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2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Cards


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Making hard-signed autographs the norm, 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey brings NHL collectors another hit-filled release. Each Upper Deck box averages one rookie autograph, plus two memorabilia cards or on-card autographs.

After previous changes to the premium NHL brand, the one-pack box maintains the format established in 2016-17.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Base / Inserts

Joining the base set, numbered to 99, are Onyx Black parallels (#/10). The Ultimate Introductions rookie line is split into different rarity levels, including Tier 1 (1:3), Tier 2 (1:6), Tier 3 (1:9) and Tier 4 (1:12) subjects. These have Onyx Black (#/25) and Royal Red parallels (#/6).

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Rookies Autographs / Relics

In reality, the Upper Deck brand could be called simply Ultimate Rookies as these tend to be some of the most popular pulls and rookie subjects dominate the 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey checklist.

Coming in several groupings, the Ultimate Rookies Autograph cards go with a white-based design for Tier 1 (#/399), Tier 2 (#/299) and Tier 3 (#/99) players.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Also falling under the Ultimate Rookies banner are the Ultimate Rookies Jersey (#/299), Patch (#/49) and NHL Shield editions (1/1). Adding to that are signed Ultimate Rookies Autograph Patch (#/49) and Shield cards (1/1).

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Similarly, the 2007-08 Retro Rookies inserts come in autograph and relic form. The 2007-08 Retro Rookies Autographs set offers Tier 1 (#/299), Tier 2 (#/199), Patch (#/25) and Shield options (1/1). Unsigned releases include 2007-08 Retro Rookies Jersey (#/199), Patch (#/25) and Shield (1/1).

Other rookie choices in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey include Autographed Debut Threads Patch Tier 1 (#/149) and Tier 2 (#/49), as well as the unsigned Debut Threads Patch (#/49). The line also looks back with 2007-08 Retro Debut Threads Jersey (#/99).

Numbered to just two copies, the new Rookie Shield Tandems insert is sure to be a popular pull.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Finally, the Ultimate Introductions subset has Gold Spectrum Autograph versions, numbered to 99.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Autographs / Relics

While the rookies are prominent, they are not the only possibility in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey. Bringing the base cards to another level are the Base Autograph, Base Jersey Auto (1:15), Base Patch Auto (#/10), and Base Onyx Black Auto (1/1) parallels.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Delivering even more hits, the Ultimate Legacy Jersey (1:40) and Ultimate Legacy Autograph (1:40) sets are matched up against Future Legacy Jersey (1:15) and Future Legacy Autograph (1:14). Both debut offerings have low-numbered parallels, as well.

Focusing on the hockey standouts, the Ultimate Performers Jersey (#/99 or #/49) and Jersey Auto line expands with additional limited versions. There are also Signature Laureates (#/25), Signature Material Laureates (#/99 or #/10), and Signature Material Phenoms (#/65 or #/15) inserts to hunt down.

Covering seasoned stars with the popular UD design from the past, Ultimate Legends (1:8) and the new Ultimate Legends HOF cards (1:125) provide another chase in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Long a white whale in NHL collecting, one-of-one logo cards include Ultimate Skills Shield, Shield Materials, 2017 Award Winning Shield and Autograph Shield Materials.

Perhaps most exciting in 2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey, the very limited Ultimate Inscriptions redemption for Connor McDavid allows lucky collectors to request a personal inscription from McDavid himself.

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey

Estimated Release Date: 07/11/2018
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners)

2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Hobby Box Break Average

  • 1 Rookie Autograph (#/399 or less)
  • 2 Additional Premium Hits

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents subject to change.


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2017-18 Ultimate Collection Hockey Checklist

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User Reviews

  1. This product has only very little chances to deliver anything good. With no one really special in the Rookie class (and No. 1&2 of the draft under Leaf Exclusive), there isn’t much left for UD. They can desperately try to hype Boeser etc., but sorry UD there’s no McDavid or Matthews this year.

    Well, one could call the white Ultimate design classy, but for me it’s just super lame. The UD designers seem to only do a little bit of copy paste in their photoshop and the result is a boring card design again and again.

    UD stilll has McDavid and Gretzky and boy they’re milking this as much as they can. I wonder how sustainable this will be for UD?

    I’d rather stay away from this product, it’ll be mostlikely again in the 200$ category, but singles can be scooped up on the secondary for just a few bucks.

  2. when is the checklist coming out?

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