2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards

2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards



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Looking back at 1968 Topps for inspiration, 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball maintains its course of systematically applying previous flagship designs to the modern names of baseball. Hobby boxes include either one autograph or one relic as well as a box topper.

2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Base / Inserts

A whopping 500 players are featured in the 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball base set, with 100 short prints. This includes a variety of subsets like Combo Cards, League Leaders, Rookie Stars, Team Cards, Topps News All-Stars and World Series Highlights. Of course, it wouldn't be Heritage without a healthy dose of Variations.

Providing collectors with considerable variety, standard base parallels include Blue Bordered (#/50 - Hobby only), Bright Yellow Backs (#/25), Gray Backs (#/10), and the now-familiar Flip Stock (#/5 - Hobby only). There is also a partial Chrome parallel for 100 cards in the base set along with Refractor (#/568), Blue Bordered (#/68), Gold Bordered (#/5 - Hobby only), SuperFractor (1/1) and Hot Box-exclusive Purple Refractor Chrome parallels.

Offering a mix of standard inserts, 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball contains Baseball Flashbacks (1:20 packs), News Flashbacks (1:20 packs), New Age Performers (1:12 packs), Then and Now (1:20 packs), and 1968 Topps Game (1:10 packs), which revisits the sole '68 insert.

2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Autographs / Relics

Acting as the main signed insert in 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball, the customary Real One Autographs showcase on-card signatures on the '68 design in blue ink. Real One Special Edition parallels are hand-numbered to 68 copies and signed in red ink. Exclusive to hobby, Real One Dual Autographs and Triple Autographs mix active and retired players with hard-signed cards.

All falling under the Clubhouse Collection insert line, 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball memorabilia cards are represented by CC Relics, Dual Relics (#/68), Triple Relics (#/25) and Quad Relics (#/10).  Each version has a hobby-only, one-of-one Patch parallel and the main relic set also has a Gold parallel, numbered to 99.

Other hits in 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball include 1968 Mint with embedded coins. Only found in hobby boxes, the currency-based insert comes as Nickel (#/15), Dime (#/10), Quarter (#/5) and JFK Silver Half Dollar (1/1) parallels. Collectors can also track down 1968 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics (#/50) featuring original stamps and 1968 Cut Signatures (1/1) with autographs for both baseball and celebrity subjects.

2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Box Toppers

Dropping one per hobby box, box loaders finish off 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball. The 1968 choices include 3D, Ad Panel, Poster, Poster Autographs and stamped Topps Originals.

Release Date: 3/1/2017
Product Configuration: 9 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2017 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Autograph or Relic Card
  • 1 Box Topper
  • 2 1968 Topps Game Inserts
  • 2 New Age Performers Inserts
  • 1 Baseball Flashbacks Insert
  • 1 News Flashbacks Insert
  • 1 Then and Now Insert
  • 216 Total Cards
Top eBay Listings

2017 Topps Heritage Carlos Correa 16 25 On Card Auto 2 Color Patch Astros

2017 Topps Heritage Baseball (HN) AUTO Luke Weaver $ .99

MANNY MACHADO 2017 Topps Heritage Color Swap Variation Orioles A10




James Shields Bright Yellow Back Variation 2017 Topps Heritage White Sox



AARON JUDGE 2017 Topps Heritage Action Photo Variation RC Yankees A10


2017 Topps Heritage flip stock variation Matt Duffy 5

2017 Topps Heritage game used relic jersey Kris Bryant gray

2017 Topps Heritage David Wright Flip Stock Variation Var SSP #23 Mets 5

2017 Topps Heritage Yoan Moncada Carl Yastrzemski Dual Auto Red Sox 25

2017 Topps Heritage Chris Sale Traded Variation SP Red Sox
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Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Reviews

  1. I am looking forward to this design. Just wish the hits came 2 per box.

  2. Hope Topps gets some of the 1968 Detroit Tigers players to sign autographs since ’68 was the “Year of the Tiger”.

  3. Sucks that they made the SP’s 100.
    That means you won’t get a master set from a case, you’ll be 4 sp’s short.
    That’s if you don’t get any double sp’s.
    Thanks topps.

  4. Over the past three releases of the Heritage I have realized to purchase two cases at minimum to account for doubles and build a true master set.(action and color sp variants). I personally love the 1968 Topps design and went with preordering 3 cases this year. This product generally maintains a good value on the secondary market. For example I just sold a 2014 Jeter Action SP PSA 10 for $225 and a Trout Action SP PSA 10 for $280. Topps Heritage is 5 Stars every year for me. Thank you Topps!

