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2018 Topps Now WWE Wrestling Cards

2018 Topps Now WWE Wrestling Cards

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The on-demand wrestling set pushes ahead with 2018 Topps Now WWE. Because each release is limited to just 24 hours of sales, collectors have to move fast to snag the print-to-order cards, especially for the low-numbered relics.

What previously made the Topps Now WWE line unique is the fact that it continued to number the cards consecutively across each year. Although the 2018 Topps Now WWE checklist starts with #159, expanding the numbering from the 2016 and 2017, the 2018 sets for Royal Rumble and NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia see the numbering refresh back to #1.

Buy current 2018 Topps Now WWE cards on the Topps site.

Individual card costs remain $9.99 with free SmartPost shipping, but there are opportunities for random relics that carry specific print runs (usually 25 or less), and a much higher cost. Because the total production for the relics is capped, they tend to sell out very quickly despite the large price tag.

The ongoing 2018 Topps Now WWE checklist below will be updated with new cards once they are announced.

2018 Topps Now WWE


2018 Topps Now WWE Checklist

Event date for each event is noted. Print runs (PR) will be added when known.


Raw 25 Years - 01/22/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
159 Scott Hall - Returns to Raw with D-Generation X (PR=89)
160 Undertaker - Returns to Raw (PR=147)
161 The Miz - Defeats Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship (PR=88)
162 John Cena - Walks with Elias (PR=91)
163 Sone Cold Steve Austin - Attacks Mr. McMahon (PR=153)
163 Sone Cold Steve Austin Mat Relic (#/25 or 1/1)


WWE Royal Rumble - 01/28/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
1 AJ Styles - Defeats Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn to Retain WWE Championship (PR=99)
2 Shinsuke Nakamura - Wins the 2018 Men's Royal Rumble Match (PR=127)
2 Shinsuke Nakamura Mat Relic (#/25 or 1/1)
3 Cesaro & Sheamus - Defeat Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan for the Raw Tag Team Championship (PR=82)
4 Lita - Returns to Join the 2018 Women's Royal Rumble Match (PR=102)
5 Trish Stratus - Returns to Join the 2018 Women's Royal Rumble Match (PR=186)
6 Asuka - Wins the First-Ever Women's Royal Rumble Match (PR=145)
6 Asuka Mat Relic (#/25 or 1/1)


WWE Elimination Chamber - 02/25/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
7 Alexa Bliss - Wins the First-Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match
8 Asuka - Defeats Nia Jax
9 "Woken" Matt Hardy - Defeats Bray Wyatt
10 Roman Reigns - Wins the First-Ever Seven-Man Elimination Chamber Match


WWE Fastlane - 03/11/2018

 2018 Topps Now WWE
11 AJ Styles - Wins the WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge (PR=53)
12 Asuka - Challanges Charlotte Flair for Her Title at WrestleMania 34 (PR=103)
13 Charlotte Flair - Defeats Ruby Riott, Retaining the SmackDown Women's Championship (PR=101)
14 Randy Orton - Defeats Bobby Roode for the United States Championship (PR=67)
15 Shinsuke Nakamura - Defeats Rusev (PR=50)


WWE SmackDown Live - 03/20/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
16 Daniel Bryan - Cleared for In-Ring Competition (PR=125)


WrestleMania - 04/08/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
17 "Woken" Matt Hardy - Wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (PR=76)
18 Cedric Alexander - Def. Mustafa Ali for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship (PR=74)
19 Naomi - Wins First-Ever WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal (PR=87)
20 Seth Rollins - Def. The Mix and Finn Balor to Become the New Intercontinental Champion (PR=77)
21 Charlotte Flair - Def. Asuka to Remain Smackdown Woman's Championship (PR=261)
22 Jinder Mahal - Def. Randy Orton, Rusev and Bobby Roode to Win the United States Championship (PR=64)
23 The Bludgeon Brothers - Def. The Usos and The New Day to Win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships (PR=67)
24 Undertaker - Def. John Cena (PR=145)
24A/B Undertaker Event-Used Mat Relic (#/25 or 1/1)
25 Daniel Bryan - Teams with Shane McMahon to Def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (PR=93)
25A/B Daniel Bryan Event-Used Mat Relic (#/25 or 1/1)
26 Nia Jax - Def. Alexa Bliss to Become the New Raw Women's Champion (PR=115)
27 AJ Styles - Def. Shinsuke Nakamura to Retain WWE Championship (PR=85)
28 Braun Strowman - & Nicholas Def. Sheamus & Cesaro to Win the Raw Tag Team Championship (PR=67)
29 Brock Lesnar - Universal Champion Brock Lesnar Def. Roman Reigns (PR=44)
29A/B Brock Lesnar Event-Used Mat Relic (#/25 or 1/1)
30 Ronda Rousey - With Kurt Angle Def. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon (PR=1,342)
30A/B Ronda Rousey Event-Used Mat Relic (#/25 or 1/1)


