2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments Countdown to Episode IX Cards

2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments Countdown to Episode IX Cards

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To say fans are merely excited for Star Wars: Episode IX is an understatement, and 2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments helps lead collectors up to the film's release with a print-to-order countdown set.

The Topps online-exclusive set starts at the very beginning and works its way to the ninth feature film in the saga across an entire year of weekly releases.

2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments Countdown to Episode IX Cards 1

2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments Set Details

Kicking off exactly one year ahead of the official theatrical release for Star Wars: Episode IX (December 20, 2019), 2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments takes a nostalgic look back at the various movies starting with Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

Buy current Galactic Moments cards on the Topps site.

Three new cards are available each week with options to purchase individually for $7.99 or as a discounted three-card bundle for $14.99. Doing the quick math across 52 weeks, that means the large set will cost just under $780 to complete if you opt for the cheaper weekly bundle price.

2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments Countdown to Episode IX Cards 2

Be sure to check back as new card details and announced print runs will be added for 2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments.

2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments Checklist

Countdown to Episode IX Set Checklist

Ongoing set. Announced print runs will be noted. Shop Galactic Moments cards at Topps.
2018-19 Topps Star Wars Galactic Moments Countdown to Episode IX Cards 3

A New Hope
1 Vader (PR=566)
2 R2-D2's Encounter with the Jawas (PR=516)
3 A Gift for Luke (PR=526)
4 Grand Moff Tarkin (PR=313)
5 Princess Leia's Plea (PR=312)
6 Admiral Motti's Lack of Faith (PR=312)
7 Princess Leia (PR=528)
8 The Binary Sunset (PR=480)
9 Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes (PR=471)
10 Luke Skywalker (PR=400)
11 Han and Greedo (PR=430)
12 The Fate of Alderaan (PR=416)
13 R2-D2 (PR=366)
14 Trash Compactor Escape (PR=358)
15 Duel on the Death Star (PR=369)
16 Obi-Wan Kenobi (PR=414)
17 Luke Destroys the Death Star (PR=401)
18 Award Ceremony (PR=402)
The Empire Strikes Back
19 Han Solo (PR=476)
20 In the Wampa Lair (PR=461)
21 Battle on Hoth (PR=453)
22 Boba Fett (PR=495)
23 Storming Echo Base (PR=460)
24 Aboard the Millenium Falcon (PR=470)
25 Lando Calrissian (PR=415)
26 Meeting the Master (PR=410)
27 Space Slug (PR=409)
28 Chewbacca (PR=461)
29 Briefing the Bounty Hunters (PR=439)
30 Han and Lando Reunite (PR=430)
31 Yoda (PR=416)
32 C-3PO's Unusual Escape (PR=383)
33 "I Know" (PR=389)
34 Stormtrooper (PR=394)
35 Loading Up Slave I (PR=395)
36 Darth Vader's Revelation (PR=401)
Return of the Jedi
37 Jabba the Hutt (PR=403)
38 The Droids Arrive (PR=386)
39 Setting Han Free (PR=389)
40 C-3PO (PR=366)
41 Yoda's Final Lesson (PR=344)
42 Speaking with Ben (PR=348)
43 Emperor Palpatine (PR=367)
44 Leia Meets Wicket (PR=363)
45 The Golden God (PR=359)
46 Wicket W. Warrick (PR=387)
47 "It's a trap!" (PR=385)
48 Quirky Co-Pilots (PR=372)
49 Admiral Ackbar (PR=375)
50 The Final Duel (PR=375)
51 Conquering the Emperor (PR=370)
52 Princess Leia - Jabba's Prisoner (PR=559)
53 Attacking the Reactor (PR=403)
54 Spirits on Endor (PR=403)
The Phantom Menace
55 Qui-Gon Jinn (PR=345)
56 Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Attacked (PR=346)
57 Jar Jar Accompanies the Jedi (PR=342)
58 Darth Maul (PR=338)
59 Anakin Wins Podrace (PR=320)
60 Anakin Meets Padme (PR=318)
61 Jar Jar Binks (PR=327)
62 Darth Maul vs. Qui-Gon Jinn (PR=339)
63 Jedi Council Informed of Sith (PR=314)
64 Queen Amidala (PR=335)
65 Gungans vs. Droid Federation Army (PR=302)
66 Anakin Destroys Trade Federation Ship (PR=302)
67 Young Anakin Skywalker (PR=314)
68 Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon (PR=313)
69 Obi-Wan Promises to Train Anakin (PR=303)
Attack of the Clones
70 Jango Fett (PR=345)
71 Anakin and Obi-Wan Chase Assassin (PR=323)
72 Kindling a Forbidden Romance (PR=323)
73 Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (PR=291)
74 Introduction of Clone Army (PR=292)
75 Obi-Wan vs. Jango Fett (PR=295)
76 Clone Trooper (PR=281)
77 Anakin Searching Dessert for Mother (PR=281)
78 Obi-Wan Held Prisoner by Count Dooku (PR=279)
79 Mace Windu (PR=302)
80 Padme Tells Anakin She Loves Him (PR=287)
81 Mace Windu and Reinforcements Arrive (PR=295)
82 Count Dooku (PR=287)
83 Defeated by Count Dooku (PR=288)
84 The Great Duel (PR=297)
85 Padma Amidala (PR=324)
86 Beginning of the Clone Wars (PR=286)
87 Secret Marriage (PR=289)
Revenge of the Sith
88 Obi-Wan Kenobi (PR=TBA)
89 Anakin Killed Count Dooku (PR=TBA)
90 Anakin's Vision of Padme Dying (PR=TBA)
91 Bail Organa - Shop Topps
92 Anakin Appointed to Jedi Council - Shop Topps
93 Yoda with Chewbacca - Shop Topps


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    Great quality, limited production…well chosen moments to capture.

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