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2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey Cards - Checklist Added

2017 President’s Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey Cards – Checklist Added


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Bringing the new brand for Dr. Brian Price, former owner of In The Game, into the fold, 2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey ushers in a new era of limited releases in the ITG mindset. Every box of the Toronto Maple Leafs retrospective contains three relics and seven autographs.

Honoring a century of the Maple Leafs, the base set includes 50 cards, each numbered to 100 copies. Collectors can also take advantage of a five-box case incentive which yields a full 50-card set, all featuring the same serial numbering.

Other than the base, 2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey is loaded with Toronto-based hits. Signed inserts include Assigned Seat (1 per box) for 25 players with Green/Gray (#/5), Blue (#/4) and Gold/Red (#/3) versions. These cards feature autographed seat pieces from Maple Leaf Gardens. LumberGraphs and Vintage Papercuts are other signed choices.

Among the game-used memorabilia options, all numbered to ten or less, are Decadence Goaltenders, Enshrined, King Clancy Cup WinnerLace 'Em Up Skate Laces and Stickrack inserts. Of particular note is Enshrined, which displays the player's image and name covered by a piece of glass.

2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey is a small release with just 500 numbered boxes, or 100 cases, in all.

Release Date: 1/20/2017
Product Configuration: 20 cards per box, 5 boxes per case

2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Assigned Seat Autograph
  • 6 Additional Autographs
  • 3 Memorabilia Cards
  • 10 Premium Base Cards
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Set Checklist

2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey Checklist

Base Set Checklist

50 cards. Serial Numbered #/100.

1 Syl Apps
2 Al Arbour
3 Ace Bailey
4 Bill Barilko
5 Bobby Baun
6 Max Bentley
7 Johnny Bower
8 Turk Broda
9 King Clancy
10 Wendel Clark
11 Charlie Conacher
12 Bob Davidson
13 Hap Day
14 Cal Gardner
15 Doug Gilmour
16 Foster Hewitt
17 Red Horner
18 Tim Horton
19 Punch Imlach
20 Dick Irvin
21 Busher Jackson
22 Nazem Kadri
23 Kasperi Kapanen
24 Red Kelly
25 Ted Kennedy
26 Dave Keon
27 Harry Lumley
28 Frank Mahovlich
29 Mitch Marner
30 Howie Meeker
31 Frank McCool
32 Lanny McDonald
33 Mike Palmateer
34 Jacques Plante
35 Felix Potvin
36 Babe Pratt
37 Joe Primeau
38 Borje Salming
39 Terry Sawchuk
40 Eddie Shack
41 Sweeney Schriner
42 Darryl Sittler
43 Tod Sloan
44 Sid Smith
45 Conn Smythe
46 Allan Stanley
47 Ian Turnbull
48 Rick Vaive
49 Harry Watson
50 Dave Williams


Autographs Set Checklist

34 subjects. 6 per box.

Al Arbour - Limited
Allan Bester
Allan Stanley - Limited
Andy Bathgate
Bernie Parent
Bert Olmstead - Limited
Bobby Baun
Borje Salming
Darryl Sittler
Dave Keon - Limited
Doug Gilmour
Ed Chadwick
Eddie Shack
Felix Potvin
Frank Mahovlich
Grant Fuhr
Howie Meeker
Ian Turnbull
Johnny Bower
Kasperi Kapanen
Marcel Pronovost - Limited
Mats Sundin - Limited
Mike Palmateer
Mitch Marner
Nazim Kadri
Norm Ullman
Red Kelly
Rick Vaive
Sid Smith
Ted Kennedy
Tiger Williams
Tod Sloan
Wally Stanowski - Limited
Wendel Clark


AKA Relics Set Checklist

15 cards.

AKA-1 Johnny Bower #/10
AKA-2 Harry Lumley #/10
AKA-3 Bill Barilko #/10
AKA-4 Dave Williams #/10
AKA-5 Curtis Joseph #/10
AKA-6 Ed Belfour #/10
AKA-7 Ted Kennedy #/10
AKA-8 Doug Gilmour #/10
AKA-9 Felix Potvin #/10
AKA-10 Joe Primeau #/10
AKA-11 Terry Sawchuk #/10
AKA-12 Borje Salming #/10
AKA-13 Jacques Plante #/10
AKA-14 Irvine Bailey #/5
AKA-15 Francis Clancy #/5


Assigned Seat Autograph Relics Set Checklist

25 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gray #/5, Green #/5, Blue #/4, Gold #/3, Red #/3.
2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey

