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2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards

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A new approach from UD Entertainment, 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual summarizes the year in comics within the Marvel Universe. Each hobby box includes one patch, sketch, plexi-sketch or premium insert.

Forming the bulk of the release, 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual features a 100-card base set as well as 50 short prints. Printing Plate inserts are unique issues that were actually used in the production of the set.

In addition to 11 standard inserts like Rookie Heroes and Plot Twist, 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual boasts plenty of the quality hits that collectors have come to expect. Manufactured patch cards extend to Single Character Patches and Dual Character Patches, which also have Short Print (SP) options for each set. Team Logo and Team Name Patch inserts look at the larger Marvel entities with other commemorative relics.

More unique, Die-Cut Plexi cards are just as they sound with a thick, plastic stock and a distinct shape. Finally, standard one-of-one Sketch cards and limited Plexi-Sketch cards, which include artwork on clear plastic, round out the choices in 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual.

Release Date: 2/15/2017
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 20 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Box Break

  • 1 Patch, Sketch or Premium Insert
  • 20 Inserts
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Set Checklist

2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Overall Odds: Base (#1-100) - 4 per pack; Base SP (#101-150) - 1:4 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold, Red, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 1

Base - 4 per pack
1 Star-Lord
2 Havok
3 Hellcat
4 Namor
5 X-23
6 Scarlet Witch
7 Pixie
8 Vulture
9 Baron Mordo
10 Madame Masque
11 Jessica Jones
12 Taskmaster
13 Ultimate Spider-Man
14 Bug
15 Ms. Marvel
16 Colleen Wing
17 Nick Fury
18 Nova
19 Quicksilver
20 Silk
21 Beast
22 Sunspot
23 Squirrel Girl
24 Moondragon
25 Grim Reaper
26 Lockjaw
27 Jubilee
28 Norman Osborn
29 Electro
30 Lady Sif
31 Gamora
32 Dazzler
33 The Hood
34 Professor X
35 Thor
36 Ka-Zar
37 Mockingbird
38 Valkyrie
39 Forge
40 Colossus
41 M.O.D.O.K.
42 Psylocke
43 Klaw
44 Singularity
45 Red Hulk
46 Dagger
47 Cloak
48 Blindfold
49 Vision
50 Blade
51 Purple Man
52 Patriot
53 Captain Marvel
54 Hala the Accuser
55 Stinger
56 Luke Cage
57 Domino
58 Captain America
59 Iceman
60 Storm
61 Misty Knight
62 Captain America
63 Moon Girl
64 Hawkeye
65 Northstar
66 Spider-Man 2099
67 Rockslide
68 Lockheed
69 Star Brand
70 Wonder Man
71 Captain Britain
72 Goblin King
73 Kingpin
74 Logan
75 Doctor Voodoo
76 Guardian
77 Punisher
78 Magik
79 Hawkeye
80 Madame Hydra
81 Stingray
82 Throg
83 Doctor Spectrum
84 Gwenpool
85 Ant-Man
86 Red Skull
87 Tigra
88 Echo
89 Bishop
90 Agent Venom
91 Yondu
92 Wiccan
93 Doctor Druid
94 Fantomex
95 Mantis
96 Elektra
97 Angel
98 Cannonball
99 Black Bolt
Base SP - 1:4 - Shop on eBay
100 Wasp
101 Doctor Strange
102 Red She-Hulk
103 Loki
104 Nebula
105 Jean Grey
106 Enchantress
107 Thanos
108 Hulk
109 Emma Frost
110 Cyclops
111 Deadpool
112 Drax The Destroyer
113 Wolverine
114 Crossbones
115 Ghost Rider
116 Cable
117 Lady Deadpool
118 Thor
119 Winter Soldier
120 Iron Man
121 Groot
122 Black Widow
123 War Machine
124 Power Man
125 Magneto
126 Daredevil
127 Moon Knight
128 Sabretooth
129 Beta Ray Bill
130 Medusa
131 Iron Fist
132 Lizard
133 Mystique
134 Cosmo
135 Quasar
136 Juggernaut
137 Rocket Raccoon
138 Black Cat
139 Spectrum
140 Crystal
141 Maria Hill
142 Spider-Gwen
143 Angela
144 Spider-Man
145 Kitty Pryde
146 She-Hulk
147 Lady Deathstrike
148 Ultron
149 Hercules
150 Black Panther


Base Set Variants Set Checklist

18 cards.
Overall Odds: Base - 1:80 packs; Comic - 1:240 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 2

Base Variants - 1:80
BV-1 Star-Lord
BV-2 Silk
BV-3 Captain Marvel
BV-4 Captain America
BV-5 Beast
BV-6 Vision
BV-7 Valkyrie
BV-8 Punisher
BV-9 Hawkeye
BV-10 Ant-Man
BV-11 Agent Venom
BV-12 Black Panther
Comic Variants - 1:240
TIV-1 Caprtain Marvel Vol 9 #1
TIV-2 Silk Vol 2 #3
TIV-3 Ms Marvel Vol 4 #3
TIV-4 Spider-Man Vol 2 #1
TIV-5 Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 3 #1
TIV-6 All-New/ All-Different Avengers Vol 1 #4


