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2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards

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2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball offers a new selection of top draft picks and prospects from the professional ranks.

In terms of Leaf's prospect sets, Trinity is arguably the top release every year. Each Hobby box promises six hard-signed autograph cards.

See also: 2018 Leaf Trinity Baseball cards.

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Autographs

Other than subtle design tweaks, not much has changed from previous sets. Naturally, the 2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball checklist is the main difference. The featured prospects include recent draft picks and even a few 2020 MLB rookies.

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards 1

On-card choices again consist of the base autograph set with room for inscriptions, auto patches with jumbo swatches, and Leaf Clear autographs, which are done on acetate stock. Extra rarity is supplied with a variety of parallel colors.

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards 2

Release Date: August 11, 2020
Product Configuration: 6 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 6 Autographs


Set Checklist

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Checklist

2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Autograph Checklist


Clear Autographs Set Checklist

93 cards.
FOIL PARALLELS: Platinum #/45, Green #/25, Red #/15, Purple #/10, Silver #/5, Gold 1/1.
2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards 3

CA-AD1 Andrew Dalquist
CA-AM1 Alec Marsh
CA-AM2 Alek Manoah
CA-AR1 Adley Rutschman
CA-AS1 Aaron Schunk
CA-AV1 Andrew Vaughn
CA-AV2 Anthony Volpe
CA-BB2 Brett Baty
CA-BB3 Bryce Ball
CA-BM1 Brennan Malone
CA-BM2 Brady McConnell
CA-BS1 Braden Shewmake
CA-BS2 Bryson Stott
CA-BW1 Blake Walston
CA-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
CA-CB2 Colin Barber
CA-CB3 Cody Bolton
CA-CC1 Corbin Carroll
CA-CC2 Cameron Cannon
CA-CJA CJ Abrams
CA-CP1 Cristian Pache - Redemption
CA-DG1 Deivi Garcia
CA-DJ1 Drey Jameson
CA-DW1 Davis Wendzel
CA-DW2 Drew Waters
CA-EP1 Enoli Paredes
CA-ES1 Ethan Small
CA-FN1 Freudis Nova - Redemption
CA-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
CA-GH2 Glenallen Hill Jr.
CA-GJ1 Greg Jones
CA-GK1 George Kirby
CA-GL1 Gavin Lux
CA-GL2 Gavin Lux - Alt Image
CA-HB1 Hunter Bishop
CA-HH1 Hudson Head
CA-JB1 Joey Bart
CA-JD1 Jasson Dominguez
CA-JHB Ji-Hwan Bae
CA-JJ1 Josh Jung
CA-JJB JJ Bleday
CA-JK1 Jarred Kelenic
CA-JK2 Jack Kochanowicz
CA-JM1 Joshua Mears
CA-JR1 Julio Rodriguez
CA-JR2 Jackson Rutledge
CA-JS2 Josh Smith
CA-JW2 Josh Wolf
CA-KC1 Keoni Cavaco
CA-KH1 Kody Hoese
CA-KL1 Korey Lee
CA-KM1 Kameron Misner
CA-KP1 Kyren Paris
CA-KR1 Kristian Robinson
CA-LD1 Logan Davidson
CA-LK1 Levi Kelly
CA-LW1 Logan Wyatt
CA-MA1 Matthew Allan
CA-MB1 Michael Busch
CA-MC1 Matt Canterino
CA-MG1 Matt Gorski
CA-ML2 Matthew Lugo - Redemption
CA-MT1 Matthew Thompson
CA-MT2 Michael Toglia
CA-MW1 Matt Wallner
CA-NG1 Nolan Gorman
CA-NH1 Nico Hoerner
CA-NL1 Nick Lodolo
CA-NN1 Nasim Nunez
CA-NN2 Nick Nelson
CA-NQ1 Nick Quintana
CA-NS1 Noah Song
CA-OB1 Osleivis Basabe
CA-QP1 Quinn Priester
CA-RG1 Riley Greene
CA-RG2 Ryan Garcia
CA-RH1 Rece Hinds
CA-RJ1 Ryan Jensen
CA-RN1 Ryne Nelson
CA-SH1 Sam Huff
CA-SJ1 Seth Johnson
CA-SL1 Shea Langeliers
CA-SS1 Sammy Siani
CA-TD1 Tucker Davidson
CA-TF1 Tyler Freeman
CA-TF2 Tre Fletcher - Redemption
CA-TJS T.J. Sikkema
CA-TS1 Tarik Skubal
CA-WF1 Wander Franco - Redemption
CA-WW1 Will Wilson
CA-YV1 Yordys Valdes
CA-ZT1 Zack Thompson
CA-ZW1 Zach Watson


