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2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards


2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 1 $1,659.952017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 2
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A very late entry for a '17-18 set given it releases in 2019, 2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey is the most high-end Leaf Hockey set to date. Limited to only 150 cases (300 boxes), each Hobby box contains 11 premium cards, including one cut signature.

Although mainly focused on the stars of the ice, there are some multi-sport and historical subjects available, which is similar to the earlier 2017 Leaf Pearl set.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Base

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey does have base cards but they each add a premium element. Tying into the set's name, every base card has an embedded pearl. Covering "the greatest names in history," parallels include Silver, Gold and Black editions.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 3

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Autographs / Auto Relic

The 2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey checklist also features many single-signed and multi-signed cards. The Base Autograph set naturally borrows the main design, while Pearl Cuts highlights legends across history with a cut signature.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 4

Autographed relics include Paragon SignaturesParagon Dual Signatures and Paragon Triple Signatures.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 5

As for the other multiplayer options in 2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey, collectors can hunt down Pearl City Signatures, which notes three top names from a specific city for three different sports. Other choices consist of The Year in Sports, highlighting four standout players from a certain year, and Pearl Eight Signatures, which puts four signatures on each side of the card.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 6

Arguably the most striking insert in the product, History Book uses a dual-panel booklet to house a cut signature and quality memorabilia piece.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 7

Finally, there is a look ahead via Leaf Pop Century Autograph Preview. The signed Pearl Hockey preview from the popular Pop Century line includes Harrison Ford.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 8

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Memorabilia

Not to be outdone by the signed cards, unique and impressive memorabilia abounds in 2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey. Letter or Lace takes the lace tie from the front or the nameplate letter from the back of a jersey, while Pearls of History is a more basic relic card. There is also Pearlescent PatchPearlescent Dual Patch and Personalized, which features the nameplate from a hockey stick.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 9

Pairing hockey legends and/or multi-sport stars, Pearl Immortals comes in two-player and four-player versions.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 10

Another eye-catching chase in 2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey is found in the Magnum Opus insert. These game-used relic cards work in premium relics across multiple sports.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 11

Closing things out, there are the single-player Magnificent Materials cards with eight different swatches, and Pearls of History 8 featuring eight different players.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 12

Estimated Release Date: April 5, 2019
Product Configuration: 11 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 2 boxes per case

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Box Break

  • 10 Premium Cards
  • 1 Cut Signature

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Contents and designs are subject to change. 

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Hobby Box PRESALE 4 5 19 $1,659.952017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 40
2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Hobby 2-Box Case PRESALE 4 5 19 $3,299.952017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 40
2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Cards 42
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Set Checklist

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey Checklist

This is a preliminary checklist and subject to change. The full checklist will be added as soon as it is available.

Tentative Subjects Set Checklist

Cyclone Taylor
Georges Vezina
Gordie Howe
Gordie Howe
Harrison Ford
Mario Lemieux
Pavel Bure
Sergei Fedorov
Bobby Hull/Brett Hull
Pavel Bure/Sergei Fedorov
Bobby Hull/Dick Butkus/Frank Thomas
Hulk Hogan/Griffey Jr./Favre/Lemieux
Abraham Lincoln
Cyclone Taylor
John Wayne
Bobby Clarke
Bobby Hull
Cyclone Taylor
Dave Keon
George Armstrong
Georges Vezina
Jean Beliveau
Joe Sakic
Pelle Lindbergh
Percy LeSueur
Stan Mikita
Terry Sawchuk
Tim Horton
Cyclone Taylor/Babe Ruth
Ted Williams/Eddie Shore


Author Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

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