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2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse MLL Cards - Checklist Added

2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse MLL Cards – Checklist Added

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Lax fans rejoice as 2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse brings officially licensed trading cards back to MLL collectors.

The last major release for Major League Lacrosse cards came from Upper Deck. Now it's handled by Parkside Collectibles, a new card startup based in Los Angeles.

Limited to just 4,000 boxes in total, the premiere edition sells for around $60 per box. Boxes are sold directly at the Parkside website and at MLL games with plans to expand distribution in the future. In addition to the expected cards, each box contains four general admission tickets good for any Major League Lacrosse regular season game. The set's release coincides with the official start of the 2019 MLL season on May 31.

For 2019, the six-team league includes the Atlanta Blaze, Boston Cannons, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Dallas Rattlers, Denver Outlaws, and New York Lizards.

2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse Base / Inserts

Celebrating the 19th season of MLL, the 2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse set delivers a 150-card base set featuring top players, coaches and team mascots. Alumni players are also an option.

Going by the early checklist, the base set includes players from the Charlotte Hounds, Florida Launch and Ohio Machine even though these teams are not active in 2019.

2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse MLL Cards - Checklist Added 1

Other choices include Fabled and Genesis cards, as well as Parkside Disrupters and Parkside by Gummy Arts sets.

2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse Autographs / Relics

Filling the hit quota, collectors can find one autograph in each box of 2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse. These hard-signed Signature cards are joined by Game-Used Relics and Americana by Parkside.

2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse MLL Cards - Checklist Added 2

Another option is available via the Geared Up redemptions that can be exchanged for True sticks and Cascade helmets.

Release Date: May 31, 2019
Product Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 20 packs per box

2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 4 MLL Game Tickets

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Contents and designs are subject to change. 

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2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse MLL Checklist

Base Set Checklist

150 cards.