  5. Last two years it’s been a one-and done; this time it won’t get me at all. Done with gimmicks and lack of value and impossible to build a set without spending thousands, and crap autographs of mostly nobodies. I’ll pass.

  6. Has the SP seeding been confirmed yet? 1:3 packs and adding 25 more will make it more difficult than it was at 75. Topps is also taking one insert from the Then & Now, Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashback sets (used to be 2) and has also taken one New Age Performer insert (used to be 3) out per hobby box. I may not build the set this year since I’ll have to pay more to get less. Sucks for me since this is one of the few sets (550 SP, base & insert cards) I work on each year. Maybe Topps will suprise me and seed the SPs1:2 packs – probably not but I can hope until it’s confirmed…..

  7. How are we less than two weeks away from scheduled release and still NO checklist!?

  8. The pattern from Topps lately has been to provide it by the one-week mark from the hobby release date.

  9. I love the product and it’s design, but i can not bring myself to purchase a box for $80.00 and pull some junk relic. If it was a guaranteed auto it would be a different story. Plus the fact that only the Short prints have any value in the sets, everything else is valued at $2.00 or less, including most of the insert sets. So, all and all, i don’t feel as if i am getting my monies worth out of the product.

  10. felt the need to rate this appropriately.

    no idea why so many ratings are so low — didn’t bother to read the comments.

    opening 25 cases this year.

  11. I buy this set for one reason and one reason only. The base cards are great to bring to Spring Training and get Autographed. I wish they gave at least one guaranteed autograph hit.

  12. The large number of SP in a Heritage base set has turned away countless collectors, and now they are increasing them to 100? Brilliant move to drive away more collectors.

  13. This is my favorite Topps product, I buy and collect the Heritage sets every year. I will agree with others that Topps is making it increasingly hard to finish sets. I also agree that the one hit per hobby box (which usually ends up being a relic) is kind of a crappy deal. I don’t collect for the “hits” necessarily, but at least make it two hits, or at least the hit be a guaranteed auto.

  14. The ratings on this product have been slipping. I like the heritage product but when will Topps stop making it harder to build these sets. They may end up like UPPER DECK “GONE”. Panini may get their M.L.B. license. Then the longest tenured company will be gone.I would hate that. Panini already has taken Football from Topps will Baseball be next. Topps needs to stop catering to E-BAY sellers and think about collectors,way too many gimmick and useless sub-set junk cards. This could happen.

  15. SIX Tigers SP again! WTH?!?

  16. Checklist looks amazing….

    Love the 100 SP with all the big names in it

    Set will be tough

  17. Seriously? Going from 75 to 100 SPs, what a joke. 75 was too many to begin with. Also, how can you have 1968 baseball flashbacks without McLain (31 wins) or Lolich (3 series wins).

  18. Agree w/ other Tiger fan(s) above on disappointing lack of any Tigers in ’68-related set. Knew it was going to be Kaline or bust, though. Topps only seems to do old-timer cards w/ star players they have an agreement with. Kaline was injured for much of ’68, but did have a big WS, so no excuse. I see he did an autograph relic card. Also agree on number of sp Tigers. I only hope the images look nice, like most of last year’s Heritage set.

  19. BTW, I was referring to no Tigers in Flashbacks in above critique if that wasn’t clear. Also agree w/ others that having 100 short prints in a 500-card set, including most of the big names, is bogus.

  20. Seriously? Only ONE Detroit Tiger from 1968? Glad I only have to chase the Al Kaline auto card that way I don’t have to buy any of this POS card set. There are more ’68 Cardinals, World Series LOSER’S, in this worthless set than Tigers! Where is Mclain? Lolich? Horton? Freehan? I am so done with Topps and their BS!!!

  21. Everyone complaining about the lack of Tigers. Is a set not based on the previous season? With that said, The 69 set would have cards reflecting the 68 season right? Correct me if I’m wrong. Also, to the complaint about Cardinals cards, The Cardinals won the World Series in 1967, so it makes sense that Cardinals would be in the 68 set as reflected in the 2017 Heritage set correct??

  22. LOL

    Yes the the tigers should be next year…

  23. As one of the Tiger fans, I think we’re all talking about the Flashbacks series which celebrates big moments and stars from the year of the set, in this case 1968 – the Year of the Tiger. Next year’s Flashbacks will commemorate 1969; Mets, etc. Minor quibble; lots of other pros and cons re the new Heritage set.

  24. Every year a great product and this year is no exception. Great Checklist and love the 100 Sp’s. Makes the master sets actually valuable again. Thank you Topps for Heritage it is the one product you get right year after year.