Allan Bester
Bernie Parent
Bobby Baun
Borje Salming
Darryl Sittler
Dave Keon
Doug Gilmour
Ed Chadwick
Eddie Shack
Felix Potvin
Frank Mahovlich
Grant Fuhr
Howie Meeker
Ian Turnbull
Johnny Bower
Kasperi Kapanen
Mike Palmateer
Mitch Marner
Nazim Kadri
Norm Ullman
Red Kelly
Rick Vaive
Tiger Williams
Tod Sloan
Wendel Clark


Captains Row Relics Set Checklist

3 cards.
2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey

CR-1 Hap Day / Charlie Conacher / Ted Kennedy / Dave Keon / Darryl Sittler / Wendel Clark / Doug Gilmour / Mats Sundin
CR-2 Hap Day / Charlie Conacher / Ted Kennedy / Dave Keon
CR-3 Darryl Sittler / Wendel Clark / Doug Gilmour / Mats Sundin


Cup Winner Relics Set Checklist

11 cards. Serial numbered #/5.
2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey

CW-1 King Clancy
CW-2 Turk Broda
CW-3 Bob Davidson
CW-4 Ted Kennedy
CW-5 Harry Watson
CW-6 Cal Gardner
CW-7 Bill Barilko
CW-8 Tim Horton
CW-9 Frank Mahovlich
CW-10 Johnny Bower
CW-11 Dave Keon


Decades Quad Relics Set Checklist

9 cards. Serial numbered #/5.

DQ-1 1920s Conacher/Jackson/Nighbor/Bailey
DQ-2 1930s Conacher/Bailey/Day/Clancy
DQ-3 1940s Davidson/Barilko/Broda/Watson
DQ-4 1950s Gardner/Horton/Kennedy/Lumley
DQ-5 1960s Bower/Mahovlich/Kelly/Stanley
DQ-6 1970s Salming/Sittler/McDonald/Palmateer
DQ-7 1980s Clark/Vaive/Damphousse/Salming
DQ-8 1990s Joseph/Gilmour/Potvin/Andreychuk
DQ-9 2000s Belfour/Sundin/Kaberle/Kadri


Decadence Relics Set Checklist

12 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.
2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey
DECA-1 Goaltenders - Hainsworth/Broda/Lumley/Bower/Sawchuk/Plante/Palmateer/Potvin/Joseph/Belfour
DECA-2 Netminders - Barrasso/Bester/Cheevers/Fuhr/Gamble/Giguere/Maniago/Parent/Reimer/Wregget
DECA-3 30s - Bailey/Broda/Clancy/Conacher/Davidson/Day/Hainsworth/Jackson/Nighbor/Primeau
DECA-4 50s - Barilko/Broda/Gardner/Watson/Kennedy/Mahovlich/Kelly/Horton/Bower/Lumley
DECA-5 60s - Bower/Henderson/Horton/Stanley/Baun/Sawchuk/Keon/Kelly/Mahovlich/Moore
DECA-6 70s - Keon/Sittler/Salming/McDonald/Williams/Palmateer/Henderson/Plante/Ullman/Parent
DECA-7 80s - Clark/Damphousse/Bester/Iafrate/Leeman/Palmateer/Salming/Sittler/Thomas/Vaive
DECA-8 90s - Andreychuk/Domi/Gilmour/Clark/Joseph/Sundin/Berard/Gartner/Potvin/Tucker
DECA-9 2000s - Antropov/Belfour/Joseph/Kaberle/Sundin/Mogilny/Grabovski/Kadri/Kulemin/Lindros
DECA-10 Defense - Day/Clancy/Horton/Baun/Stanley/Salming/Iafrate/Kaberle/McCabe/Leetch
DECA-11 Forwards - Kennedy/Mahovlich/Keon/Sittler/Vaive/Clark/Gilmour/Sundin/Kadri/Marner
DECA-12 Vintage - Adams/Barilko/Bailey/Broda/Clancy/Day/Conacher/Gardner/Primeau/Jackson


Enshrined Relics Set Checklist

28 cards.

Base - #/10
E-1 Ace Bailey
E-2 Ed Belfour
E-3 Johnny Bower
E-4 King Clancy
E-5 Grant Fuhr
E-6 Doug Gilmour
E-7 Tim Horton
E-8 Red Kelly
E-9 Ted Kennedy
E-10 Dave Keon
E-11 Harry Lumley
E-12 Frank Mahovlich
E-13 Lanny McDonald
E-14 Bernie Parent
E-15 Jacques Plante
E-16 Joe Primeau
E-17 Borje Salming
E-18 Terry Sawchuk
E-19 Darryl Sittler
E-20 Allan Stanley
E-21 Mats Sundin
E-22 Norm Ullman
E-23 Harry Watson
SP - #/5
E-24 Turk Broda
E-25 Charlie Conacher
E-26 Hap Day
E-27 Busher Jackson
E-28 Frank Nighbor


Game-Used Patch Set Checklist

10 cards. Serial numbered #/5.

