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2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards


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Making hard-signed autographs the norm, 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey brings NHL collectors another hit-filled release. Each Upper Deck box averages one rookie autograph, plus two memorabilia cards or on-card autographs.

After previous changes to the premium NHL brand, the one-pack box maintains the format established in 2016-17.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Base / Inserts

Joining the base set, numbered to 99, are Onyx Black parallels (#/10). The Ultimate Introductions rookie line is split into different rarity levels, including Tier 1 (1:3), Tier 2 (1:6), Tier 3 (1:9) and Tier 4 (1:12) subjects. These have Onyx Black (#/25) and Royal Red parallels (#/6).

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Rookies Autographs / Relics

In reality, the Upper Deck brand could be called simply Ultimate Rookies as these tend to be some of the most popular pulls and rookie subjects dominate the 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey checklist.

Coming in several groupings, the Ultimate Rookies Autograph cards go with a white-based design for Tier 1 (#/399), Tier 2 (#/299) and Tier 3 (#/99) players.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Also falling under the Ultimate Rookies banner are the Ultimate Rookies Jersey (#/299), Patch (#/49) and NHL Shield editions (1/1). Adding to that are signed Ultimate Rookies Autograph Patch (#/49) and Shield cards (1/1).

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Similarly, the 2007-08 Retro Rookies inserts come in autograph and relic form. The 2007-08 Retro Rookies Autographs set offers Tier 1 (#/299), Tier 2 (#/199), Patch (#/25) and Shield options (1/1). Unsigned releases include 2007-08 Retro Rookies Jersey (#/199), Patch (#/25) and Shield (1/1).

Other rookie choices in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey include Autographed Debut Threads Patch Tier 1 (#/149) and Tier 2 (#/49), as well as the unsigned Debut Threads Patch (#/49). The line also looks back with 2007-08 Retro Debut Threads Jersey (#/99).

Numbered to just two copies, the new Rookie Shield Tandems insert is sure to be a popular pull.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Finally, the Ultimate Introductions subset has Gold Spectrum Autograph versions, numbered to 99.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Autographs / Relics

While the rookies are prominent, they are not the only possibility in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey. Bringing the base cards to another level are the Base Autograph, Base Jersey Auto (1:15), Base Patch Auto (#/10), and Base Onyx Black Auto (1/1) parallels.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Delivering even more hits, the Ultimate Legacy Jersey (1:40) and Ultimate Legacy Autograph (1:40) sets are matched up against Future Legacy Jersey (1:15) and Future Legacy Autograph (1:14). Both debut offerings have low-numbered parallels, as well.

Focusing on the hockey standouts, the Ultimate Performers Jersey (#/99 or #/49) and Jersey Auto line expands with additional limited versions. There are also Signature Laureates (#/25), Signature Material Laureates (#/99 or #/10), and Signature Material Phenoms (#/65 or #/15) inserts to hunt down.

Covering seasoned stars with the popular UD design from the past, Ultimate Legends (1:8) and the new Ultimate Legends HOF cards (1:125) provide another chase in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Long a white whale in NHL collecting, one-of-one logo cards include Ultimate Skills Shield, Shield Materials, 2017 Award Winning Shield and Autograph Shield Materials.

Perhaps most exciting in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey, the very limited Ultimate Inscriptions redemption for Connor McDavid allows lucky collectors to request a personal inscription from McDavid himself.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Estimated Release Date: 05/15/2018
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners)

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Hobby Box Break Average

  • 1 Rookie Autograph (#/399 or less)
  • 2 Additional Premium Hits

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents subject to change.

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