' World Series win.

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 1

Virtually identical to the main 2019 Topps Now Baseball set, the only difference is the OS- prefix for the card numbering.

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 2

Buy current Now Baseball cards on the Topps site.

After the World Series victory parade and White House visit for the Nats, the set moves to the possible 2019 MLB award winners. If a collector purchases a finalist who ultimately wins, a free bonus card is issued. Trades and free-agent signings are another featured element in the online set.

Topps also celebrates the All-Star Rookie Cup lineup with a 12-player set issued one per day. Fans that complete the entire set earn an exclusive bonus card. Sold separately, some of these players have limited autograph versions, as well.

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Announced print runs noted. Shop Now Baseball cards on Topps.
*Finalist cards award bonus card for winning player.*

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 3

2019 World Series Victory Parade
OS-1 Dave Martinez - Washington Nationals (PR=433)
OS-1A/F Dave Martinez Autograph (Versions: #/99, #/49, #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1)
OS-2 Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals (PR=472)
OS-3 Juan Soto - Washington Nationals (PR=471)
OS-4 Stephen Strasburg - Washington Nationals (PR=411)
White House Visit
OS-5 Juan Soto - Washington Nationals (PR=489)
OS-6 Washington Nationals (PR=515)
OS-7 Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals (PR=419)
MVP Award Finalist 
OS-8 Alex Bregman - Houston Astros (PR=261)
OS-9 Marcus Semien - Oakland Athletics (PR=116)
OS-10 Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels (PR=605) *
OS-11 Cody Bellinger - Los Angeles Dodgers (PR=334) *
OS-12 Anthony Rendon - Washington Nationals (PR=203)
OS-13 Christian Yelich - Milwaukee Brewers (PR=182)
Cy Young Award Finalist 
OS-14 Gerrit Cole - Houston Astros (PR=253)
OS-15 Charlie Morton - Tampa Bay Rays (PR=116)
OS-16 Justin Verlander - Houston Astros (PR=234) *
OS-17 Jacob deGrom - New York Mets (PR=462) *
OS-18 Hyun-Jin Ryu - Los Angeles Dodgers (PR=193)
OS-19 Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals (PR=215)
Rookie of the Year Award Finalist 
OS-20 Yordan Alvarez - Houston Astros CALL-UP (PR=1,068) *
OS-21 Brandon Lowe - Tampa Bay Rays RC (PR=120)
OS-22 John Means - Baltimore Orioles RC (PR=204)
OS-23 Pete Alonso - New York Mets RC (PR=1,945) *
OS-24 Mike Soroka - Atlanta Braves (PR=175)
OS-25 Fernando Tatis Jr. - San Diego Padres RC (PR=388)
2019 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year
OS-26 Roberto Perez - Indians: C (PR=135)
OS-27 Freddie Freeman - Braves: 1B (PR=117)
OS-28 Kolten Wong - Cardinals: 2B (PR=117)
OS-29 Matt Chapman - Athletics: 3B (PR=102)
OS-30 Andrelton Simmons - Angels: SS (PR=117)
OS-31 David Peralta - Diamondbacks: LF (PR=114)
OS-32 Lorenzo Cain - Brewers: CF (PR=118)
OS-33 Aaron Judge - Yankees: RF (PR=272)
OS-34 Zack Greinke - Astros: P (PR=119)
OS-35 Houston Astros: Team (PR=117)
2019 Silver Slugger Award Winners 
OS-36 Mitch Garver/J.T. Realmuto - Catcher (PR=193)
OS-37 Carlos Santana/Freddie Freeman - 1st Base (PR=188)
OS-38 DJ LeMahieu/Ozzie Albies - 2nd Base (PR=213)
OS-39 Alex Bregman/Anthony Rendon - 3rd Base (PR=191)
OS-40 Xander Bogaerts/Trevor Story - Shortstop (PR=148)
OS-41 Mike Trout/Cody Bellinger - Outfield (PR=313)
OS-42 George Springer/Christian Yelich - Outfield (PR=179)
OS-43 Mookie Betts/Ronald Acuña Jr. - Outfield (PR=216)
OS-44 Nelson Cruz/Zack Greinke - DH/P (PR=138)
Free Agent Signings / Traded
OS-45 Yasmani Grandal - White Sox (PR=184)
OS-46 Mike Moustakas - Reds (PR=206)
OS-47 Cole Hamels - Braves (PR=114)
OS-48 Zach Wheeler - Phillies (PR=167)
OS-49 Stephen Strasburg - Nationals (PR=352)
OS-50 Didi Gregorius - Phillies (PR=228)
OS-51 Gerrit Cole - Yankees (PR=478)
OS-52 Anthony Rendon - Angels (PR=196)
OS-53 Anthony Rendon - Angels (PR=171)
OS-54 Corey Kluber - Rangers (PR=149)
OS-55 Gerrit Cole - Yankees (PR=666)
Now CL #1001-1081 (free with Cole)
OS-56 Hyun-Jin Ryu - Blue Jays (PR=260)


