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2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Cards

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Cards


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Fit for a private gallery, 2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball oozes ornate designs while offering a selection of hard-signed content and quality swatches.

The hit-per-pack release promises one on-card autograph per box. MLB fans can also find an autographed relic and two additional memorabilia cards in every hobby box.

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Base / Inserts

Sticking with the blueprint from the 2017 set, 2018 Topps Museum Collection features 100 base stars across several eras, including key rookies. Parallels consist of Copper, Sapphire (#/150), Amethyst (#/99), Ruby (#/50) and Emerald (1/1) options.

A normal inclusion for the brand, the Canvas Collection insert is found in several different versions. Canvas Collection Reprint falls one per box, while Canvas Collection Originals and Canvas Collection Autographs are both one-of-one lines featuring hand-drawn artwork.

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Autographs

Dropping at least one per box, the 2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball checklist is led by several hard-signed sets. Archival Autographs uses a horizontal layout for top players, adding Copper (#/50 or less), Gold (#/25 or less) and Emerald (1/1) editions. There is also the Premium Prints set, numbered to 25, which showcases gold ink signatures from MLB legends on black-and-white photography.

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

Long a focal point for the product, the case-hit Museum Framed Autograph cards utilize a metal frame to highlight the on-card signatures. Versions include Silver Frame (#/15), Gold Frame (#/10), Black Frame (#/5) and Wood Frame (1/1). Other chase options can be obtained with the hard-signed Dual Autographs (#/15) and Triple Autographs (#/5).

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Autograph Relics

Also coming in every box, the auto relics in 2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball provide several more premium choices. Most likely to emerge are the numbered Single-Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autograph and Single-Player Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autograph cards. These are also found as Copper (#/50 or less), Gold (#/25 or #/5) and Emerald (1/1) parallels.

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

The place to look for more rarity, Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autograph cards are numbered to 15 or less with a large patch. They have Gold (#/5) and Emerald (1/1) parallels, as well. A new addition for 2018 Museum Collection MLB, the Museum Framed Autograph Patch cards take the popular insert to the next level with the inclusion of game-used relics.

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Relics

And providing the remaining hits in each box of 2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball, relics are grouped as either "prime" or "quad." Among the prime lineup, we have Meaningful Material Relics and Dual Meaning Material Relics, each numbered to 50 or less. There are also Copper (#/35 or less), Red (#/10) and Emerald (1/1) parallels for both, while the single-player Meaningful Material adds Gold (#/25).

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

Capped to just five sets, oversized swatches abound in Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics. The Emerald parallel has just one copy. Other one-of-one sets include Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relics, Museum Memorabilia, with game-used MLB batter logos, and Museum Memorabilia Laundry Tags.

Finally, displaying a quartet of memorabilia pieces and print runs of 99 or less, there are Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics and Four-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics. Parallels include Copper (#/75 or less), Gold (#/25) and Emerald (1/1). Less common, the Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relic Legends insert is home to all-time greats, and numbered to 25 or less. These legends have only Gold (#/10) and Emerald (1/1) parallels.

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

Estimated Release Date: 06/20/2018
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 4 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 1 each of:
    • On-card Autograph
    • Autograph Relic
    • Prime Relic
    • Quad Relic
    • Canvas Collection Reprint
  • 4 Parallels

2018 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Hobby Case Hits

  • 1 Autographed Jumbo Relic
  • 1 Framed Autograph

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Contents and designs are subject to change. 

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