2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Non-Baseball Autographs Breakdown

2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Non-Baseball Autographs Breakdown

Mixing in a unique assortment of champions, athletes, celebrities, entertainers, broadcasters, and many other career pursuits, the 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter non-baseball autographs continue a hobby tradition that has produced considerable demand in the past.

Naturally, there are still plenty of top MLB players who provide their signatures to the A&G release, but the non-baseball subjects in the 2018 Allen & Ginter checklist normally help up the firepower for the eclectic brand.

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Another key component of A&G is the presentation. Most collectors are likely familiar with the hard-signed mini card that is housed in a tropical frame. This frame is synonymous with the Allen & Ginter brand, as are the red-ink signature versions, which tend to be among the rarest autograph options from the product.

The John Boyega autograph is interesting as it features a 2017 A&G card in a 2018 A&G frame. Boyega was actually an unannounced surprise in the set.

The overall Hobby odds for the Framed Mini Autograph insert is 1:58 packs, with low-numbered Black Frames falling at 1:527 packs and Red Ink versions coming 1:1,443 packs. The Full-Size Autographs line, which includes both Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, averages 1:4,163 packs.

But, it ultimately comes down to the overall quality of the 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter non-baseball autograph lineup. To offer a clear picture of the selection, we have the full 41-card checklist along with images of each subject and a quick note about where you have likely seen them.

It does appear that multiple autographs, including several of the bigger names, are issued as redemptions. These are noted in the guide below.

2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Non-Baseball Autographs Checklist

*Redemptions noted.*

Mini Framed Auto
MA-AL Alison Lee - Redemption*
MA-AO Austin Rogers
MA-BI Bill James
MA-BL Ben Lecomte
MA-BM Biz Markie - Redemption*
MA-CM Claire Smith
MA-CO Christopher McDonald
MA-CP Champ Pederson
MA-DU Doris Burke - Redemption*
MA-GU Genie Bouchard
MA-HJ H. Jon Benjamin
MA-JB John Boyega (2017)
MA-JCK Jack Sock - Redemption*
MA-JJ Jaren Jackson Jr.
MA-JZ Jon Lovitz
MA-KP Kelsey Plum
MA-LR Lincoln Riley
MA-LV Lindsey Vonn
MA-MH Molly McGrath - Redemption*
MA-MIII Marvin Bagley III
MA-MN Method Man - Redemption*
MA-MR Michael Rapaport
MA-MY Madison Keys - Redemption*
MA-PSP Paige Spiranac
MA-RI Ryan Sickler
MA-S Stugotz
MA-SB Scott Blumstein
MA-SE Sean Evans
MA-SF Sonny Fredrickson
MA-SR Scott Rogowsky
MA-SS Steve Simeone
MA-SST Sloane Stephens
MA-SX Collin Sexton
MA-TE Theo Epstein
MA-TG Tom Segura
MA-TH Tony Hawk - Redemption*
MA-TI Tommy Wiseau
MA-TLU Tyronn Lue - Redemption*
Full-Size Autograph
FSA-CE Chris Evans - Redemption*
FSA-CH Chris Hemsworth - Redemption*
FSA-MB Mikal Bridges


2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Non-Baseball Autographs Guide

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2018 A&G Framed Mini Autographs

MA-AL Alison Lee - Golfer (Redemption*)

LPGA star; former UCLA golfer and top amateur.

MA-AO Austin Rogers - Game Show Champion

NYC bartender who amassed 12-game winning streak (and over $400K) on Jeopardy.

MA-BI Bill James - Writer and Statistician

Famed writer and baseball statistician in the sabermetrics movement.

MA-BL Ben Lecomte - Long-Distance Swimmer

First to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard; attempting to be first to swim across the Pacific Ocean.

MA-BM Biz Markie - Musician (Redemption*)

Rapper best known for his 1989 hit, "Just a Friend."

MA-CM Claire Smith - Sportswriter

News editor for ESPN; first female MLB beat writer; first woman to win J. G. Taylor Spink Award from BBWWA.

MA-CO Christopher McDonald - Actor

Actor most known for playing Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore and Ward Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver.

MA-CP Champ Pederson

Older brother of MLB player Joc Pederson.

MA-DU Doris Burke - Sports Reporter (Redemption*)

NBA analyst for ESPN and ABC; first female commentator to call a Knicks game.

MA-GU Genie Bouchard - Tennis Player / Model

Canadian WTA star; reached Wimbledon finals in 2014.