  25. All the short points are Stars. This is bad as Upper Deck MVP Hockey, Greed Rules.

  26. Maybe just maybe we will get some ( 1 or 2) Tigers in the High Numbers set if they release one later this year. You can bet that since Topps is based in New York there will be a ton of NY Mets in next years set. The hierarchy at Topps only cares about east coast teams especially New York, Boston, Balitimore,…and the Dodgers in the west. Everybody else not so much if at all. Then of course there are only 2 Oakland A’s autographs in this set also, Reggie Jackson, whom Topps ignored in 1968 and Rene Lachemann who spent almost all of 1968 in the minors. I think he had more cards as a manager than as a player.

  27. I started collecting in 1966. The original 1968 Topps set is and will probably be my favorite of all time due to the true baseball card look and the game insert. Topps, however, CONTINUES to overload sets with virtually worthless autographs and other inserts of players that are commons, at best. Overpriced, as usual, it cost HUNDREDS to complete even the base set. Panini will eventually take over because of this ignorance

  28. just to reiterate — this is the best product that topps makes. packed with value.
    i cannot begin to comprehend the “where are the guys from the team that i like?” whine / argument.

  29. they need to guarantee an autograph AND relic in every box! For 80$ there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. Its too tough to pull an auto never mind an auto of a star. Bought 5 boxes last year and only pulled junk relics which gets old. This year I will not be fooled!!!

  30. I always look forward to this release every year. I love the old school look and feel. To those complaining about the number of cards to collect for the set – Remember when the sets used to be 700-800 Cards? That’s what they were when I started collecting in the 90’s and it took a year’s worth of trips to the store with mom or the gas station with dad to get my set.

    As the price continues to climb – I do agree that it is right at the level where I’m looking for a 2nd hit. Series1/2/Update Jumbo’s come with 3 for $110-120.

    I’ll still probably snag a couple of Hobby boxes and then fill in my base set from eBay. I don’t usually worry about getting all the SP’s.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  31. To the guy who said he can’t comprehend people being mad about not enough cards for their team: you probably root for a very popular team, right? Like the Yankees, Cubs, or Dodgers? Those of us with favorite teams that are more obscure don’t feel like we’re getting as much for our money. I only collect hits from my team, and there’s only one White Sox auto in this set: Carson Fulmer, a kid who’s only pitched in a handful of major league games and could spend significant time in Triple-A this season. To be fair, I collect sets for the base cards and buy hits on eBay, but there really should be better representation of different teams in the hit list. One autograph is absolutely ridiculous.

  32. Well, here we go. I buy a case every year to put away, and then buy 4-5 boxes to crack open along with blasters from Target. Every year, it gets tougher to complete sets. This is my sole set I work on, as I have given up on everything else. I noticed there are no Target exclusives listed this year either, only Wal-Mart discs. This most likely will be my last year for Heritage, especially if I can’t complete this set without spending hundreds $$ for SP’s. I am more of an addict at this point. I have opened thousands of packs of Heritage and have never pulled a killer auto, a Mays or Aaron, or any of the greats. Hope that changes.

  33. There are Target exclusives, 1968 Topps Game Rookies 15 card set.

  34. To those that open 1/2 or full case – Do you have approximate odds on the box topper hits? 1 per case? 2 per case?


  35. I understand Topps is greedy and wants to make money off the millennials chasing their new found heroes, but I think the Real Ones autographs should be limited to the players who actually played during the year that these cards are supposed to represent, in this case 1968.

  36. Always a great product. Not digging the extra SP’s but it is what it is. The amount of autos is fine. If there were 1 per box the cost would go up and value would go down.

  37. All the stars are short printed – that just ruins it for me – they did not do that in the 1960s.

  38. 20% of the set are SPs this year? And you can’t even possibly complete a set with SPs from a case?

    I thought this used to be largely a set builder release.

  39. Initially planned on getting 2 boxes but changed my mind and got 1. Turned out to be a chrome hot box. Not the serial numbered chrome versions, but still cool to get 24 chrome cards – might consider building that set now. Also, pulled a red auto of Yankees pitcher Bouton, and got a RC SP of Moncada in a White Sox uniform!

    I realize this is not typical, but overall I felt very happy with the product. I just as easily could have gotten a relic, and boring sp so I’m going to go with 4 stars

  40. No Black Refractors this year, and the Gold Refractor looks only slightly different than. The “Blue” refractor.

  41. And of course the ONLY ’68 Tiger in the set is the Al Kaline autograph and apparently it is a super short print! Thanks alot for nothing once again Topps! I am beginning to hate this outfit…

  42. I found a topps series 2 baseball card in my 2017 heritage jumbo pack from target any clue what that belongs to or why its there?

