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2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins

2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins

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Although perhaps not as common with sports collectors, coins are among the biggest options in the overall collectibles market and UD looks to tap into that with the 2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins Collection. The legal-tender, minted coins offer NHL collectors top players depicted on precious metals in four different forms.

Part of the first series, the 2017 Upper Deck Grandeur hockey coins feature 20 former and current stars including Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. The main portion of the release includes 99.99% fine silver coins in one troy ounce form. The silver coins come in base Colored Silver (#/5,000), along with High-Relief Silver (#/1,000), and Silver Frosted (#/500) editions. There is also a very limited 99.99% 24-karat Gold version. These 1/4 oz. coins are numbered to just 100 copies.

2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins 1

As far as the design, the 2017 Upper Deck Grandeur hockey coins feature a close-up shot of each player along with a background image landmark relevant to the city where they play or played. Also, each coin is encapsulated.

2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins is priced at $100 per blind pack or $499 for a collector box with four random coins including "one of three rare coins." The collector box also acts a display for up to 20 coins.

2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins 2

The collectible coins are sold through the Upper Deck ePack website as well as at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) banking centers and CIBC online.

Release Date: 4/4/2017
Hobby Product Configuration: 1 coin per pack, 4 packs per box

2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins Box Break

  • 4 Total Coins (1 rare coin)

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Set Checklist

2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins Checklist

Base Set Checklist

20 coins. Depicted city is noted for each coin. Shop specific coins on eBay.
Coin Versions: Colored Silver #/5000, High-Relief Silver #/1000, Silver Frosted #/500, 24k Gold #/100.
2017 Upper Deck Grandeur Hockey Coins 9

Alex Ovechkin - Washington
Carey Price - Montreal
Connor McDavid - Edmonton
Daniel Sedin - Vancouver
Dustin Byfuglien - Winnipeg
Dylan Larkin - Detroit
Erik Karlsson - Ottawa
Henrik Lundqvist - New York
Jack Eichel - Buffalo
Jaromir Jagr - Florida
John Tavares - Brooklyn
Jonathan Toews - Chicago
Patrice Bergeron - Boston
Patrick Kane - Chicago
Patrick Roy - Montreal
Sean Monahan - Calgary
Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh
Vladimir Tarasenko - St. Louis
Wayne Gretzky - Edmonton
William Nylander - Toronto

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Ray Haluska
Ray Haluska

Really good artwork, a one ounce coin is a nice size for detail. You can buy a pig in a poke for $100, or find some of your favorite players for as low as $25 on ebay.

Gavin Bamber
Gavin Bamber

Why does the box only hold 19 coins? The upper left spot on the top row is closed.

Hey I get it, North Carolina is not considered a “hockey” town even though the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006, but give them SOME respect…

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