2019-20 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Cards

2019-20 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Cards


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2019-20 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball is the second year of the online-only card club from Topps.

While much of the same options exist for round two, new perks come with the higher membership cost.

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2019-20 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Set Details

Just like the 2018-19 offering, 2019-20 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball delivers five exclusive sets spread out across the year, and a "582 Montgomery" stamped version of Topps Complete Set. One set is shipped approximately every two months.

Increasing a bit, the cost goes up to $249.99 compared to $199.99 for the debut. Like last year, this amount includes free standard shipping for each set.

Shop 582 Montgomery Club exclusives from Topps.

In addition to the cards included in the program, collectors again get exclusive access to the online-only 2019 Topps Brooklyn Collection Baseball with an "all-new configuration."

Beyond the 582 Montgomery Club cards, new perks for 2019-20 include a collectible pin and pre-sale access to "select Topps 2020 Online Exclusives including Sapphire, Ginter X, and Archives Snapshots." Given how quickly some of these sets have sold out, many collectors would likely appreciate the advance notice.

Members also get the first shot at the online-exclusive 2019 Bowman Heritage Baseball and 2019 Bowman Draft Sapphire Edition Baseball

Looking ahead, members are guaranteed a spot next season if they decide to renew. Per Topps, membership is limited, but no firm number was mentioned. A full breakdown of the club can be seen on the Topps website.

Check back for more Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball details as they are revealed.

2019-20 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Sets Lineup

  • 1 Gift with Membership set (20-card set + autograph)
  • 2 additional sets (20 cards each)
  • 1 "Member Vote" set  (20 cards + autograph)
  • 1 sticker set (20 cards)
  • 1 MLB Complete Set (with 582 Montgomery stamp)
2019-20 Topps 582 Montgomery Club Baseball Cards 2
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