2019-20 Score Hockey Cards

2019-20 Score Hockey Cards


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While Panini isn't fully back in the hockey card game, 2019-20 Score Hockey is a start for those who prefer competition in the collecting world. It's been over five years since Panini left the hockey market following Upper Deck's exclusive NHL card contract.

Selling for $14.99 per two-card pack, or $50 per five-pack bundle, direct from Panini's online store, '19-20 Score includes one base parallel or autograph per pack.

2019-20 Score Hockey Set Details

Keeping with the basic Score stylings, the online-only 2019-20 Score Hockey features cards for two young stars on the New York Rangers. While the set can't use official NHL or team logos, 2019-20 Score Hockey does offer the first cardboard under Panini's autograph card exclusive for Kaapo Kakko and Vitali Kravtsov. Kakko was the second pick in the 2019 NHL Draft and Kravtsov went ninth in 2018.

2019-20 Score Hockey Cards 1

The two players are featured in a base set that includes limited parallels, autographs and a dual autograph.

2019-20 Score Hockey Cards 2

Each 2019-20 Score Hockey pack includes one base card for either Kakko or Kravtsov and then a parallel or autograph for the other player. So, to say it another way, you should get both players in each pack. If you pull the base Kaapo Kakko rookie, that means the parallel or autograph will be for Vitali Kravtsov.

Release Date: October 2, 2019
Product Configuration: 2 cards per pack

2019-20 Score Hockey Pack Break

  • 1 Base Card and 1 Base Parallel or Autograph

2019-20 Score Hockey Cards 3

Set Checklist

2019-20 Score Hockey Checklist

Subject to change.


Base Set Checklist

2 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Black, Red Line #/99, Blue Line #/49, Goal Line #/25, Artist’s Proof #/5, Cracked Ice Master Proofs 1/1.
2019-20 Score Hockey Cards 4

Kaapo Kakko - New York Rangers
Vitali Kravtsov - New York Rangers


2019-20 Score Hockey Autograph Checklist


Autographs Set Checklist

2 cards.
2019-20 Score Hockey Cards 2

Kaapo Kakko - New York Rangers
Vitali Kravtsov - New York Rangers


Dual Autographs Set Checklist

1 card.
2019-20 Score Hockey Cards 6


Kaapo Kakko/Vitali Kravtsov - New York Rangers


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User Reviews

  1. $15 for 2 cards with no logos or anything? What hell was Panini thinking? I’m all for competition, but Panini ain’t it! Bring Topps in so we can have some Chrome and Five Star!!!

  2. Very excited for the return of Score from Panini! Always loved this product! Would have been nice to have a McDavid, Matthews, Boeser, or Pettersson hot rookies! I miss those cards. Kind of reminds me of Overtime though. Hopefully not as expensive or hard to find.

  3. Anybody but Panini. The land of same backs, no logo and 6 different parallels of the same card. Ridiculous is not even close as to ludicrous this product is. Price is just a gouge all the way. When Score was a real brand it wasn’t close to being a premium product and Panini thinks North America will eat this product up.

  4. a very bland product, score sports cards have always used the cheapest or lowest grade of paper board for there cards, nothing to get excited about under the score banner.

  5. Lmao. Why would anyone want a blue parallel? Terrible!!

  6. Competition is a good thing but much like their MLB product no logos or team names make the cards look off. What makes no sense is the price as score has never been a premium product. They should have simply released this as an entry level alternative to UD MVP, OPC, Parkhurst lines of product.

  7. buddy o’ mine got 5 pax

    5 base cards 3 kappo 2 kravtsov
    3 black parallel of kappo
    1 parallel of 99 kappo red
    1 kravtsov auto nno

    avoid like the plague it is

  8. So let me see if I have this straight. Panini has rehashed FIVE old sets, made them all very similar looking to the products that came out 6+ years ago, they are charging similar if not higher prices then they used to…


    Holy cow! How dumb do they think collectors are!? And they’re not even premium young players, it’s one ok depth forwards and one guy who may not make the NHL. This is unlike any cash grab I’ve ever seen, unless you’re a Kappo collector who wants to drop a grand on a dozen cards with no logos avoid these products.

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