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Funko Pop Baywatch

2017 Funko Pop Baywatch Vinyl Figures

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Television's favorite lifeguards get stylized with Funko Pop Baywatch. The debut set includes two figures from the classic Baywatch tv series.

NBC originally canceled the action drama series after its first season in 1989. However, nothing can stop the Hoff, a.k.a. David Hasselhoff. After breathing life back into the show (see what I did there?), Hasselhoff and the slow-motion running lifeguards lived on for another ten seasons. Not a typo, the show ran for a total of eleven seasons, accruing
242 episodes. And, which characters are remembered most from the show? The two featured in the Pop! Baywatch set, of course.

Mitch Buchannon, portrayed by the Hoff, is wearing his red lifeguard shorts and jacket, which is halfway unzipped so his manly chest hair can be seen. Mitch, with his perfectly coiffed brown hair, is also shown sporting flip-flops while holding onto his rescue board. Pamela Anderson was C.J. Parker for five seasons and her figure is a mirror image of the blonde beauty. Parker is posed wearing the signature red one-piece swimsuit. Her long, wavy hair stops just below her hips and is parted in the middle.

The 3 3/4" Funko Pop Baywatch figures are part of the Pop! Television line, which is reflected in the numbering.

2017 Funko Pop Baywatch Vinyl Figures 1  2017 Funko Pop Baywatch Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Baywatch Checklist

445 Mitch Buchannon
446 C.J. Parker

Estimated Release Date: February 2017

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445 Mitch Buchannon

2017 Funko Pop Baywatch Vinyl Figures 3

446 C.J. Parker

2017 Funko Pop Baywatch Vinyl Figures 4

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