1 Isaiah Davis-Allen - Chesapeake Bayhawks
2 Mark Matthews - New York Lizards
3 Rob Pannell - New York Lizards
4 Casey Dowd - Florida Launch
5 Luke Goldstock - New York Lizards
6 Mark Millon - Bayhawks MLL ALUMNI
7 Will Sands - Boston Cannons
8 Greg Melaugh - Florida Launch
9 Nicky Galasso - New York Lizards
10 Chris Madalon - Atlanta Blaze
11 Randy Staats - Atlanta Blaze
12 Michael Rexrode - Denver Outlaws
13 Austin Kaut - Florida Launch
14 Liam Byrnes - Atlanta Blaze
15 Steele Stanwick - Chesapeake Bayhawks
16 Christian Carson-Banister - Dallas Rattlers
17 Liam Banks - Atlanta Blaze Coach
18 Scott Hooper - Charlotte Hounds
19 Sean Lawton - Ohio Machine
20 Max Adler - Denver Outlaws
21 Kevin Leveille - Machine MLL ALUMNI
22 Mike Unterstein - New York Lizards
23 Mike Hernandez - Denver Outlaws
24 Matt Gilray - Denver Outlaws
25 Ryan Keenan - Ohio Machine
26 Matt Bertrams - Boston Cannons
27 Jack Korzelius - Atlanta Blaze
28 Ryan Tucker - Chesapeake Bayhawks
29 Lazer - New York Lizards Mascot
30 Tim Barber - Florida Launch
31 Cody Radziewicz - Dallas Rattlers
32 Noah Rak - Charlotte Hounds
33 Spencer Ford - Lizards MLL ALUMNI
34 Zach Currier - Denver Outlaws
35 John Yozzo-Scaperrotta - Atlanta Blaze
36 Apollo - Florida Launch Mascot
37 Duncan Clancy - Florida Launch
38 Sean Quirk - Boston Cannons Coach
39 Jack Curran - Dallas Rattlers
40 Donny Moss - Dallas Rattlers
41 Mark Cockerton - Boston Cannons
42 Erik Evans - Atlanta Blaze
43 Niko Amato - Chesapeake Bayhawks
44 Jesse Hubbard - Riptide MLL ALUMNI
45 Cal Dearth - Boston Cannons
46 Finn Sullivan - Denver Outlaws
47 Justin Reh - New York Lizards
48 Matt Bocklet - Outlaws MLL ALUMNI
49 Kyle Jackson - Boston Cannons
50 Ryan McNamara - Dallas Rattlers
51 Nick Manis - Chesapeake Bayhawks
52 JoJo War Drummer - Denver Outlaws
53 Ben Williams - Florida Launch
54 Colin Dunster - Atlanta Blaze
55 Stix - Denver Outlaws Mascot
56 Michael Begley - New York Lizards
57 Tom Moore - Boston Cannons
58 Michael Evans - Chesapeake Bayhawks
59 Brian Kormondy - Dallas Rattlers
60 Lee Zink - Outlaws MLL ALUMNI
61 Matt Abbott - Chesapeake Bayhawks
62 Jake Pulver - Dallas Rattlers
63 Graham Bocklet - Denver Outlaws
64 Sean Mayle - Chesapeake Bayhawks
65 Adam Osika - Charlotte Hounds
66 Alex Spring - New York Lizards
67 Kyle Denhoff - Boston Canons
68 David Manning - Charlotte Hounds
69 Mikie Schlosser - Denver Outlaws
70 Casey Powell - Launch MLL ALUMNI
71 Jon Hess -  Pride MLL ALUMNI
72 Greg Weyl - Florida Launch
73 Shawn Evans - Boston Cannons
74 Nick Aponte - New York Lizards
75 Kevin Crowley - Charlotte Hounds
76 Eli Gobrecht - Denver Outlaws
77 Ben Randall - Ohio Machine
78 Kaisuke Iwamoto - Denver Outlaws
79 Justin Pennington - Atlanta Blaze
80 Jesse Swartzman - Outlaws MLL ALUMNI
81 Dave Cottle - Chesapeake Bayhawks Coach
82 Dillon Ward - Denver Outlaws
83 Frank Brown - Ohio Machine
84 Tommy Palasek - Atlanta Blaze
85 CJ Costabile - Chesapeake Bayhawks
86 Challen Rogers - Boston Cannons
87 Conor Gately - Dallas Rattlers
88 Jason Crane - Florida Launch
89 Bryan Cole - Atlanta Blaze
90 Paul Cantabene - Bayhawks MLL ALUMNI
91 Eric O'Brien - Chesapeake Bayhawks
92 Zach Melillo - Denver Outlaws
93 Scott Corcoran - New York Lizards
94 Bill Warder - Dallas Rattlers Coach
95 Brian Spallina - Lizards MLL ALUMNI
96 DJ Plumer - Florida Launch
97 Hawkeye - Chesapeake Bayhawks Mascot
98 Eric DeJohn - Atlanta Blaze
99 Brian Phipps - Chesapeake Bayhawks
100 Lyle Thompson - Chesapeake Bayhawks
101 Michael Watson - Riptide MLL ALUMNI
102 Timothy Schwalje - New York Lizards
103 Pat Frazier - New York Lizards
104 Tim Edwards - Boston Cannons
105 Nick Mariano - Florida Launch
106 Thomas Zenker - New York Lizards
107 Roy Colsey - Barrage MLL ALUMNI
108 Jake Withers - Charlotte Hounds
109 Kevin Reisman - Boston Cannons
110 Chris Eck - Cannons MLL ALUMNI
111 Zack Greer - Dallas Rattlers
112 James Fahey III - Boston Cannons
113 Shayne Jackson - Atlanta Blaze
114 Tony Seaman - Denver Outlaws Coach
115 Chris Fennell - Chesapeake Bayhawks
116 Matt Hossack - Atlanta Blaze
117 Blue - Charlotte Hounds Mascot
118 Alex Zomerfeld - Boston Cannons
119 Nathan Lewnes - Dallas Rattlers
120 Zed Williams - Boston Cannons
121 Nicky Polanco - Lizards MLL ALUMNI
122 Brandon Mangan - Atlanta Blaze
123 Bill "Thrilla" O'Brien - Boston Cannons
124 Tom Mariano - Florida Launch Coach
125 Jesse Bernhardt - Chesapeake Bayhawks
126 Wilkins Dismuke - Dallas Rattlers
127 Kenny Massa - Ohio Machine
128 Boomer - Boston Cannons Mascot
129 Kevin McNally - New York Lizards
130 Jamie Hanford - Cannons MLL ALUMNI
131 Brian Sherlock - Atlanta Blaze
132 Colin Heacock - Chesapeake Bayhawks
133 Stephen Berger - Cannons MLL ALUMNI
134 Danny Sweeney - Charlotte Hounds
135 Bailey Tills - Atlanta Blaze
136 Ryan Walsh - Ohio Machine
137 BJ O'Hara - New York Lizards Coach
138 Tim Goettlemann - Lizards MLL ALUMNI
139 Cody O'Donnell - Boston Cannons
140 Scott Bieda - New York Lizards
141 Andrew Goldstein - Lizards MLL ALUMNI
142 Jack Carrigan - New York Lizards
143 Joe Gillis - Dallas Rattlers
144 Martin Bowes - Florida Launch
145 John Grant Jr. - Outlaws MLL ALUMNI
146 Nick Marrocco - Boston Cannons
147 Greg Cattrano - Lizards MLL ALUMNI
148 PT Ricci - Florida Launch
149 Bear Davis - Ohio Machine Coach
150 Bryce Wasserman - Ohio Machine