Top 10 Inserts Set Checklist

50 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold, Red, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 3

Top 10 Fights - 1:20
TF-1 Spider-Gwen/Green Goblin
TF-2 Wolverine/X23_3PAR
TF-3 Hulk/Lady Hellbender
TF-4 Cable/Deadpool
TF-5 Doctor Strange/Imperator
TF-6 Iron Man/Vision
TF-7 Scarlet Witch/Minotaur
TF-8 Star-Lord/Yondu
TF-9 Man-Wolf/Carnage
TF-10 Pik Rollo/Venom Symbiote
Top 10 Heroes - 1:20
TH-1 Hulk
TH-2 Falcon
TH-3 Scarlet Witch
TH-4 Silk
TH-5 Star Lady
TH-6 Black Widow
TH-7 Nova
TH-8 Spider-Man
TH-9 Daredevil
TH-10 War Machine
Top 10 Issues - 1:20
TI-1 Caprtain Marvel Vol 9 #1
TI-2 Silk Vol 2 #3
TI-3 Ms Marvel Vol 4 #3
TI-4 Spider-Man Vol 2 #1
TI-5 Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 3 #1
TI-6 All-New/ All-Different Avengers Vol 1 #4
TI-7 A-Force Vol 2 #1
TI-8 Spider-Man/Deadpool #1
TI-9 Old Man Logan Vol 2 #1
TI-10 Vision Vol 3 #4
Top 10 Story Arcs - 1:20
TS-1 Cap is Back
TS-2 Drax and the Dragon
TS-3 Thor vs Odin
TS-4 Hench 2.0
TS-5 Underworld Rebellion
TS-6 Distant Future
TS-7 Cosmic Event
TS-8 The Dark Kingdom
TS-9 Salvation at Hand
TS-10 Imposter
Top 10 Villains - 1:20
TV-1 Thanos
TV-2 Loki
TV-3 Mystique
TV-4 Black Cat
TV-5 Mr. Negative
TV-6 Fin Fang Foom
TV-7 Goblin King
TV-8 Hala the Accuser
TV-9 Punisher
TV-10 Carnage


Civil War II Set Checklist

40 cards. 1:3 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 4

CW-1 Civil War II #0
CW-2 Civil War II #1
CW-3 Civil War II #2
CW-4 Civil War II #3
CW-5 Civil War II #4
CW-6 CW2: Amazing Spider-Man #1
CW-7 CW2: Amazing Spider-Man #2
CW-8 CW2: Amazing Spider-Man #3
CW-9 CW2: Choosing Sides #1
CW-10 CW2: Choosing Sides #3
CW-11 CW2: Choosing Sides #4
CW-12 CW2: Choosing Sides #5
CW-13 CW2: Gods of War #1
CW-14 CW2: Gods of War #2
CW-15 CW2: Gods of War #3
CW-16 CW2: Captain Marvel #6
CW-17 CW2: Captain Marvel #7
CW-18 CW2: Captain Marvel #8
CW-19 CW2: Invincible Iron Man #7
CW-20 CW2: Invincible Iron Man #8
CW-21 CW2: Invincible Iron Man #9
CW-22 CW2: Invincible Iron Man #10
CW-23 CW2: Invincible Iron Man #11
CW-24 CW2: Invincible Iron Man #12
CW-25 CW2: International Iron Man #4
CW-26 CW2: Steve Rogers Captain America #4
CW-27 CW2: The Totally Awesome Hulk #7
CW-28 CW2: The Totally Awesome Hulk #8
CW-29 CW2: The Totally Awesome Hulk #9
CW-30 CW2: The New Avengers #12
CW-31 CW2: The New Avengers #13
CW-32 CW2: The New Avengers #14
CW-33 CW2: Sam Wilson Captain America #10
CW-34 CW2: Sam Wilson Captain America #11
CW-35 CW2: Sam Wilson Captain America #12
CW-36 CW2: Uncanny Inhumans #11
CW-37 CW2: Uncanny Inhumans #12
CW-38 CW2: All-New/ All-Different Avengers #13
CW-39 CW2: Deadpool #14
CW-40 CW2: Deadpool #15


Happy Birthday Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:36 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 5

HB-1 Captain America
HB-2 Hellcat
HB-3 Deadpool
HB-4 Psylocke
HB-5 Jessica Jones


In Memoriam Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:36 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 6

IM-1 Jester
IM-2 Namor
IM-3 Grim Reaper
IM-4 Hulk
IM-5 War Machine


New Alliances Team Captain Marvel/Iron Man Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:36 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 7

