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2017 Leaf Trinity Football

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards

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Normally the top choice in the Leaf gridiron lineup, 2017 Leaf Trinity Football continues that legacy with the incoming NFL rookie class. Each hobby box delivers five autographs.

The all-autograph, hard-signed product is as much appreciated for its quality look as for its general simplicity. With just three main designs available, chase options include the low-numbered parallel versions.

Among the primary choices are the Auto Clear cards with acetate stock and a vertical design. These are joined by Signature cards which flip the orientation to horizontal, providing a very large signing area. The players make good use of this extra space as many include additional inscriptions. Finally, the Signature Patch/Jersey inserts utilize the same basic layout as the Signature cards but add in a large relic piece above the autograph.

Because the 2017 Leaf Trinity Football checklist focuses on top college players, it provides collectors with an early chance to obtain on-card signatures for the various subjects. Key options include Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, Joe Mixon, John Ross, and Mitch Trubisky.

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 1

Release Date: 7/13/2017
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 10 boxes per case

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Box Break

  • 5 On-Card Autographs
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Set Checklist

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Checklist

Clear Autographs Set Checklist

75 cards. Shop on eBay.
Redemptions (R) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 (*Mike Williams, Trubisky - #/10), Green #/10 (*Williams, Trubisky - #/5), Red #/5 (*Williams, Trubisky - #/3), Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
**ArDarius Stewart, Bucky Hodges only have Printing Plates.**
**Cook, Hunt, Mahomes, Wilson, Tabor don't have Printing Plates.***
2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 2

CA-AD1 Amara Darboh
CA-AK1 Alvin Kamara
CA-AS1 ArDarius Stewart **
CA-AS2 Artavis Scott
CA-BH1 Brian Hill - R
CA-BH2 Bucky Hodges **
CA-BK1 Brad Kaaya
CA-CC1 Corey Clement
CA-CD1 Corey Davis
CA-CG1 Chris Godwin
CA-CH1 Carlos Henderson
CA-CJB C.J. Beathard
CA-CK1 Chad Kelly
CA-CK2 Cooper Kupp
CA-CM1 Christian McCaffrey
CA-CR1 Cam Robinson
CA-CR2 Cooper Rush
CA-CS1 Curtis Samuel
CA-CT1 Cordrea Tankersley
CA-DB1 Derek Barnett
CA-DC1 Dalvin Cook ***
CA-DF1 D'Onta Foreman
CA-DK1 DeShone Kizer
CA-DN1 David Njoku
CA-DP1 Donnel Pumphrey
CA-DS1 Damore'ea Stringfellow - R
CA-DVS De'Veon Smith
CA-DW1 Davis Webb
CA-DW2 Dede Westbrook
CA-DW3 Deshaun Watson
CA-EE2 Evan Engram
CA-EH1 Elijah Hood
CA-IF1 Isaiah Ford
CA-JA1 Jonathan Allen
CA-JB1 Jake Butt
CA-JC1 James Conner
CA-JC2 Jehu Chesson
CA-JD1 Joshua Dobbs
CA-JE1 Jerod Evans
CA-JJS JuJu Smith-Schuster
CA-JL1 Jordan Leggett
CA-JM1 Jeremy McNichols
CA-JM2 Joe Mixon - R
CA-JP1 Jabrill Peppers
CA-JQ1 James Quick
CA-JR1 John Ross
CA-JR2 Josh Reynolds
CA-JW1 Jamaal Williams
CA-KDC KD Cannon
CA-KH1 Kareem Hunt ***
CA-MD1 Malachi Dupre
CA-MH1 Malik Hooker
CA-MH2 Marlon Humphrey
CA-MMD Malik McDowell - R
CA-MT1 Mitch Trubisky *
CA-MW1 Mike Williams *
CA-NP1 Nathan Peterman
CA-OJH O.J. Howard
CA-PM1 Pat Mahomes II ***
CA-QW1 Quincy Wilson ***
CA-RF1 Reuben Foster
CA-RS1 Ryan Switzer
CA-SC1 Stacy Coley
CA-SJ1 Sidney Jones
CA-SP1 Samaje Perine
CA-ST1 Solomon Thomas
CA-TC1 Taco Charlton
CA-TD1 Travin Dural
CA-TF1 Tarean Folston
CA-TJW T.J. Watt
CA-TR1 Travis Rudolph
CA-TS1 Tyrone Swoopes
CA-TT1 Teez Tabor ***
CA-TW1 Tim Williams
CA-WG1 Wayne Gallman - R


Signatures Bronze Spectrum Set Checklist

72 cards. Shop on eBay.
Redemptions (R) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Platinum Spectrum #/25, Red Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
**ArDarius Stewart, Bucky Hodges only have Printing Plates.**
***Hill, Davis, Kupp, Cook, Hunt, Mahomes, Tabor don't have Printing Plates.***
 2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 3

