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2018 Topps All-Star FanFest

2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Baseball Cards

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As if the Midsummer Classic itself was not enough, the 2018 Topps All-Star FanFest promotion adds free cards in exchange for select 2018 Topps Baseball purchases.

Getting underway on July 13 and running until July 17, the key component for card collectors is the wrapper redemption program. In addition, there is an exclusive card option associated with Topps Complete Sets.

Topps is also offering free posters for users of the Bunt app, the always-exciting Pack Wars with Alan Narz, and a Topps Make Your Own Card booth for custom creations.

The 2018 Geico All-Star FanFest event is held at the Walter E. Johnson Convention Center in Washington, DC.

Topps issued a special Topps Now All-Star set in honor of the players picked for 2018, as well.

2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Wrapper Redemption Promo Details

The 2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Wrapper Redemption promotion revolves around 2018 baseball products. Simply bring two sealed Hobby packs from a 2018 Topps MLB set to the Topps booth. This allows you the opportunity to select one of six exclusive cards. Collectors can redeem one set per person, per day, as supplies last.

Please note that the promotion does not extend to Big League, MLB Sticker Collection or Opening Day packs. This may seem a little odd given that the promo cards use the 2018 Big League design, but it is what it is.

2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Baseball Cards 1

2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Complete Set Promo Details

The second option for exclusive 2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Baseball cards comes from the 2018 Topps Baseball Complete Set All-Star Edition. For each factory box set you purchase at $50, you earn an exclusive patch card. The checklist for these is virtually the same as the wrapper redemption set, except Cody Bellinger replaces Jose Altuve.

2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Baseball Cards 2

2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Baseball Checklist

Wrapper Redemption Base Checklist

6 cards. 1 card for every 2 sealed 2018 MLB Hobby packs brought to the Topps booth.

Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
Jose Altuve - Houston Astros
Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals
Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels


Complete Set Patch Cards Checklist

6 cards. 1 earned for each 2018 Topps Baseball complete set purchased at FanFest.

Aaron Judge - New York Yankees
Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
Cody Bellinger - Los Angeles Dodgers
Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
Max Scherzer - Washington Nationals
Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels


2018 Topps All-Star FanFest Baseball Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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User Reviews

Two things about this. First of all, why do the Topps Packs have to be Hobby only & why do they necessarily have to be SEALED? What about boxes/packs of 2018 Topps that a customer has already opened plus retail versions?

Doesn’t seem to be very fair to me. A collector would need to have a box or at least 2 packs laying around unopened to use them. Or, a customer would need to go out & buy at least 2 HOBBY packs to take advantage of this promotion.

Secondly, like is stated in this article, why can’t the 2018 Topps Big League Packs be used since the All-Star promotion card design is based off that release from 2018 Topps? I mean that just seems to be pretty lame if you ask me. Also, why exclude other 2018 Topps Baseball products like Opening Day packs?

Yes, there are other 2018 Topps Baseball Pack options but don’t exclude certain releases Topps because this isn’t fair to customers especially kids that need the cheaper options. Thanks.

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