Patch Autographs Set Checklist

96 cards.
FOIL PARALLELS: Platinum #/35, Green #/20, Red #/10, Purple #/5, Silver #/3, Gold 1/1, Plates 1/1.
*Noted players not in Plates.*
2019 Leaf Trinity Baseball Cards 4

PA-AD1 Andrew Dalquist
PA-AM2 Alek Manoah
PA-AR1 Adley Rutschman
PA-AV1 Andrew Vaughn
PA-AV2 Anthony Volpe
PA-BB2 Brett Baty
PA-BM1 Brennan Malone
PA-BM2 Brady McConnell
PA-BS1 Braden Shewmake
PA-BS2 Bryson Stott
PA-BW1 Blake Walston
PA-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
PA-CB2 Colin Barber
PA-CB3 Cody Bolton
PA-CC1 Corbin Carroll
PA-CC2 Cameron Cannon
PA-CC3 Christian Cairo
PA-CF2 Cody Freeman
PA-CJA CJ Abrams
PA-CP1 Cristian Pache - Redemption *
PA-DG1 Deivi Garcia
PA-DJ1 Drey Jameson
PA-DW1 Davis Wendzel
PA-DW2 Drew Waters
PA-EH1 Ethan Hearn
PA-EP1 Enoli Paredes
PA-ES1 Ethan Small
PA-FN1 Freudis Nova - Redemption *
PA-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
PA-GH2 Glenallen Hill Jr.
PA-GJ1 Greg Jones
PA-GK1 George Kirby
PA-GL1 Gavin Lux
PA-GL2 Gavin Lux - Alt Image
PA-HB1 Hunter Bishop
PA-HH1 Hudson Head
PA-IJ1 Ivan Johnson
PA-JB1 Joey Bart
PA-JD1 Jasson Dominguez
PA-JJ1 Josh Jung
PA-JJB JJ Bleday
PA-JK1 Jarred Kelenic
PA-JK2 Jack Kochanowicz
PA-JM1 Joshua Mears
PA-JR1 Julio Rodriguez *
PA-JR2 Jackson Rutledge
PA-JW2 Josh Wolf
PA-KC1 Keoni Cavaco
PA-KH1 Kody Hoese
PA-KL1 Korey Lee
PA-KM1 Kameron Misner
PA-KP1 Kyren Paris
PA-KR1 Kristian Robinson
PA-LD1 Logan Davidson
PA-LK1 Levi Kelly
PA-LW1 Logan Wyatt
PA-MA1 Matthew Allan
PA-MB1 Michael Busch
PA-MC1 Matt Canterino
PA-MG1 Matt Gorski
PA-ML2 Matthew Lugo - Redemption *
PA-MT1 Matthew Thompson
PA-MT2 Michael Toglia
PA-MW1 Matt Wallner
PA-NG1 Nolan Gorman
PA-NH1 Nico Hoerner
PA-NL1 Nick Lodolo *
PA-NN1 Nasim Nunez
PA-NN2 Nick Nelson
PA-NP1 Nathan Patterson
PA-NQ1 Nick Quintana
PA-NS1 Noah Song
PA-QP1 Quinn Priester
PA-RG1 Riley Greene
PA-RG2 Ryan Garcia
PA-RH1 Rece Hinds
PA-RJ1 Ryan Jensen
PA-RN1 Ryne Nelson
PA-SH1 Sam Huff
PA-SJ1 Seth Johnson
PA-SL1 Shea Langeliers
PA-SS1 Sammy Siani
PA-SS2 Sterling Sharp
PA-TC1 Tyler Callihan
PA-TD1 Tucker Davidson
PA-TF1 Tyler Freeman
PA-TF2 Tre Fletcher - Redemption *
PA-TH1 Tommy Henry
PA-TJS T.J. Sikkema
PA-TS1 Tarik Skubal
PA-WW1 Will Wilson
PA-YA1 Yordan Alvarez
PA-YV1 Yordys Valdes
PA-ZT1 Zack Thompson
PA-ZW1 Zach Watson