Greatest Royal Rumble - 04/27/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
31 Braun Strowman - Wins the First-Ever 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble (PR=66)
32 Daniel Bryan - Breaks the Record for the Longest Time in a Royal Rumble Match (PR=52)
33 Undertaker - Def. Rusev in Casket Match (PR=62)
34 AJ Styles - Fights Shinsuke Nakamura to a Double Count-Out (PR=52)
35 John Cena - Def. Triple H (PR=66)


Backlash - 05/06/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
36 Seth Rollins - Def. The Miz, Retaining the Intercontinental Championship (PR=37)
37 Daniel Bryan - Defeats Big Cass (PR=30)
38 Roman Reigns - Defeats Samoa Joe (PR=33)


Money in the Bank - 06/17/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
39 Alexa Bliss - Wins the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (PR=304)
40 AJ Styles - Def. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing Match (PR=101)
41 Alexa Bliss - Cashes in to Win the Raw Women’s Championship (PR=101)
42 Braun Strowman - Wins the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (PR=101)


Extreme Rules - 07/16/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
43 Bobby Lashley - Defeats Roman Reigns (PR=47)
44 Alexa Bliss - Defeats Nia Jax in an Extreme Rules Match (PR=175)
45 AJ Styles - Defeats Rusev to Retain the WWE Championship (PR=58)
46 Dolph Ziggler - Defeats Seth Rollins in a 30-Minute WWE Iron Mat Match (PR=48)


SummerSlam - 08/19/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
47 Seth Rollins: Def. Dolph Ziggler to Become the New Intercontinental Champion (PR=80)
48 Charlotte Flair: Becomes the New Smackdown Women's Champion (PR=191)
48A/B Charlotte Flair Event-Used Mat (#/25 or 1/1)
49 Ronda Rousey: Def. Alexa Bliss to Become the New Raw Women's Champion (PR=970)
49A/B Ronda Rousey Event-Used Mat (#/25 or 1/1)
50 Roman Reigns: Def. Brock Lesnar to Become the New WWE Universal Champion (PR=79)
50A/B Roman Reigns Event-Used Mat (#/25 or 1/1)


Hell in a Cell - 09/16/2018 - Buy on Topps

2018 Topps Now WWE
51 Becky Lynch: Def. Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship
52 Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre: Retain the Raw Tag Team Championship
53 AJ Styles: Def. Samoa Joe
54 Ronda Rousey: Raw Women’s Champion Def. Alexa Bliss


2018 Topps Now NXT Checklist


NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia - 01/27/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
1 The Undisputed Era - Defeat The Authors of Pain, Retaining the NXT Tag Team Championship (PR=38)
2 Ember Moon - Defeats Shayna Baszler, Retaining the NXT Women's Championship (PR=56)
3 Aleister Black - Defats Adam Cole in an Extreme Rules Match (PR=54)
4 Andrade "Cien" Almas - Defeats Johnny Gargano to Retain the NXT Championship (PR=31)


NXT TakeOver: New Orleans - 04/08/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
5 Adam Cole - Becomes the First-Ever NXT North American Champion (PR=80)
6 Shayna Baszler - Def. Ember Moon to Become the New NXT Women's Champion (PR=80)
7 The Undisputed Era - Def. The Authors of Pain and Pete Dunne & Roderick Strong to Retain the NXT Tag Team Championships (PR=50)
8 Aleister Black - Def. Andrade "Cien" Almas to Become the New NXT Champion (PR=56)
9 Johnny Gargano - Def. Tommaso Ciampa in an Unsanctioned Match (PR=51)


NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn - 08/18/2018

2018 Topps Now WWE
10 Kairi Sane: Def. Shayna Baszler to Become The New NXT Women's Champion (PR=196)
11 Tommaso Ciampa: Def. Johnny Gargano in a Last Man Standing Match (PR=66)


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