MA-HJ H. Jon Benjamin - Voice Actor and Comedian

Provides the voice of Archer in Archer and Bob in Bob's Burgers.

MA-JB John Boyega - Actor (2017 card in 2018 frame)

Movie star from Star Wars franchise (Finn) and Pacific Rim Uprising (Jake).

MA-JCK Jack Sock - Tennis Player (Redemption)*

ATP star; won Gold in Mixed Doubles at the 2016 Olympics.

MA-JJ Jaren Jackson Jr. - Basketball Player

Fourth-overall pick in 2018 NBA Draft pick by Memphis Grizzlies; played college basketball for Michigan State Spartans.

MA-JZ Jon Lovitz - Actor and Comedian

Best known for his time on SNL in the 1980s; multiple movie roles, including Rat Race, The Benchwarmers and The Wedding Singer.

MA-KP Kelsey Plum - Basketball Player

First-overall pick in 2018 WNBA Draft; former University of Washington Huskies star.

MA-LR Lincoln Riley - Football Coach

Head football coach for University of Oklahoma Sooners; former QB at Texas Tech.

MA-LV Lindsey Vonn - Alpine Skier

World Cup champion skier with multiple Olympic medals.

MA-MH Molly McGrath - Sportscaster (Redemption*)

Co-host of College Football Live and ESPN sideline reporter; former Fox Sports reporter and host of BattleBots (in 2015).

MA-MIII Marvin Bagley III - Basketball Player

Second-overall pick in 2018 NBA Draft by Sacramento Kings; former college star for Duke Blue Devils.

MA-MN Method Man - Musician (Redemption*)

Rapper known for being a member of Wu-Tang Clan and his work with Redman; actor in many films.

MA-MR Michael Rapaport - Actor and Comedian

Star of the sitcom The War at Home; has appeared in many films and is a reporter for the BIG3 basketball league.

MA-MY Madison Keys - Tennis Player (Redemption*)

WTA star; reached US Open finals in 2017.

MA-PSP Paige Spiranac - Golfer / Model

Pro golfer and former college star at San Diego State University; Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

MA-RI Ryan Sickler - Comedian

Host of The CrabFeast podcast and stand-up comedian.

MA-S Stugotz (aka Jon Weiner) - Sports Talk Radio

ESPN radio host known for The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

MA-SB Scott Blumstein - Poker Player

Won the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event.

MA-SE Sean Evans - Webshow Interviewer

Host of Hot Ones on YouTube where he interviews celebrities while eating spicy chicken wings.

MA-SF Sonny Fredrickson - Boxer

One of the top boxers in the super lightweight division.

MA-SR Scott Rogowsky - Comedian and Quiz Show Host

Main host of HQ Trivia app/game; former Topps employee.

MA-SS Steve Simeone - Comedian

Stand-up comedian who appeared on Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution.

MA-SST Sloane Stephens - Tennis Player

WTA star; 2017 US Open champion and reached finals of 2018 French Open.

MA-SX Collin Sexton - Basketball Player

Eighth-overall pick in 2018 NBA Draft by Cleveland Cavaliers; former star at the University of Alabama.

MA-TE Theo Epstein - Director of Baseball Operations

President of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs; former GM for Boston Red Sox.

MA-TG Tom Segura - Comedian

Stand-up comedian who regularly appears on Ryan Sickler's podcast.

MA-TH Tony Hawk - Skateboarder (Redemption*)

Famous skateboarder with his own video game line and skateboard company; signed for 2010 A&G.

MA-TI Tommy Wiseau - Director and Actor

The making of his movie The Room is the basis for The Disaster Artist film starring James Franco and Seth Rogen.

MA-TLU Tyronn Lue - Basketball Coach (Redemption*)

Head coach of Cleveland Cavaliers; former NBA player.

2018 A&G Full-Size Autographs

FSA-CE Chris Evans - Actor (Redemption*)

A-list movie star; plays Captain American in Marvel films and Human Torch in Fantastic Four.

FSA-CH Chris Hemsworth - Actor (Redemption*)

A-list movie star; plays Thor in Marvel films.

FSA-MB Mikal Bridges - Basketball Player

10th-overall pick in 2018 NBA Draft by Phoenix Suns; former college star for Villanova Wildcats.

Previous Topps Allen & Ginter Non-Baseball Autographs

Of course, A&G is a yearly occurance for collectors. View the earlier Topps Allen & Ginter Non-Baseball Autographs with our other detailed guides.

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