Base Borderless Set Checklist

18 cards.

1 Isaiah Davis-Allen
3 Rob Pannell
9 Nicky Galasso
11 Randy Staats
20 Max Adler
25 Ryan Keenan
28 Ryan Tucker
40 Donny Moss
49 Kyle Jackson
59 Bryan Kormondy
67 Kyle Denhoff
77 Ben Randall
111 Zack Greer
118 Dylan Molloy
123 Bill "Thrilla" O'Brien
129 Kevin McNally
146 Nick Marrocco
150 Bryce Wasserman


Image Variation Set Checklist

10 cards.

SP-BW Ben Williams
SP-CH Colin Heacock
SP-MA Max Adler
SP-MC Mark Cockerton
SP-RK Ryan Keenan
SP-RP Rob Pannell
SP-RS Randy Staats
SP-TP Tommy Palasek
SP-WS Will Sands
SP-ZG Zack Greer


2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse MLL Autographs / Relics Checklist


Signature Series Set Checklist

21 cards. 225 copies of each card.

SS-AO Adam Osika
SS-BR Ben Randall
SS-BW Bryce Wasserman
SS-CH Colin Heacock
SS-CM Chris Madalon
SS-KC Kevin Crowley
SS-KI Kaisuke Iwamoto
SS-MA Max Adler
SS-MB Martin Bowes
SS-MC Mark Cockerton
SS-MS Mikie Schlosser
SS-NA Niko Amato
SS-NG Nicky Galasso
SS-NM Nick Mariano
SS-RK Ryan Keenan
SS-RM Ryan McNamara
SS-RS Randy Staats
SS-WS Will Sands
SS-ZC Zach Currier
SS-ZG Zack Greer
SS-ZW Zed Williams


Alumni Signatures Set Checklist

7 cards. 100 copies of each card.

AS-JHA Jamie Hanford
AS-JHU Jesse Hubbard
AS-KL Kevin Leveille
AS-MM Mark Millon
AS-MW Michael Watson
AS-PC Paul Cantabene
AS-TG Tim Goettelmann


Americana Autographs Set Checklist

1 card. 40 copies.

NNO Bryce Wasserman


Relic Series Set Checklist

10 cards. 50 copies of each card.