GUP-1 Harry Watson
GUP-2 Mats Sundin
GUP-3 Curtis Joseph
GUP-4 Felix Potvin
GUP-5 Mike Gartner
GUP-6 Lanny McDonald
GUP-7 Dave Keon
GUP-8 Darryl Sittler
GUP-9 Doug Gilmour
GUP-10 Borje Salming


Glove Hand Relics Set Checklist

5 cards.

GH-1 Ed Belfour
GH-2 Jacques Plante
GH-3 Terry Sawchuk
GH-4 Curtis Joseph
GH-5 Felix Potvin


Lace ‘Em Up Relics Set Checklist

8 cards. Serial numbered #/5.

2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey

LU-1 Busher Jackson
LU-2 Bill Barilko
LU-3 Tim Horton
LU-4 Jacques Plante
LU-5 King Clancy
LU-6 Doug Gilmour
LU-7 Gerry Cheevers
LU-8 Jack Adams


LumberGraphs Set Checklist

66 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

2017 President's Choice Blue and White Centennial Hockey

Al Rollins
Alex Levinsky
Allan Stanley
Andy Blair
Bert Olmstead
Bill Barilko
Bill Ezinicki
Bill Juzda
Billy Harris
Bingo Kampman
Bob Davidson
Bob Goldham
Bob Pulford
Bobby trainer Haggert
Brian Spencer
Bruce Gamble
Bucko McDonald
Cal Gardner
Carl Brewer
Charlie Conacher
Conn Smythe
Dave Keon
Dick Irvin
Dickie Moore
Don Metz
Eddie Shack
Frank Mahovlich
Frank Selke
Garth Boesch
Gaye Stewart
George Armstrong
Gerry James
Gordie Drillon
Gus Marker
Gus Mortson
Hap Day
Harold Cotton
Harry Watson
Howie Meeker
Hugh Bolton
Jim Thomson
Joe Primeau
Joe Klukay
Johnny Bower
King Clancy
Larry Hillman
Lorne Chabot
Marcel Pronovost
Max Bentley
Nick Metz
Paul Henderson
Pep Kelly
Punch Imlach
Ray Timgren
Red Kelly
Reg Hamilton
Ron Stewart
Sid Smith
Sweeney Schriner
Ted Kennedy
Terry Sawchuk
Tim Horton
Tommy Naylor (trainer)
Turk Broda
Vic Lynn
Wally Stanowski


LumberGraphs Multi Set Checklist

4 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

Ace Bailey/King Clancy
Harold Cotton/Frank Finnigan
Andy Blair/Harold Darragh/Bob Gracie
Charlie Conacher/Conn Smythe/Joe Primeau


Quad Memorabilia Set Checklist

10 cards.

QM-1 Jacques Plante #/5
QM-2 Curtis Joseph #/5
QM-3 Mats Sundin #/5
QM-4 Wendel Clark #/5
QM-5 Doug Gilmour #/5
QM-6 Felix Potvin #/5
QM-7 Ed Belfour #/3
QM-8 Tim Horton #/3
QM-9 Dave Keon #/3
QM-10 Terry Sawchuk #/3


Stick and Jersey Set Checklist

10 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

SJ-1 Mats Sundin
SJ-2 Ed Belfour
SJ-3 Dave Keon
SJ-4 Doug Gilmour
SJ-5 Mike Gartner
SJ-6 Felix Potvin
SJ-7 Wendel Clark
SJ-8 Frank Mahovlich
SJ-9 Lanny McDonald
SJ-10 Borje Salming


StickHandle Relics Set Checklist

20 cards. Serial numbered 1/1.

SH-1 Ed Belfour
SH-2 Glenn Anderson
SH-3 Wendel Clark
SH-4 Ron Francis
SH-5 Grant Fuhr
SH-6 Mike Gartner
SH-7 Doug Gilmour
SH-8 Jonas Gustavsson
SH-9 Nazem Kadri
SH-10 Kasperi Kapanen
SH-11 Red Kelly
SH-12 Dave Keon
SH-13 Mitch Marner
SH-14 Mike Palmateer
SH-15 Felix Potvin
SH-16 Borje Salming
SH-17 Mats Sundin
SH-18 Norm Ullman
SH-19 Phil Housley
SH-20 Rick Vaive