Signature Set Checklist

96 cards.
FOIL PARALLELS: Platinum #/20, Green #/15, Red #/7, Purple #/5, Silver #/3, Gold 1/1, Plates 1/1.
*Noted players not in Plates.*

A-AD1 Andrew Dalquist
A-AM2 Alek Manoah
A-AR1 Adley Rutschman
A-AV1 Andrew Vaughn
A-AV2 Anthony Volpe
A-BB2 Brett Baty
A-BM1 Brennan Malone
A-BM2 Brady McConnell
A-BS1 Braden Shewmake
A-BS2 Bryson Stott
A-BW1 Blake Walston
A-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
A-CB2 Colin Barber
A-CB3 Cody Bolton
A-CC1 Corbin Carroll
A-CC2 Cameron Cannon
A-CC3 Christian Cairo
A-CF2 Cody Freeman
A-CJA CJ Abrams
A-CP1 Cristian Pache - Redemption *
A-DG1 Deivi Garcia
A-DJ1 Drey Jameson
A-DW1 Davis Wendzel
A-DW2 Drew Waters
A-EH1 Ethan Hearn
A-EP1 Enoli Paredes
A-ES1 Ethan Small
A-FN1 Freudis Nova - Redemption *
A-GH1 Gunnar Henderson
A-GH2 Glenallen Hill Jr.
A-GJ1 Greg Jones
A-GK1 George Kirby
A-GL1 Gavin Lux
A-GL2 Gavin Lux - Alt Image
A-HB1 Hunter Bishop
A-HH1 Hudson Head
A-IJ1 Ivan Johnson
A-JB1 Joey Bart
A-JD1 Jasson Dominguez
A-JJ1 Josh Jung
A-JJB JJ Bleday
A-JK1 Jarred Kelenic
A-JK2 Jack Kochanowicz
A-JM1 Joshua Mears
A-JR1 Julio Rodriguez *
A-JR2 Jackson Rutledge
A-JW2 Josh Wolf
A-KC1 Keoni Cavaco
A-KH1 Kody Hoese
A-KL1 Korey Lee
A-KM1 Kameron Misner
A-KP1 Kyren Paris
A-KR1 Kristian Robinson
A-LD1 Logan Davidson
A-LK1 Levi Kelly
A-LW1 Logan Wyatt
A-MA1 Matthew Allan
A-MB1 Michael Busch
A-MC1 Matt Canterino
A-MG1 Matt Gorski
A-ML2 Matthew Lugo - Redemption *
A-MT1 Matthew Thompson
A-MT2 Michael Toglia
A-MW1 Matt Wallner
A-NG1 Nolan Gorman
A-NH1 Nico Hoerner
A-NL1 Nick Lodolo *
A-NN1 Nasim Nunez
A-NN2 Nick Nelson
A-NP1 Nathan Patterson
A-NQ1 Nick Quintana
A-NS1 Noah Song
A-QP1 Quinn Priester
A-RG1 Riley Greene
A-RG2 Ryan Garcia
A-RH1 Rece Hinds
A-RJ1 Ryan Jensen
A-RN1 Ryne Nelson
A-SH1 Sam Huff
A-SJ1 Seth Johnson
A-SL1 Shea Langeliers
A-SS1 Sammy Siani
A-SS2 Sterling Sharp
A-TC1 Tyler Callihan
A-TD1 Tucker Davidson
A-TF1 Tyler Freeman
A-TF2 Tre Fletcher - Redemption *
A-TH1 Tommy Henry
A-TJS T.J. Sikkema
A-TS1 Tarik Skubal
A-WW1 Will Wilson
A-YA1 Yordan Alvarez *
A-YV1 Yordys Valdes
A-ZT1 Zack Thompson
A-ZW1 Zach Watson



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