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2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling

2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards

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Maintaining the popular, art-based brand, 2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling marks the return of the basic release centered on hard-signed content and all-time greats. Every box delivers a total of five autographs.

Just like they did in prior editions of Leaf Originals Wrestling, the 2017 product works with notable figures from the wrestling world over the last few years. Also very similar to earlier sets, the main design is nearly square-shaped, with an artist's rendering of the subject, black-filled title box and on-card signature. The only other design element is the solid background color that offers some variety.

In addition to multi-signed Base Autographs and parallels as rare as one-of-one copies, 2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling also features Alternate Art Variation cards that swap the image for select wrestlers.

Collectors can even take home the actual artwork used to create the 2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling cards with limited redemptions that are randomly inserted.

Growing the brand even more in 2017, previous options include 2014 Leaf Originals Wrestling and 2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling.

Check back as more information is provided for 2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling.

2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards 1

Release Date: 5/5/2017
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case

2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Box Break

  • 5 On-Card Autographs
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Set Checklist

2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Checklist

White is the base version for all cards listed below. 

Base Autograph Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Yellow #/99, Blue #/25, Red #/10, Black 1/1.
2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards 2

BB1 B. Brian Blair
BL1 Bobby Lashley
BW1 Barry Windham
DFJ Dory Funk Jr.
DLB D’Lo Brown
DM2 Dutch Mantel
JR1 Jacques Rougeau
JR2 Jim Ross
K1 Konnan
LK1 Leilani Kai
MF1 Manny Fernandez
MM1 Marc Mero
SB1 Shelton Benjamin
SD1 Shane Douglas
TW1 Torrie Wilson
V2 Victoria


Base Autograph (2014/2016) Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Yellow #/99 or less*, Blue #/25, Red #/10, Black 1/1.
*Yellow parallel for Hart, Hogan and Sakuraba is #/50; Chyna Yellow is #/80.*
2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards 3

BE1 Bobby Eaton
BG1 Billy Gunn
BH2 Bret Hart *
BR1 Butch Reed
BT1 Booker T
C1 Chyna *
CH1 Christy Hemme
CJ1 Chris Jericho
DC1 Dennis Condrey
DH1 Danny Hodge
EB1 Eric Bischoff
H1 Haku
JC1 Jim Cornette
JJ1 Jeff Jarrett
JL1 Jushin Liger
KS1 Kevin Sullivan
MF1 Mick Foley
MH1 Matt Hardy
RVD Rob Van Dam
S1 Slick
TB1 Tully Blanchard
TR1 Terri Runnels
WS1 Wild Samoans
XP1 X-Pac
HH1 Hulk Hogan*
KS1 Kazushi Sakuraba*


Alternate Art Autographs Set Checklist

17 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Yellow #/25, Blue #/10, Red #/5, Black 1/1.

A-BB1 B. Brian Blair
A-BL1 Bobby Lashley
A-BW1 Barry Windham
A-DFJ Dory Funk Jr.
A-DLB D’Lo Brown
A-DM2 Dutch Mantel
A-JR1 Jacques Rougeau
A-JR2 Jim Ross
A-K1 Konnan
A-LK1 Leilani Kai
A-MF1 Manny Fernandez
A-MM1 Marc Mero
A-SB1 Shelton Benjamin
A-SD1 Shane Douglas
A-TW1 Torrie Wilson
A-V2 Victoria


Alternate Art Autograph (2014/2016) Set Checklist

26 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Yellow #/25, Blue #/10, Red #/5, Black 1/1.

A-BE1 Bobby Eaton
A-BG1 Billy Gunn
A-BH2 Bret Hart
A-BR1 Butch Reed
A-BT1 Booker T
A-C1 Chyna
A-CH1 Christy Hemme
A-CJ1 Chris Jericho
A-DC1 Dennis Condrey
A-DH1 Danny Hodge
A-EB1 Eric Bischoff
A-H1 Haku
A-JC1 Jim Cornette
A-JJ1 Jeff Jarrett
A-JL1 Jushin Liger
A-KS1 Kevin Sullivan
A-MF1 Mick Foley
A-MH1 Matt Hardy
A-RVD Rob Van Dam
A-S1 Slick
A-TB1 Tully Blanchard
A-TR1 Terri Runnels
A-WS1 Wild Samoans
A-XP1 X-Pac
A-HH1 Hulk Hogan
A-KS1 Kazushi Sakuraba


2014 Autograph Printing Plates Checklist

38 cards.
Specific number of printing plates noted for each card.

Base 2014
BE1 Bobby Eaton #/ 3
BH2 Bret Hart #/ 4
BT1 Booker T #/ 1
C1 Chyna #/ 4
CH1 Christy Hemme #/ 4
CJ1 Chris Jericho #/ 1
DC1 Dennis Condrey #/ 1
DH1 Danny Hodge #/ 4
EB1 Eric Bischoff #/ 1
H1 Haku #/ 4
JC1 Jim Cornette #/ 1
JJ1 Jeff Jarrett #/ 1
KS1 Kevin Sullivan #/ 4
MF1 Mick Foley #/ 1
MH1 Matt Hardy #/ 4
RVD Rob Van Dam #/ 2
TB1 Tully Blanchard #/ 4
TR1 Terri Runnels #/ 4
WS1 Wild Samoans #/ 4
Alternate 2014
A-BE1 Bobby Eaton #/ 3
A-BH2 Bret Hart #/ 4
A-BT1 Booker T #/ 2
A-C1 Chyna #/ 4
A-CH1 Christy Hemme #/ 4
A-DC1 Dennis Condrey #/ 1
A-DH1 Danny Hodge #/ 4
A-EB1 Eric Bischoff #/ 2
A-H1 Haku #/ 4
A-JC1 Jim Cornette #/ 2
A-JJ1 Jeff Jarrett #/ 1
A-JL1 Jushin Liger #/ 1
A-KS1 Kevin Sullivan #/ 4
A-MF1 Mick Foley #/ 1
A-MH1 Matt Hardy #/ 4
A-RVD Rob Van Dam #/ 1
A-TB1 Tully Blanchard #/ 4
A-TR1 Terri Runnels #/ 4
A-WS1 Wild Samoans #/ 4


Mystery Original Artwork Redemptions Set Checklist

Steve Stanley

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2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Sealed Hobby Box - 5 Hits (Autograph) WWE WWF $929.09 Buy this product now on ebay
2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Sealed Hobby Box - 5 Hits (Autograph) / box $959.96 Buy this product now on ebay
2017 Leaf Originals Wrestling Hobby Box WWE WWF Autographs 5 per box Chyna NEW $1,486.54 Buy this product now on ebay
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User Reviews


I like buying singles of this product, but I have two questions:
1. Why are certain cards labeled as 2014 or 2016, instead of 2017?
2. The Bushwhackers appear on the sell sheet, but I don’t see them on the checklist. Did these cards not get made/signed?

4 of my 5 cards were 2014 Wrestling. I paid for 2017 Wrestling!

Ryan George
Ryan George

Nice art work, good checklist and none of the cutting and centering issues that haunted 2014s. Solid product.

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