2018 Topps Now UFC MMA Cards

2018 Topps Now UFC MMA Cards


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Getting straight to the action in the octagon, 2018 Topps Now UFC utilizes the print-to-order method to celebrate notable UFC events. Primarily for the winners of key bouts, the on-demand exclusive stays with the standard 24-hour sales period.

Just as in 2016 and 2017, the 2018 Topps Now UFC checklist differs from other sports because it does not function as a set that builds on itself with sequential card numbering. Instead, Topps Now UFC is based around specific events (i.e. UFC 220), and each mini-set takes on that element with card numbering that indicates the UFC event.

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Another difference is that Topps Now UFC has historically been inconsistent, skipping some events entirely and going long periods without a new release. In addition, past sets have included low-numbered autograph versions, which command much larger sums.

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Nevertheless, the basics for 2018 Topps Now UFC are likely expected for anyone familiar with the format. Priced individually at $9.99, cards are issued online with a 24-hour countdown clock. Only cards purchased during this period are printed and shipped. Final print runs for each card are revealed at a later date. Each purchase includes free SmartPost shipping.


2018 Topps Now UFC Checklist

Event date for each event is noted. Print runs (PR) will be added when known.


UFC 220 - 01/20/2018

2018 Topps Now UFC MMA Cards 2
220-1 Daniel Cormier - Defeats Volkan Oezdemir by Second-Round TK (PR=36)
220-2 Stipe Miocic - Defeats Francis Ngannou in Heavyweight Title Fight (PR=90)


UFC 229 - 10/06/2018 - Buy on Topps

2018 Topps Now UFC MMA Cards 3
229-1 Khabib Nurmagomedov - Defeats Conor McGregor by Fourth-Round Submission
229-2 Tony Ferguson - Defeats Anthony Pettis by Second-Round TKO


2018 Topps Now UFC MMA Cards 4

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