2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards


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Normally the top choice in the Leaf gridiron lineup, 2017 Leaf Trinity Football continues that legacy with the incoming NFL rookie class. Each hobby box delivers five autographs.

The all-autograph, hard-signed product is as much appreciated for its quality look as for its general simplicity. With just three main designs available, chase options include the low-numbered parallel versions.

Among the primary choices are the Auto Clear cards with acetate stock and a vertical design. These are joined by Signature cards which flip the orientation to horizontal, providing a very large signing area. The players make good use of this extra space as many include additional inscriptions. Finally, the Signature Patch/Jersey inserts utilize the same basic layout as the Signature cards but add in a large relic piece above the autograph.

Because the 2017 Leaf Trinity Football checklist focuses on top college players, it provides collectors with an early chance to obtain on-card signatures for the various subjects. Key options include Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, Joe Mixon, John Ross, and Mitch Trubisky.

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 1

Release Date: 7/13/2017
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 10 boxes per case

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Box Break

  • 5 On-Card Autographs
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Set Checklist

2017 Leaf Trinity Football Checklist

Clear Autographs Set Checklist

75 cards. Shop on eBay.
Redemptions (R) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 (*Mike Williams, Trubisky - #/10), Green #/10 (*Williams, Trubisky - #/5), Red #/5 (*Williams, Trubisky - #/3), Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
**ArDarius Stewart, Bucky Hodges only have Printing Plates.**
**Cook, Hunt, Mahomes, Wilson, Tabor don't have Printing Plates.***
2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 2

CA-AD1 Amara Darboh
CA-AK1 Alvin Kamara
CA-AS1 ArDarius Stewart **
CA-AS2 Artavis Scott
CA-BH1 Brian Hill - R
CA-BH2 Bucky Hodges **
CA-BK1 Brad Kaaya
CA-CC1 Corey Clement
CA-CD1 Corey Davis
CA-CG1 Chris Godwin
CA-CH1 Carlos Henderson
CA-CJB C.J. Beathard
CA-CK1 Chad Kelly
CA-CK2 Cooper Kupp
CA-CM1 Christian McCaffrey
CA-CR1 Cam Robinson
CA-CR2 Cooper Rush
CA-CS1 Curtis Samuel
CA-CT1 Cordrea Tankersley
CA-DB1 Derek Barnett
CA-DC1 Dalvin Cook ***
CA-DF1 D'Onta Foreman
CA-DK1 DeShone Kizer
CA-DN1 David Njoku
CA-DP1 Donnel Pumphrey
CA-DS1 Damore'ea Stringfellow - R
CA-DVS De'Veon Smith
CA-DW1 Davis Webb
CA-DW2 Dede Westbrook
CA-DW3 Deshaun Watson
CA-EE2 Evan Engram
CA-EH1 Elijah Hood
CA-IF1 Isaiah Ford
CA-JA1 Jonathan Allen
CA-JB1 Jake Butt
CA-JC1 James Conner
CA-JC2 Jehu Chesson
CA-JD1 Joshua Dobbs
CA-JE1 Jerod Evans
CA-JJS JuJu Smith-Schuster
CA-JL1 Jordan Leggett
CA-JM1 Jeremy McNichols
CA-JM2 Joe Mixon - R
CA-JP1 Jabrill Peppers
CA-JQ1 James Quick
CA-JR1 John Ross
CA-JR2 Josh Reynolds
CA-JW1 Jamaal Williams
CA-KDC KD Cannon
CA-KH1 Kareem Hunt ***
CA-MD1 Malachi Dupre
CA-MH1 Malik Hooker
CA-MH2 Marlon Humphrey
CA-MMD Malik McDowell - R
CA-MT1 Mitch Trubisky *
CA-MW1 Mike Williams *
CA-NP1 Nathan Peterman
CA-OJH O.J. Howard
CA-PM1 Pat Mahomes II ***
CA-QW1 Quincy Wilson ***
CA-RF1 Reuben Foster
CA-RS1 Ryan Switzer
CA-SC1 Stacy Coley
CA-SJ1 Sidney Jones
CA-SP1 Samaje Perine
CA-ST1 Solomon Thomas
CA-TC1 Taco Charlton
CA-TD1 Travin Dural
CA-TF1 Tarean Folston
CA-TJW T.J. Watt
CA-TR1 Travis Rudolph
CA-TS1 Tyrone Swoopes
CA-TT1 Teez Tabor ***
CA-TW1 Tim Williams
CA-WG1 Wayne Gallman - R


Signatures Bronze Spectrum Set Checklist

72 cards. Shop on eBay.
Redemptions (R) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Platinum Spectrum #/25, Red Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
**ArDarius Stewart, Bucky Hodges only have Printing Plates.**
***Hill, Davis, Kupp, Cook, Hunt, Mahomes, Tabor don't have Printing Plates.***
 2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 3