2019-20 Toppps Now Offseason Baseball Checklist

OS-57 Josh Donaldson - Twins: FA Signing (PR=311)
OS-58 Marcell Ozuna - Braves: FA Signing (PR=215)
OS-59 Derek Jeter - Yankees: HOF (PR=4,189)
OS-59A/F Derek Jeter Autograph (Versions: #/99, #/49, #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1)
OS-60 Luis Robert - White Sox RC (PR=1,830)
OS-60A/F Luis Robert Autograph RC (Versions: #/99, #/49, #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1)
OS-61 Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals: FA Signing (PR=192)
OS-62 Nick Castellanos - Reds: FA Signing (PR=232)
OS-63 Starling Marte - Diamondbacks: Traded (PR=159)
OS-64 Curtis Granderson - Tigers/Yankees/Mets: Retirement (PR=365)
OS-65 Mookie Betts - Dodgers: Traded (PR=394)
OS-66 David Price - Dodgers: Traded (PR=230)
OS-67 Alex Verdudo - Red Sox: Traded (PR=240)
OS-68 Kenta Maeda - Twins: Traded (PR=236)
OS-69 Joc Pederson - Angels: Traded (PR=206)


2019 All-MLB First Team Set Checklist

Issued as a 16-card set and sold for one week. Buy on Topps.
2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 4

C: J.T. Realmuto - Phillies
1B: Pete Alonso - Mets
2B: DJ LeMahieu - Yankees
3B: Anthony Rendon - Nationals
SS: Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox
OF: Mike Trout - Angels
OF: Cody Bellinger - Dodgers
OF: Christian Yelich - Brewers
DH: Nelson Cruz - Twins
SP: Gerrit Cole - Astros
SP: Justin Verlander - Astros
SP: Jacob deGrom - Mets
SP: Max Scherzer - Nationals
SP: Stephen Strasburg - Nationals
RP: Kirby Yates - Padres
RP: Josh Hader - Brewers


2019 Award Winners Set Checklist

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 5

Rookie of the Year
AW-1 Pete Alonso - New York Mets (PR=3,164)
AW-2 Yordan Alvarez - Houston Astros CALL-UP (PR=1,082)
AW-3 Pete Alonso / Yordan Alvarez (PR=983)
Cy Young
AW-4 Jacob deGrom - New York Mets (PR=1,304)
AW-5 Justin Verlander - Houston Astros (PR=522)
AW-6 Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels (PR=1,316)
AW-7 Cody Bellinger - Los Angeles Dodgers (PR=1,082)


2019 Award Winners Autographs Set Checklist

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 6

Rookie of the Year
AW-1A/F Pete Alonso RC Autograph (Versions - #/99, #/49, #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1)
AW-2A/F Yordan Alvarez CALL-UP Autograph (Versions - #/99, #/49, #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1)
AW-3A/F Pete Alonso / Yordan Alvarez Auto Booklet (Versions - #/99, #/49, #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1)
AW-6A/F Mike Trout Autograph (Versions - #/99, #/49, #/25, #/10, #/5, 1/1)


2019 Topps Now MLB All-Star Rookie Team Checklist

New Rookie Cup card daily for 12 days.
Free bonus card if you buy the full set.

2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 7

RC-1 Will Smith - Dodgers (PR=396)
RC-2 Pete Alonso - Mets (PR=1,634)
RC-3 Keston Hiura - Brewers (PR=419)
RC-4 Vladimir Guerrero Jr - Blue Jays (PR=1,187)
RC-5 Fernando Tatis Jr. - Padres (PR=848)
RC-6 Eloy Jimenez - White Sox (PR=547)
RC-7 Bryan Reynolds - Pirates (PR=376)
RC-8 Victor Robles - Nationals (PR=374)
RC-9 Yordan Alvarez - Astros CALL-UP (PR=806)
RC-10 Mike Soroka - Braves (PR=344)
RC-11 John Means - Orioles (PR=316)
RC-12 Nick Anderson - Rays RC (PR=232)


2019 Topps MLB All-Star Rookie Team Autograph Checklist

AUTO VERSIONS: Base #/99, Blue #/49, Purple #/25, Red #/10, Orange #/5, Gold 1/1.
2019 Topps Now Offseason Baseball Cards Checklist Guide 8

RC-1A/F Will Smith - Dodgers
RC-2A/F Pete Alonso - Mets
RC-3A/F Keston Hiura - Brewers
RC-4A/F Vladimir Guerrero Jr - Blue Jays
RC-5A/F Fernando Tatis Jr. - Padres
RC-6A/F Eloy Jimenez - White Sox
RC-7A/F Bryan Reynolds - Pirates
RC-8A/F Victor Robles - Nationals
RC-9A/F Yordan Alvarez - Astros
RC-10A/F Mike Soroka - Braves
RC-11A/F John Means - Orioles


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