  43. I understand this is a baseball product, but how does Panini offer FB Hobby Boxes that guarantee 1 Auto AND 1 Relic in a box for less than Topps does in BOTH Heritage and Series ONE?

    When you look at the Total Number of Cards vs. Total Cards in the set–it breaks out the same and I have gotten Three 1/1 hits from these FB Boxes, as well as, HOF Auto’s and cannot hit ANYTHING in Topps!

    I have opened 10 Hobby Boxes of Topps Series 1 BB and have hit 10 crappy relic cards (at least ONE could have been numbered) and 3 Heritage Boxes and still don’t have HALF of the cards from the Base Set!

    And how about the Buy Back Crap Cards? I think it is time for them to go and give collectors at least 6 Actual “HITS”. I received a BLUE (RARE) ReDiscover Topps Card in Heritage and it was a 1973 or 1974 California Angels TEAM Card–Are You Kidding Me??? This Buyback crap has been going on for years and offered in several Topps offerings and I have never received a card of a Really Good Star, much less a HOF Player. But I have gotten my share of cards that have been folded into a square, torn, ripped, damaged and of players I have never heard of to wallpaper a house!

  44. We all know we are being ripped off royally but we like the product. The distribution of cards sucks, the (even more) inane Short Print mentality sucks even more. With any justice, Topps should be boycotted but we like the Heritage set. Topps knows we are as gullible as the suckers who voted for Trumpo. Topps folks sit around the conference table and think of ways to extort more money from Heritage buyers. Topps is scum and has been for 20 years. But we are addicted. They love it.

  45. This is some fantastic reading. Sounds like a bunch of quick flip junkies need to find another product. It’s like chugging a Red Bull vs sipping a fine wine.

  46. Chris, you’re so right. I wonder how many of the above have a flip stock or yellow back sitting in their commons box never to be seen again. Last year I bought a Mookie Betts throwback for $12 because the seller listed it as an action. Granted I didn’t know until I checked here but a wonderful surprise.

  47. Cody: It’s called pack searching. These low-lifes, probably still living in their mothers’ basements, go to Target and Wal-Mart and molest packs to find two dollar relics, destroying the other cards in the packs in the process. Some of them buy the “hot packs,” but a lot just open them, take out the hit, and slip commons from other sets in to replace them. All the Heritage at my Target had already been searched when I got there yesterday. I could tell because the first card in each pack was pushed up so the pack fondlers could “feel” the cards better. It’s a disgrace to the collecting community. Whenever we notice this, good collectors need to complain to management. If enough people complain, they’re more likely to do something about it. Make sure to emphasize to them that a lot of these babies destroy cards they don’t buy, which is damaging store property.

  48. I love this product!! Maybe that is why it’s went up so much. And RDixie the gullible ones are the ones who voted for Clinton aka Corruption at it Finest!!

  49. wsoxfan, I think cody got one of the rediscover topps cards. It should say rediscover topps up the right side of the card. And about those buybacks, they were not in place of anything they were extras in the packs. Every pack I got one in my case had 10 cards not 9.

  50. Bought 2 boxes and got exactly the same cards in both boxes, right down to the inserts. The exceptions where the buyback cards differed and my two lousy hits varied as well, but oddly enough both are Pirates GU cards. I also didn’t get a variation card in either box, and I have spent a lot of time making sure I didn’t miss an error variation or traded variation. Overall was a very poor boring break for $150. Wish I had bought just about anything else except 2017 Topps flagship. Poor showing again for topps.

  51. I love Topps Heritage. 1968 was the first set I ever completed as a kid, so there are some great memories.

    Now I might be in a minority, but I want cards. I don’t want Flashbacks, Then & Now, Chrome, or any of the other silly inserts. Exception: The Game Cards, like those we had back in 1968. But as an insert, so you can get enough cards to play a game!

    But there are no manager cards! These are as much a part of the set as anything! And why make a David Ortiz, when Big Papi announced his retirement early in the year?

    They need to expand the base set to 600 cards, and they need to include cards for all the managers!

    But I’m still lovin’ it!

  52. LOL

    So funny reading this.. No sick nasty group break Razz mojo…

    All i got was a jersey.. lol

    Did you check for
    Color swap
    Blue #50
    Blue chrome #68
    gold chrome #5
    chrome ref #568
    chrome #999
    yellow back #25
    gray back #10
    traded variation
    error variation

    Heck you get 8 sps those sps probably get you 25-30 bucks back..

  53. Lots of nice looking cards, but has anyone else noted the number of off-center cards? More than a few of the cards I’ve got have uneven borders. Maybe I’m just having bad luck. But then, some of the pics on eBay look kinda off-center as well. This is one aspect of vintage Topps cards that I could do without.