RS-DM Donny Moss
RS-FS Finn Sullivan
RS-JP Justin Pennington
RS-KD Kyle Denhoff
RS-KM Kevin McNally
RS-NA Niko Amato
RS-PR PT Ricci
RS-RK Ryan Keenan
RS-SS Steele Stanwick
RS-TP Tommy Palasek


2019 Parkside Major League Lacrosse MLL Inserts Checklist


Americana Set Checklist

1 card. 260 copies.

NNO Bryce Wasserman


Disrupters Set Checklist

10 cards.

DS-01 Eli Gobrecht
DS-02 Frank Brown
DS-03 Justin Pennington
DS-04 Zed Williams
DS-05 Noah Rak
DS-06 Cody Radziewicz
DS-07 Isaiah Davis-Allen
DS-08 Ben Williams
DS-09 Thomas Zenker
DS-10 Kyle Jackson


Fabled Set Checklist

5 cards.

FA-01 Steele Stanwick
FA-02 Rob Pannell
FA-03 Zack Greer
FA-04 Lyle Thompson
FA-05 Kevin Crowley


Gummy Arts Set Checklist

10 cards.

GA-01 Ryan McNamara
GA-02 Colin Heacock
GA-03 Niko Amato
GA-04 Liam Byrnes
GA-05 Mark Cockerton
GA-06 Kevin Crowley
GA-07 Mikie Schlosser
GA-08 Tim Barber
GA-09 Nicky Galasso
GA-10 Ryan Keenan


Hyped Set Checklist

5 cards.

H-1 Ryan Tucker
H-2 Rob Pannell
H-3 Mikie Schlosser
H-4 Chris Madalon
H-5 Randy Staats


View Finder Set Checklist

15 cards.

VF-01 Atlanta Blaze vs. Chesapeake Bayhawks, 07/26/18
VF-02 Ohio Machine vs. Florida Launch, 07/26/18
VF-03 Chesapeake Bayhawks at Florida Launch, 04/28/18
VF-04 Dallas Rattlers vs Charlotte Hounds 07/07/18
VF-05 Florida Launch vs. Denver Outlaws
VF-06 Boston cannons vs. Charlotte Hounds, 07/28/18
VF-07 Atlanta Blaze at Florida Launch, 07/28/18
VF-08 Chesapeake Bayhawks vs. Denver Outlaws, 08/11/18
VF-09 Dallas Rattlers vs. Florida Launch 08/04/18
VF-10 Charlotte Hounds vs. Dallas Rattlers 07/07/18
VF-11 Ohio Machine vs. Florida Launch, 07/26/18
VF-12 Boston Cannons vs. Atlanta Blaze 04/28/18
VF-13 New York Lizards vs. Chesapeake Bayhwaks 08/04/18
VF-14 Dallas Rattlers vs. Boston Cannons 05/05/18
VF-15 Ohio Machine at Chesapeake Bayhawks, 06/02/18


Vintage Set Checklist

15 cards. 250 copies of each card.

V-AO Adam Osika
V-BW Ben Williams
V-CH Colin Heacock
V-DW Dillon Ward
V-FS Finn Sullivan
V-ID Isaiah Davis-Allen
V-LB Liam Byrnes
V-LT Lyle Thompson
V-NM Nick Marrocco
V-PR PT Ricci
V-PR PT Ricci
V-RK Ryan Keenan
V-RP Rob Pannell
V-RS Randy Staats
V-ZG Zack Greer


Rookie Set Checklist

1 card. 150 copies.
*Given to first 150 orders.*

RC1 Alex Woodall


Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

William A Martin
William A Martin

Awesome card set. I want to collect the whole set.

Jim Coughlin
Jim Coughlin

Beautifully designed, full bleed lacrosse card set featuring current MLL players as well as prominent former greats like Roy Colsey and Mark Millon. Backs are loaded with interesting facts. There are numerous inserts to collect, including autographed cards, relics, sepia cards evoking an old time feel, Gummy Arts cards, and more. Hopefully these cards will appeal to both young fans and veteran collectors, helping put lacrosse cards on the map.


Finally Lacrosse cards. They look GREAT.

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