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2017 Topps Warcraft Movie Trading Cards

2017 Topps Warcraft Movie Trading Cards


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Based on the popular video game franchise, collectors can finally get their live-action fix with 2017 Topps Warcraft trading cards. Exclusive to the Topps online store, the hit-per-pack format delivers one card at a time.

Despite the cancellation of the full 2016 release, 2017 Topps Warcraft appears to make good use of the various cards that made it back to Topps. Among the choices are Autograph cards for Ben Foster (Medivh), Anna Galvin (Draka) and Robert Kazinsky (Ogrim), among others. There are also limited Dual and Triple Autograph inserts to chase.

2017 Topps Warcraft2017 Topps Warcraft

Containing worn or used costume and prop pieces from a mix of characters, the Relic set totals 15 options, with another 10 cards in the Autograph Relic line. There are also hand-drawn Sketch cards.

Lastly, 2017 Topps Warcraft breaks down groups into The Alliance, The Horde and The Mages for the Faction Flag Patch cards. Featuring manufactured relics, each naturally corresponds to the flag of the subject in question.

2017 Topps Warcraft Movie packs sell through Topps for $15 each, as supplies remain.

Release Date: 08/14/2017
Product Configuration: 1 card per pack

2017 Topps Warcraft Pack Break

  • 1 Hit (Autograph, Relic, Sketch or Manufactured Patch)

Card Gallery:

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Set Checklist

2017 Topps Warcraft Checklist

Autograph Set Checklist

10 cards.
2017 Topps Warcraft

Anna Galvin as Draka
Ben Foster as Medivh
Burkely Duffield as Callan Lothar
Callum Keith Rennie as Moroes
Dylan Schombing as Varian Wrynn
Michael Adamthwaite as Magni
Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim
Ryan Robbins as Karos
Terry Notary as Grom Hellscream
Tommy Rieder as Young Medivh


Dual Autograph Set Checklist

3 cards

Ben Foster and Callum Keith Rennie
Dylan Schombing and Tommy Rieder
Robert Kazinsky and Anna Galvin


Triple Autograph Set Checklist

3 cards.


Ben Foster, Callum Keith Rennie and Tommy Rieder
Terry Notary, Robert Kazinsky and Anna Galvin


Autographed Costume/Prop Relic Set Checklist

10 cards.

2017 Topps Warcraft

Anna Galvin as Draka - Animal Hide Prop Relic
Ben Foster as Medivh - Alliance Costume
Burkely Duffield as Callan Lothar - Alliance Costume
Callum Keith as Rennie Moroes - Alliance Costume
Dylan Schombing as Varian Wrynn - Alliance Costume
Michael Adamthwaite as Magni - Alliance Costume
Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim - Animal Hide Prop Relic
Ryan Robbins as Karos - Alliance Costume
Terry Notary as Grom Hellscream - Animal Hide Prop Relic
Tommy Rieder as Young Medivh - Alliance Costume


Costume/Prop Relic Set Checklist

15 cards.
2017 Topps Warcraft

Anduin Lothar - Alliance Costume
Antonidas - Alliance Costume
Callan Lothar - Alliance Costume
Draka - Animal Hide Prop Relic
Durotan - Animal Hide Prop Relic
Karos - Alliance Costume
Khadgar - Alliance Costume
Khadgar - Conceptual Costume Relic
King Llane Wrynn - Alliance Costume
Lady Taria Wrynn - Alliance Costume
Magni - Alliance Costume
Medivh - Alliance Costume
Moroes - Alliance Costume
Varian Wrynn - Alliance Costume
Varis - Alliance Costume


Faction Flag Manufactured Patch Set Checklist

15 cards.
2017 Topps Warcraft

Anduin Lothar - The Alliance
Antonidas - The Mages
Blackhand - The Horde
Callan Lothar - The Alliance
Draka - The Horde
Durotan - The Horde
Grom Hellscream - The Horde
Gul'dan - The Horde
Khadgar - The Mages
King Llan Wrynn - The Alliance
Lady Taria Wrynn - The Alliance
Medivh - The Mages
Moroes - The Mages
Ogrim - The Horde
Varian Wrynn - The Alliance


Sketch Cards Checklist

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  1. Waste should have stayed with the 2016 release or none at all. Disgrace to the Warcraft franchise and Blizzard Entertainment.

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