  54. I purchased the last 2 hobby boxes a dealer had at a local show @ $89 each. After opening both, I had all but a dozen or so cards from the 1-399 base. There were zero duplicates. The 2 cards I thought were duplicates were a yellow back and a variation card (thanks carboard connection). I just got back from Target with 4 hanger boxes. Some were Target exclusive and some were not so be careful. I went with 4 non-target. This is the way to set build. 140 cards for $40 instead of 432 for $189. Saves 15 cents per common. SPs were 1 per hanger. If you’re not into the hits, try the hangers. They are also cheaper online. Blaster are a little more expensive per card. Not interested in the Walmart exclusive discs so will be going back to Target for the Target exclusive hangers to put together a second 1-399 set and fill the SPs a bit. So far $230 in and appreciating the quality of the base cards.

  55. Another note: Try to buy hobby boxes in sequence, if a dealer will fresh pull, as that is the only thing to which I can attribute the no duplicate success.

  56. I bought a hobby box and got no 1968 relics. In the single card pack was a 3D Carlos Correa, not a ’68 card. No autos either. Just 4 “rediscover Topps” cards.

  57. Didn’t like that the “Nickel” coin card is considered a “Relic” card. To me Relic means that you are getting a Jersey or Bat card. Back in December I bought the Jumbo Hobby Box of the 2016 Update set and I got a “Medallion” Card and a autograph of a crappy player. Going forward I will not purchase the Hobby Boxes from Topps – I will get the sets and insert cards I want from the secondary market. I have had a much better experience with the UD & Panini Hobby Boxes.

  58. I must have gotten a super hot retail box cause in every pack which are I think 8 packs, I got a Short Print chrome and a Short Print card and I also got a SP Chrome serial numbered card of a Yankee player. And I love the 1968 design. The photos are crisp and colorful.

  59. This year’s product has much improved photography and the printing of the cards is much better than previous sets. I really wish they would do away with the team cards and replace them with more players or anything more interesting.

  60. NOTE: This year Topps Heritage Hobby Boxes are coming out without any add panels. I bought 2 boxes (Hobby) no add panels.

  61. Rick – There are definitely add panels as that is what I got as a box topper.

  62. The product is solid….real set builders love this product…i am building a 52 topps and 33 goudey set and i still buy heritage every year…this year i got 27 boxes….made 2 master and 8 base sets…people need to enjoy ripping and shut up about “hits” …..real collectors enjoy building sets not flipping for profit! – johnny musky

  63. I love this product. I only bought 8 packs rhis year and pulled a harper auto redemption plus a bryant sp. Last year i vought 3 packs and pulled a bolan ryan red ink auto.

  64. Horrible looking cards this year. Bought two boxes, one direct from Topps and one from a hobby shop. A whopping total of one serial numbered card between the two boxes. Very dissapointing product, and it pains me to say that since I am an avid card collector. Will not be buying more, except what I need to complete my Indians team set, which I will buy singles from eBay. Hoping Topps can do better in this series next year.

  65. Next year they are going from 100 SPs to ALL SPs LOL

  66. SP Hunter-

    If it went to all SPs, then there would be no SPs

  67. I like this product this year.This is my first year doing a master set of Heritage and I have found that buying hobby boxs is a waste of my money.Blaster boxs is the way to go if your building the set.I bought 5 blasters yesterday and got 23 SPs.A hobby box which costs about the same if not more youll pull 5 maybe 6 SPs.Plus I have gotten some great hits from the retail this year.

  68. Always love the heritage. Cardinals collector, so the ’68 Cardinals were a great team to collect. Love the autos, but rarely can affordy more that two.

  69. XG200- It true, next year all the cards will be short printed, most packs will have JUST white card board filler.

  70. Should drop SP’s back to 75. Blaster box should include 1 relic per box. Hobby should include an auto and a relic per box. I like the design of the card and the assortment of inserts but it’s a challenge to build the set or to get any ‘hits’

  71. Thanks for reviewing 2017 Topps Heritage. Just started collection again after 25 years. Does anyone know if anyone has found ANY of the 1968 Celebrity Cut Signatures that features musicians and celebrities that were popular in 1968. #’d 1/1 and if so where there might be pictures or something showing them?

  72. Don’t care for the 68/burlap design. Cards are hard to get this year. Team cards have go nothing but a waste, bring team photos & actual checklist cards. Hopefully the high number series 2 will be easier to get. This design only deserves a 2 star rating, can’t wait for 69 design, which will be better.

  73. Overwhelming amount of pose pictures in this set. Extremely boring.

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