StickRack Relics Set Checklist

21 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

SR-1 Bill Barilko
SR-2 Ed Belfour
SR-3 Wendel Clark
SR-4 Cal Gardner
SR-5 Mike Gartner
SR-6 Doug Gilmour
SR-7 Nazem Kadri
SR-8 Kasperi Kapanen
SR-9 Red Kelly
SR-10 Dave Keon
SR-11 Eric Lindros
SR-12 Harry Lumley
SR-13 Mitch Marner
SR-14 Bernie Parent
SR-15 Jacques Plante
SR-16 Felix Potvin
SR-17 Borje Salming
SR-18 Allan Stanley
SR-19 Mats Sundin
SR-20 Rick Vaive
SR-21 Carl Brewer


StickRack Dual Relics Set Checklist

11 cards. Serial numbered #/10.

SRD-1 Clark/Gilmour
SRD-2 McDonald/Sittler
SRD-3 Belfour/Sundin
SRD-4 Baun/Brewer
SRD-5 Bower/Gamble
SRD-6 Potvin/Joseph
SRD-7 Primeau/Clancy
SRD-8 Palmateer/Salming
SRD-9 Horton/Stanley
SRD-10 Kadri/Marner
SRD-11 Barilko/Gardner


StickRack Triple Relics Set Checklist

11 cards.

SRT-1 Sittler/Salming/McDonald #/10
SRT-2 Kaberle/Sundin/Joseph #/10
SRT-3 Clark/Sittler/Gilmour #/10
SRT-4 Kehoe/Baun/Plante #/10
SRT-5 Potvin/Gilmour/Clark #/10
SRT-6 McCabe/Kaberle/Belfour #/10
SRT-7 Potvin/Joseph/Palmateer #/10
SRT-8 Kadri/Kapanen/Marner #/10
SRT-9 Brewer/Mahovlich/Keon #/10
SRT-10 Sawchuk/Kelly/Keon #/5
SRT-11 Ullman/Keon/Henderson #/5


StickRack Quad Relics Set Checklist

5 cards.

SRQ-1 Sittler/Salming/McDonald/Palmateer #/5
SRQ-2 Gilmour/Clark/Sittler/Sundin #/5
SRQ-3 Lumley/Joseph/Belfour/Potvin #/5
SRQ-4 Bower/Cheevers/Palmateer/Gamble #/5
SRQ-5 Horton/Barilko/Baun/Stanley #/3


StickRack Six Piece Relics Set Checklist

5 cards. Serial numbered #/3.

SRS-1 Andreychuk/Clark/Potvin/Fuhr/Gartner/Gilmour
SRS-2 Vaive/Sittler/Keon/Clark/Gilmour/Sundin
SRS-3 Bester/Bower/Potvin/Joseph/Palmateer/Lumley
SRS-4 Berezin/Marner/Kadri/Francis/Lindros/Roberts
SRS-5 Mahovlich/Baun/Bower/Kelly/Sawchuk/Stanley


Teammates Quad Relics Set Checklist

8 cards.

TMQ-1 Bower/Mahovlich/Keon/Kelly #/10
TMQ-2 Sittler/Salming/McDonald/Williams #/10
TMQ-3 Baun/Horton/Sawchuk/Stanley #/10
TMQ-4 Sundin/Gilmour/Potvin/Clark #/10
TMQ-5 Barilko/Watson/Gardner/Horton #/10
TMQ-6 Tucker/Roberts/Sundin/Nieuwendyk #/10
TMQ-7 Baun/Henderson/Keon/Plante #/10
TMQ-8 Day/Primeau/Conacher/Hainsworth #/10


Vintage Memorabilia Set Checklist

12 cards.

VM-1 Turk Broda #/5
VM-2 King Clancy #/5
VM-3 Bob Davidson #/5
VM-4 Ted Kennedy #/5
VM-5 Harry Lumley #/5
VM-6 Harry Watson #/5
VM-7 Ace Bailey #/3
VM-8 Bill Barilko #/3
VM-9 Charlie Conacher #/3
VM-10 Hap Day #/3
VM-11 Busher Jackson #/3
VM-12 Joe Primeau #/3


Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Reviews

  1. Watched a pair of box breaks recently and this is unbelievably impressive. From the widely known to the obscure, this set covers the Leafs very nicely over the last 100 years. The price point is very high so I recommend group breaks (if there are any left). I did and couldn’t be happier. For $25 I ended up with an Ian Turnbull paper cut auto and $55 got me an Assigned Seat autograph of Ed Chadwick. On top of that, I asked for and got the box serial #’d 401/500 (for those who don’t know, highway 401 is a major highway that runs through Toronto).

    Highly recommend for those with deep (blue) pockets, if there are any left. From an Oiler fan.

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