A-AD1 Amara Darboh
A-AK1 Alvin Kamara
A-AS1 ArDarius Stewart **
A-AS2 Artavis Scott
A-BH1 Brian Hill - R ***
A-BH2 Bucky Hodges **
A-BK1 Brad Kaaya
A-CC1 Corey Clement
A-CD1 Corey Davis ***
A-CG1 Chris Godwin
A-CH1 Carlos Henderson
A-CJB C.J. Beathard
A-CK1 Chad Kelly
A-CK2 Cooper Kupp ***
A-CM1 Christian McCaffrey
A-CR1 Cam Robinson
A-CR2 Cooper Rush
A-CS1 Curtis Samuel
A-DB1 Derek Barnett
A-DC1 Dalvin Cook ***
A-DF1 D'Onta Foreman
A-DK1 DeShone Kizer
A-DN1 David Njoku
A-DP1 Donnel Pumphrey
A-DS1 Damore'ea Stringfellow - R
A-DVS De'Veon Smith
A-DW1 Davis Webb
A-DW2 Dede Westbrook
A-DW3 Deshaun Watson
A-EE2 Evan Engram
A-EH1 Elijah Hood
A-IF1 Isaiah Ford
A-JA1 Jonathan Allen
A-JB1 Jake Butt
A-JC1 James Conner
A-JC2 Jehu Chesson
A-JD1 Joshua Dobbs
A-JE1 Jerod Evans
A-JJS JuJu Smith-Schuster
A-JL1 Jordan Leggett
A-JM1 Jeremy McNichols
A-JM2 Joe Mixon - R
A-JP1 Jabrill Peppers
A-JQ1 James Quick
A-JR1 John Ross
A-JR2 Josh Reynolds
A-JW1 Jamaal Williams
A-KDC KD Cannon
A-KH1 Kareem Hunt ***
A-MD1 Malachi Dupre
A-MH1 Malik Hooker
A-MH2 Marlon Humphrey
A-MMD Malik McDowell - R
A-MT1 Mitch Trubisky
A-MW1 Mike Williams
A-NP1 Nathan Peterman
A-OJH O.J. Howard
A-PM1 Pat Mahomes II ***
A-RF1 Reuben Foster
A-RS1 Ryan Switzer
A-SC1 Stacy Coley
A-SJ1 Sidney Jones
A-SP1 Samaje Perine
A-TC1 Taco Charlton
A-TD1 Travin Dural
A-TF1 Tarean Folston
A-TJW T.J. Watt
A-TR1 Travis Rudolph
A-TS1 Tyrone Swoopes
A-TT1 Teez Tabor ***
A-TW1 Tim Williams
A-WG1 Wayne Gallman - R


Signatures Patch Bronze Spectrum Set Checklist

71 cards. Shop on eBay. 
Redemptions (R) noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Platinum Spectrum #/25, Red Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
**Stewart, Hill, Hodges, Robinson, Foster, Gallman only have Printing Plates.**
***Cook, Mahomes, Tabor don't have Printing Plates.***
 2017 Leaf Trinity Football Cards 4

PA-AD1 Amara Darboh
PA-AK1 Alvin Kamara
PA-AS1 ArDarius Stewart **
PA-AS2 Artavis Scott
PA-BH1 Brian Hill **
PA-BH2 Bucky Hodges **
PA-BK1 Brad Kaaya
PA-CC1 Corey Clement
PA-CD1 Corey Davis
PA-CG1 Chris Godwin
PA-CH1 Carlos Henderson
PA-CJB C.J. Beathard
PA-CK1 Chad Kelly
PA-CK2 Cooper Kupp
PA-CM1 Christian McCaffrey
PA-CR1 Cam Robinson **
PA-CR2 Cooper Rush
PA-CS1 Curtis Samuel
PA-DB1 Derek Barnett
PA-DC1 Dalvin Cook ***
PA-DF1 D'Onta Foreman
PA-DK1 DeShone Kizer
PA-DN1 David Njoku
PA-DP1 Donnel Pumphrey
PA-DS1 Damore'ea Stringfellow - R
PA-DVS De'Veon Smith
PA-DW1 Davis Webb
PA-DW2 Dede Westbrook
PA-DW3 Deshaun Watson
PA-EE2 Evan Engram
PA-EH1 Elijah Hood
PA-IS1 Isaiah Ford
PA-JA1 Jonathan Allen
PA-JB1 Jake Butt
PA-JC1 James Conner
PA-JC2 Jehu Chesson
PA-JD1 Joshua Dobbs
PA-JE1 Jerod Evans
PA-JJS JuJu Smith-Schuster
PA-JL1 Jordan Leggett
PA-JM1 Jeremy McNichols
PA-JM2 Joe Mixon - R
PA-JP1 Jabrill Peppers
PA-JQ1 James Quick
PA-JR1 John Ross
PA-JR2 Josh Reynolds
PA-JW1 Jamaal Williams
PA-KDC KD Cannon
PA-MD1 Malachi Dupre
PA-MH1 Malik Hooker
PA-MH2 Marlon Humphrey
PA-MMD Malik McDowell - R
PA-MT1 Mitch Trubisky
PA-MW1 Mike Williams
PA-NP1 Nathan Peterman
PA-OJH O.J. Howard
PA-PM1 Pat Mahomes II ***
PA-RF1 Reuben Foster **
PA-RS1 Ryan Switzer
PA-SC1 Stacy Coley
PA-SJ1 Sidney Jones
PA-SP1 Samaje Perine
PA-TC1 Taco Charlton
PA-TD1 Travin Dural
PA-TF1 Tarean Folston
PA-TJW T.J. Watt
PA-TR1 Travis Rudolph
PA-TS1 Tyrone Swoopes
PA-TT1 Teez Tabor ***
PA-TW1 Tim Williams
PA-WG1 Wayne Gallman **


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  • 5 Autographs

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Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute.

User Reviews

  1. no college logos — worthless and late release compared to Panini

  2. On card!! So the patches are not game worn, but neither are the rookie patches from poopini and these are bigger and more colorful.

  3. I love this product every year. Its perfect for the hobby.
    Any idea when we will see a checklist?

  4. Justin: Leaf keeps pushing back the release date so we don’t exactly know when to expect it. Leaf normally provides the checklist a few days before the release.

  5. I just got back in the hobby and all these box releases create a lot of confusion. I think Ill just stick to individual cards.

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