2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards


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A yearly staple from the Upper Deck NHL portfolio, 2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey continues to operate as a premium set.

Each four-card box promises at least one autograph along with two other hits.

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2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Base / Inserts

Within each box, collectors can expect one non-hit card. This can be a standard base card, with veterans numbered to 149 and legends numbered to 99, or an Onyx Black parallel (#/10 or #/5).

Another non-hit possibility comes from Ultimate Introductions. The main Ultimate Introductions set offers 90 top rookies and averages 1:4 boxes, while the short-printed Ultimate Introductions Showcase cards fall at a rate of 1:120 boxes. These rookie inserts have Onyx Black (#/25 or #/15) and Purple (#/9 or 1/1) parallels, as well.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Ultimate Rookies

For the rookie collectors, the Ultimate Rookies subset is generally the top draw. In 2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey, this includes the main on-card Ultimate Rookies Autographed line, which is broken down into Tier 1 (#/299), Tier 2 (#/299) and Tier 3 (#/99) players.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards 1

Unsigned Ultimate Rookies cards are also numbered to 299 or 99.

Another option is the Ultimate Rookie Auto Patch line that is capped at 99 or 49 copies. The one-of-one Shield version is exclusive to Hobby boxes.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards 2

Finally, the Ultimate Rookies Jersey cards are numbered to 399.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Autographs / Relics

Now we can move to the other hits, and the 2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey checklist is loaded with them.

Starting with the base set, Base Set Legends Auto (1:30) and Base Set Veterans Auto (1:10) both have Onyx Black versions. Some of the veteran subjects also offer a one-of-one Shield patch.

For the rookie talent, the Ultimate Introductions insert has hard-signed versions to chase, including Ultimate Introductions Gold Auto—1:4 boxes overalland Showcase Gold SP at 1:136 boxes. The low-numbered Onyx Black parallels have only 10 or five cards.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards 3

A new option for the young players is Rookie Accents. Displaying action images, these are numbered and boast on-card autographs.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards 4

Continuing to stress hard-signed content, 2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey features Ultimate Material Signatures along with Ultimate Access Jersey Auto, which adds Copper Patch Auto (#/25) and Gold Patch Auto (#/6) parallels. There is a relic-only version, as well, including Ultimate Access Jersey in Tier 1 (1:12) and Tier 2 (1:72), with Copper Patch (#/10 or #/5) and Gold Patch (#/3) parallels.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards 5

Top rookies are again showcased in Debut Threads Auto Patch, which is limited to 99 or 49 copies.

Playing off the Debut Threads insert is Pro Threads for up to 40 current NHL stars. The on-card autograph cards are numbered to 49, 25 or 10.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards 6

On top of that, 2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey looks to some of the truly elite players with the one-of-one All-Star Skills Auto Shield Patch, All-Star Skills Shield Patch and All-Star Tandem Shield Patches cards.

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards 7

Other 2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Autographs / Relics

  • Retro Rookie Autos (Tier 1) - #/225
  • Retro Rookie Autos (Tier 2) - #/125
  • Retro Rookie Autos (Tier 3) - #/49
  • Retro Rookie Auto Patch - #/49
  • Rookie Tandem Shield Patches - #/2
  • Signature Masterpieces - 1:24
  • Signature Material Laureates - #'d
  • Ultimate Icons Jersey (Tier 1) - 1:18
  • Ultimate Icons Jersey (Tier 2) - 1:45
  • Ultimate Icons Copper Patch (Tier 1) - #/10
  • Ultimate Icons Copper Patch (Tier 2) - #/5
  • Ultimate Icons Gold Patch (Tier 1) - #/3
  • Ultimate Icons Gold Patch (Tier 2) - #/3
  • Ultimate Icons Jersey Auto - #'d
  • Ultimate Icons Copper Patch Auto - #/25
  • Ultimate Inscriptions Redemption - 10 Total Copies
  • Ultimate Premium Materials - #'d
  • Ultimate Signatures - 1:12
  • Ultimate Signature Premium Materials - #'d
  • Ultimate Quad Materials (Tier 1) - #/99
  • Ultimate Quad Materials (Tier 2) - #/49


Estimated Release Date: August 5, 2020
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners)

2019-20 Ultimate Collection Hockey Hobby Box Break Average

  • 1 Rookie Autograph or Rookie Auto Relic
  • 2 Additional Autographs or Relics
  • 1 Base, Parallel or Introductions Card

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents are subject to change. 

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