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2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey Cards

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey Cards


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Known for its memorabilia offerings and rare base cards, 2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey is a hit-based NHL release with a strong brand past.

Similar to 2017-18, every Hobby box averages 4 hits with at least one being an autograph or premium memorabilia card.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey Base / Authentic Rookies

Treating base cards a little differently than most of the other NHL sets, the 2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey checklist caps the 100-card base set and 100-card Authentic Rookies subset print runs at the individual player's jersey number. In fact, the final card in the print run is a signed one-of-one edition.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey

On the other hand, parallels are more plentiful and include autograph and relic versions. Mirroring the base set, many of the parallel amounts are unique to the player. For instance, the Base Orange Rainbow parallel for the base set starts with 100 copies and then adds to that the most goals scored by the player in a single season. Likewise, the Authentic Rookies Orange Rainbow parallel begins with 100 copies, adding the draft year total to the amount.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey

Authentic Rookies Parallels

  • Rainbow – #/200 + Birth Year
  • Orange Rainbow – #/100 + Draft Year
  • Green Snow Storm Parallel – #1/1
  • Gold Jersey - #/499
  • Gold Spectrum Patch - #/49
  • Blue Autograph – 1:5
  • Red Autograph Jersey – 1:12
  • Red Spectrum Autograph Patch - #/15
Base Parallels

  • Orange Rainbow – #/200 + Most Points in Season
  • Green Snow Storm Parallel – #1/1
  • Gold Jersey - 1:5
  • Gold Spectrum Patch - #'d (varies)
  • Blue Autograph – 1:7
  • Red Autograph Jersey – 1:20
  • Red Spectrum Autograph Patch - #'d (varies)

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey Autographs

While many of the hits in 2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey only display memorabilia, there are several signed sets available, as well. Banner Year features numbered autograph parallels via 2018 NHL All-Stars and 2018 NHL Winter Classic, plus the NHL Awards and NHL Draft options.

Collectors can also find a fresh batch of Draft Day Marks cards for Veterans (#/10 per letter) and Rookies (#/35 per letter). Another letter-based insert is Signature Day Marks (#/35 per letter).

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey

In addition, Inked Sweaters (#/99) is joined by Patch (#/15) parallels, as well as limited Inked Rookies Sweaters Patch (#/49) and Tag (#/2) cards.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey Relics

Touching on many of the NHL events throughout the year, 2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey casts a wide net for memorabilia, and that even includes game-used net pieces. New relic inserts are found in A Piece of History (#/99),  Battle Lines (#/35), Draft Swag (#'d), Locker Essentials (1:6) and Tools of the Game (#'d).

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey

Among the returning lines, 2018 NHL All-Star Skills Fabrics (1:3) comes in Relic Blends (#/125), Duals (1:20), and Quads (1:120), with low-numbered Patch (#/35 or less) and Tag (#/3 or less) parallels. Similarly, 2018 NHL Stadium Series Fabrics (1:14) has Quads (1:120) and accompanying parallels.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey also has the unique Frameworks cards at 1:12 boxes.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey

Centered around event memorabilia, Banner Year offers 2018 NHL All-Star Game (1:12) 2018 NHL Winter Classic (1:16), NHL Awards (1:26) and NHL Draft (1:10) sets.

Although veteran relics are a huge component, first-year talent is highlighted in Rookie Sweaters (#/199) and 2018 Rookie Relic Blends (#/125).

Another focus for SPGU in '18-19, the tough Game-Used Pucks insert includes 2018 NHL 100 Classic, All-Star Game, Stadium Series, Stanley Cup Final and Winter Classic themes, each at 1:720 boxes.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey

The aforementioned net cords are featured in 2018 NHL 100 Classic, Stadium Series, and Winter Classic Material Net Cord. Each numbered to 35 copies, there is also a special The Day with the Cup Material Net Cord set.

If that is still not enough, 2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey incorporates the familiar Supreme Patches (#/15) and Game Gear (#/6) relic sets.

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey

Estimated Release Date: 01/23/2019; ePack Release: no earlier than 02/23/2019
Product Configuration: 6 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 20 boxes per case (2 inners)

2018-19 SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Box Break Average

  • 1 Autograph or Premium Memorabilia Card
  • 3 Additional Hits (Autograph or Relic)

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Contents and designs are subject to change. 

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