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2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 Trading Cards

2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 Trading Cards

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Showcasing the adventures of Jesse Custer and his friends, 2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 follows the well-established on-demand formula. As with the first season of Preacher, the cards are done in conjunction with the most recently aired episode, and only available for 24 hours.

2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 is issued in mini-set form, with each release containing five episodic cards. In addition to the base option, there is an opportunity for fans to own a piece of memorabilia from the acclaimed AMC series as season-worn costume relic cards are available as well. Topps even revealed a gallery of the still-intact items planned for usage on their blog.

While there is no pre-set production run for the base offerings, collectors have just a short 24-hour window to purchase the cards. After the selling period closes, final print runs are revealed on the Topps site.

2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2

The 2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 pricing is $19.99 for each five-card set, while the three-set bundles sell for $49.99. Costume relics start at $49.99 for the base (#/25), $74.99 for the Red (#/10), and $199.99 for the one-of-one Gold. The cost of shipping is free across the board, that is, if the Smart Post option is selected during checkout.

Be sure to check back as the 2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 guide will be regularly updated with new cards and details.

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Set Checklist

2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2 Checklist

The specific episode is noted along with the date the set was released. Every five-card set is sold for 24 hours.
Set print runs (PR) will be added when known for each episode. 
*Relic Parallels: Base #/25, Red #/10, Gold 1/1.
Click on the episode listings below to shop for cards on eBay.


Episode 1: 6/25/2017 (PR=80 sets)
1 Open…Your Mouth
2 I’m Not Leaving My Car
3 I Just Want to Grab My Sunscreen
4 Pretend We’re Not Here
4A/B/C Jesse Custer’s Black Trousers Pant Relic (Base #/25, Red #/10, Gold 1/1.)*
5 It’s Cozy, Isn’t It?


Episode 2: 6/26/2017 (PR=71 sets)
6 Where Will You Go Next?
7 He Wore A Suit And Tie, For Me
8 He Came For The Jazz
9 Stop Him
10 Let’s Talk


Episode 3: 7/03/2017 (PR=82 sets)
2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2
11 That’s Different
12 These Folks Are Looking For God
13 I Believe Tallahassee Is The Capital Of Florida
14 Stop
15 I’m Not With Them


Episode 4: 7/10/2017 (PR=75 sets)
16 Hello?
17 That’s What Helps Me Sleep At Night
18 Where Is She!?
19 Let Me Go
20 Open The Gate


Episode 5: 7/18/2017 (PR=72 sets)
21 Whatever You Decide, I’m With You Padre
22 You Were Hurt? What Are These Then?
23 You Found Him? You Found Carlos? Does Jesse Know?
24 You Can’t Do This
25 Preacher


Episode 6: 7/25/2017 (PR=79 sets)
26 You’re Forgiven
27 Kill Me And The Deal’s Off
28 Preacher’s Not Here By 6, Medicine Won’t Help
29 Time’s Up
30 I Said Get On Your Knees


Episode 7: 8/01/2017 (PR=65 sets)
31 He’s Gone, Right?
32 Alright Gentlemen
33 He’s One Of Mine
34 Again
35 Do You Validate Parking?


Episode 8: 8/08/2017 (PR=70 sets)
36 I Just…I Don’t Think That’s What It’s For
37 Extrapolator
38 I’d Like That
39 Best Way To Know Your Target Is Through Concealed Intimacy
40 Don’t You Worry, A MHAC.


Episode 9: 8/15/2017 (PR=72 sets)
41 Cleaner’s Here
42 Sleep
43 The Missing Puzzle Piece
44 Who’s First?
45 I Think It’s Just The Right Amount Of Kill


Episode 10: 8/23/2017 (PR=63 sets)
46 So No One Knows Where God Is
47 What’s Up? You Alright?
48 Who Is The Boy?
49 The Messiah Can Sometimes Be A Bit, Unforthcoming
50 Usually When Something Feels Wrong, It Is Wrong


Episode 11: 8/29/2017 (PR=54 sets)
51 Maybe It Is About The Dog
52 Did You Really Start World War II Because They Were Out Of Plum Cake?
53 Why Didn’t You Send Him To Hell
54 They Are Your Prayers
55 What’s Your Name?


Episode 12: 9/05/2017 (PR=58 sets)
2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2
56 What Do You Need Us For?
57 I Love You
58 The Soul’s Where Your Goodness Lies
59 So Shall I ask You To Beg, Or Should I Make You?
60 I’m Here To Kill A Man


Episode 13: 9/12/2017 (PR=66 sets) - Shop on Topps
2017 Topps Now Preacher Season 2
61 It Was A Stunt, You Set Me Up
62 Everything Has A Price. You Understand?
63 I Never Did Tell You About Dallas, Did I?
64 Don’t You Ever Touch Her
65 If I Say He’s Free To Go, He’s Free
66 Okay, Kids, Who Wants To See A Miracle?

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Lisa grew up in Arlington, Texas where she regularly attended Rangers games and fell in love with baseball. She began collecting her favorite players' cards when every pack came with a stick of gum. With almost every baseball release, Lisa continues to grow her collection. She is also an avid fan of WWE, MMA, comics and every genre of music.

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