A-AD1 Amara Darboh
A-AK1 Alvin Kamara
A-AS1 ArDarius Stewart **
A-AS2 Artavis Scott
A-BH1 Brian Hill - R ***
A-BH2 Bucky Hodges **
A-BK1 Brad Kaaya
A-CC1 Corey Clement
A-CD1 Corey Davis ***
A-CG1 Chris Godwin
A-CH1 Carlos Henderson
A-CJB C.J. Beathard
A-CK1 Chad Kelly
A-CK2 Cooper Kupp ***
A-CM1 Christian McCaffrey
A-CR1 Cam Robinson
A-CR2 Cooper Rush
A-CS1 Curtis Samuel
A-DB1 Derek Barnett
A-DC1 Dalvin Cook ***
A-DF1 D'Onta Foreman
A-DK1 DeShone Kizer
A-DN1 David Njoku
A-DP1 Donnel Pumphrey
A-DS1 Damore'ea Stringfellow - R
A-DVS De'Veon Smith
A-DW1 Davis Webb
A-DW2 Dede Westbrook
A-DW3 Deshaun Watson
A-EE2 Evan Engram
A-EH1 Elijah Hood
A-IF1 Isaiah Ford
A-JA1 Jonathan Allen
A-JB1 Jake Butt
A-JC1 James Conner
A-JC2 Jehu Chesson
A-JD1 Joshua Dobbs
A-JE1 Jerod Evans
A-JJS JuJu Smith-Schuster
A-JL1 Jordan Leggett
A-JM1 Jeremy McNichols
A-JM2 Joe Mixon - R
A-JP1 Jabrill Peppers
A-JQ1 James Quick
A-JR1 John Ross
A-JR2 Josh Reynolds
A-JW1 Jamaal Williams
A-KDC KD Cannon
A-KH1 Kareem Hunt ***
A-MD1 Malachi Dupre
A-MH1 Malik Hooker
A-MH2 Marlon Humphrey
A-MMD Malik McDowell - R
A-MT1 Mitch Trubisky
A-MW1 Mike Williams
A-NP1 Nathan Peterman
A-OJH O.J. Howard
A-PM1 Pat Mahomes II ***
A-RF1 Reuben Foster
A-RS1 Ryan Switzer
A-SC1 Stacy Coley
A-SJ1 Sidney Jones
A-SP1 Samaje Perine
A-TC1 Taco Charlton
A-TD1 Travin Dural
A-TF1 Tarean Folston
A-TJW T.J. Watt
A-TR1 Travis Rudolph
A-TS1 Tyrone Swoopes
A-TT1 Teez Tabor ***
A-TW1 Tim Williams
A-WG1 Wayne Gallman - R


Signatures Patch Bronze Spectrum Set Checklist

71 cards. Shop on eBay. 
Redemptions (R) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Platinum Spectrum #/25, Red Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
**Stewart, Hill, Hodges, Robinson, Foster, Gallman only have Printing Plates.**
***Cook, Mahomes, Tabor don't have Printing Plates.***
 2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 4

PA-AD1 Amara Darboh
PA-AK1 Alvin Kamara
PA-AS1 ArDarius Stewart **
PA-AS2 Artavis Scott
PA-BH1 Brian Hill **
PA-BH2 Bucky Hodges **
PA-BK1 Brad Kaaya
PA-CC1 Corey Clement
PA-CD1 Corey Davis
PA-CG1 Chris Godwin
PA-CH1 Carlos Henderson
PA-CJB C.J. Beathard
PA-CK1 Chad Kelly
PA-CK2 Cooper Kupp
PA-CM1 Christian McCaffrey
PA-CR1 Cam Robinson **
PA-CR2 Cooper Rush
PA-CS1 Curtis Samuel
PA-DB1 Derek Barnett
PA-DC1 Dalvin Cook ***
PA-DF1 D'Onta Foreman
PA-DK1 DeShone Kizer
PA-DN1 David Njoku
PA-DP1 Donnel Pumphrey
PA-DS1 Damore'ea Stringfellow - R
PA-DVS De'Veon Smith
PA-DW1 Davis Webb
PA-DW2 Dede Westbrook
PA-DW3 Deshaun Watson
PA-EE2 Evan Engram
PA-EH1 Elijah Hood
PA-IS1 Isaiah Ford
PA-JA1 Jonathan Allen
PA-JB1 Jake Butt
PA-JC1 James Conner
PA-JC2 Jehu Chesson
PA-JD1 Joshua Dobbs
PA-JE1 Jerod Evans
PA-JJS JuJu Smith-Schuster
PA-JL1 Jordan Leggett
PA-JM1 Jeremy McNichols
PA-JM2 Joe Mixon - R
PA-JP1 Jabrill Peppers
PA-JQ1 James Quick
PA-JR1 John Ross
PA-JR2 Josh Reynolds
PA-JW1 Jamaal Williams
PA-KDC KD Cannon
PA-MD1 Malachi Dupre
PA-MH1 Malik Hooker
PA-MH2 Marlon Humphrey
PA-MMD Malik McDowell - R
PA-MT1 Mitch Trubisky
PA-MW1 Mike Williams
PA-NP1 Nathan Peterman
PA-OJH O.J. Howard
PA-PM1 Pat Mahomes II ***
PA-RF1 Reuben Foster **
PA-RS1 Ryan Switzer
PA-SC1 Stacy Coley
PA-SJ1 Sidney Jones
PA-SP1 Samaje Perine
PA-TC1 Taco Charlton
PA-TD1 Travin Dural
PA-TF1 Tarean Folston
PA-TJW T.J. Watt
PA-TR1 Travis Rudolph
PA-TS1 Tyrone Swoopes
PA-TT1 Teez Tabor ***
PA-TW1 Tim Williams
PA-WG1 Wayne Gallman **


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Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews


I just got back in the hobby and all these box releases create a lot of confusion. I think Ill just stick to individual cards.


I love this product every year. Its perfect for the hobby.
Any idea when we will see a checklist?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Justin: Leaf keeps pushing back the release date so we don’t exactly know when to expect it. Leaf normally provides the checklist a few days before the release.

Metal & Valiant rule…


On card!! So the patches are not game worn, but neither are the rookie patches from poopini and these are bigger and more colorful.


no college logos — worthless and late release compared to Panini

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