2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards


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Emphasizing the diamond in Black Diamond, 2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey takes the high-end brand for another NHL card run feauring top rookies, veterans and former hockey stars.

Staying with the Hobby box format of the past few years, including the 2018-19 product, each six-card box contains five Black Diamond cards and one bonus Exquisite Collection card. Per Upper Deck, "Black Diamond is the first product of the year to feature an extensive selection of premium & autograph cards."

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Base / Diamonds

The 2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey checklist starts with the 60-card base set numbered to 249 copies. The base set adds a Pure Black (#/99) parallel. It also includes 10 legends along with 30 Tributes that feature the main design from 1996-97 Black Diamond.

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards 1

Of course, the key brand attribute is on display with the various diamond relics. This includes Diamond Relic Rookies in Single, Double, Triple and Quad versions. These are all numbered to 99. The primary set has a similar selection of base Diamond Relics choices, but they are all capped at five copies.

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards 2

For the 1996-97 Tribute Diamond cards, collectors can find Rookies (#/99), Thornton / Marleau Legends (#/99), Legends (#/25), and Active Stars (#/25).

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards 3

Each diamond card comes in a one-of-one Pure Black version, as well.

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Inserts

Not part of the base set, but not an autograph or relic either, there are several inserts available in 2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, including some tough pulls. Rookie Gems (#/399) is back once more with a Spectrum parallel (#/99). Other choices consist of  Diamond Cutters (1:20) and Diamond Gallery (1:20), while the rarest numbered inserts include Diamond Might (#/99), Hardware Heroes (#/99), and Run for the Cup (#/99).

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Rookie Autographs / Relics

As is typically the case for the premium NHL brand, 2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey works many rookie hits into the rotation.

The most common autograph cards include Rookie Gems Pure Black Signatures (#/199 or #/99) and Silver on Black Rookie Signatures (#/249 or #/99). Both sets also offer numbered Spectrum parallels.

The colorful Jewels of the Draft (#/99) set is a new line that highlights rookie autograph patches.

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards 4

Digging further into the memorabilia, base Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patches (1:2) and Retro Logo Variant (1:8) cards are joined by Autograph Rookie Team Logo Patches in alternate logo Tier 1 (#/99) / Tier 2 (#/49) and NHL Shield (#/5) editions.

On top of that, the 1996-97 Tribute Rookie cards are issued as numbered Autographs and Premium Relic (#/49) parallels.

Finally, the Diamond Debut Relics (#/349) line adds a Premium version numbered to 49.

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Autographs / Relics

Even with such a focus on rookies, 2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey does not forget about the veteran and retired stars. Looking back to the base and Tribute set are various autograph and relic editions.

Other options include Silver on Black Signatures and the all-new Sparkling Scripts (1:10) cards, which highlight the "pristine clarity of high-end diamonds."

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards 5

There is also the "reborn" Gemography set marking the first time UD has used colored black diamonds for the Black Diamond Hockey brand.

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Cards 6

The relic assortment really takes off with returning Championship Banners, Diamond Mine Relics (1:4) and Team Logo Jumbo Patches (1:5 packs) sets.

Extending the hit lineup a bit more, the Team Logo Jumbo Patches set also has Gold Full Team Logo (#/15), Alternate Logo (#/5) and NHL Shield Logo (1/1) options. There are also Autograph versions to chase in Championship Banners.

2019-20 Exquisite Collection Hockey Part 1

Continuing the UD tradition, 2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey remains the starting point for 2019-20 Exquisite Collection Hockey via the one-card bonus packs. Rookies are heavily featured here, as well, including Exquisite Rookies (#/299 or #/199), Exquisite Rookie Draft Day (#/99), and Exquisite Rookie Patch (#/299 or #/99). Gold Spectrum cards provide limited parallels for each set. The Exquisite Rookie Jumbo Material (#/10) cards add a Shield (1/1) parallel.

Collectors can make the jump to established stars with Exquisite Base Set Veteran Materials and Gold Spectrum (#/3) cards.

And, always a UD favorite, throwback inserts celebrate past Exquisite designs, including 2005-06 Retro Rookies (#/249) and Veterans (#/149).

Estimated Release Date: November 27, 2019
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 1 pack per box (+ 1 Bonus Pack), 10 boxes per case (2 inners)

2019-20 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey Box Break Average

  • 5 UD Black Diamond Cards
  • 1 Exquisite Bonus Card

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These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents subject to change.

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