NA-1 She-Hulk/Captain Marvel
NA-2 Captain America/Captain Marvel
NA-3 Captain America/Iron Man
NA-4 Deadpool/Iron Man
NA-5 Luke Cage/Iron Man


Plexi Die-Cut Checklist

10 cards. 1:300 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 8

PD-1 Wasp
PD-2 Doctor Strange
PD-3 Thanos
PD-4 Hulk
PD-5 Deadpool
PD-6 Wolverine
PD-7 Iron Man
PD-8 Rocket Raccoon
PD-9 Spider-Gwen
PD-10 Spider-Man


Plot Twist Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:18 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 9

PT-1 Captain America
PT-2 Deadpool
PT-3 X-23
PT-4 Nova
PT-5 Thor
PT-6 Star-Lord
PT-7 Ms. Marvel
PT-8 Spider-Man
PT-9 Drax The Destroyer
PT-10 War Machine


Rookie Heroes Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:37 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 10

RH-1 Deadpool 2099
RH-2 Stinger
RH-3 Star Lady
RH-4 Moon Girl
RH-5 Wolverine


Single Character Patch Set Checklist

15 cards.
Overall Odds: Base Patch - 1:69 packs; Patch SP - 1:240 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 11

Base Patch - 1:69
CP-1 Captain America
CP-2 Iron Man
CP-3 Black Panther
CP-4 Black Widow
CP-5 War Machine
CP-6 She-Hulk
CP-7 Rocket Raccoon
CP-8 Spider-Gwen
CP-9 Daredevil
CP-10 Doctor Strange
Patch Short Print - 1:240
CP-11 Kitty Pryde
CP-12 Scarlet Witch
CP-13 Deadpool
CP-14 Captain Marvel
CP-15 Spider-Man


Dual Character Patch Set Checklist

15 cards.
Overall Odds: Base Patch - 1:96 packs; Patch SP - 1:285 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 12

Base Patch - 1:96
DCP-1 Captain Marvel/She-Hulk
DCP-2 Ant-Man/Hawkeye
DCP-3 War Machine/Winter Soldier
DCP-4 Medusa/Spider-Man
DCP-5 Vision/Spectrum
DCP-6 Black Panther/Luke Cage
DCP-7 Thor/Hercules
DCP-8 Captain America/Star-Lord
DCP-9 Iron Man/Black Widow
DCP-10 Deadpool/Daredevil
Patch Short Print - 1:285
DCP-11 Captain Marvel/Iron Man
DCP-12 Hawkeye/Black Widow
DCP-13 Deadpool/Spider-Man
DCP-14 Vision/Daredevil
DCP-15 Captain America/Captain America


Team Patch Set Checklist

10 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 13

Team Logo Patch - 1:480
TLP-1 Avengers
TLP-2 Hydra
TLP-3 X-Men
TLP-4 S.H.I.E.L.D.
TLP-5 Thunderbolts
Team Name Patch - 1:480
TNP-1 Avengers
TNP-2 Hydra
TNP-3 X-Men
TNP-4 S.H.I.E.L.D.
TNP-5 Thunderbolts


Sketch Artist Checklist

58 artists. 1:334 packs.
2016 Upper Deck Marvel Annual Trading Cards 14

SKT Aaron Sowd
SKT Abdul Ghofur
SKT Achilleas Kokkinakis
SKT Al Milgrom
SKT Albert Morales
SKT Alex Lugo
SKT Alfret Le
SKT Andy Carreon
SKT Ariel Olivetti
SKT Arturo Romero
SKT Ashleigh Popplewell
SKT Barush Merling
SKT Brian Balondo
SKT Brian Soriano
SKT Bryan Sheppard
SKT Clint Langley
SKT Crees Hyungsung Lee
SKT Cruddie Torian
SKT Elise Strong
SKT Eric Hutchison
SKT Eugene Commodore
SKT Geanes Holland
SKT Geoffrey Gwin
SKT Helga Wojik
SKT Ian Quirante
SKT Israel Arteaga
SKT James Bukauskas
SKT James Hooks
SKT Jason Kemp
SKT Jeff Mallinson
SKT Jeff Abar
SKT Jessica Hickman
SKT Jim Nelson
SKT Jon Rademacher
SKT Justin Ayers
SKT Kenneth Rocafort
SKT Kevin Senft
SKT Leon Braojos
SKT Luro Hersal
SKT Marco Carrillo
SKT Mariano Fadrilan
SKT Mason Easley
SKT Matt Hebb
SKT Melike Acar
SKT Michael Dorman
SKT Mike Hartigan
SKT Mitch Ballard
SKT Nathan Nelson
SKT Nhan Nguyen
SKT Nicole Virella
SKT Puiz Calzada
SKT Raymundo Racho
SKT Rene Cordoba
SKT Rich Molinelli
SKT Ryan Kincaid
SKT Sean Beck
SKT Tony Perna
SKT Tony Scott


PlexiSketch Artist Checklist

20 artists. 1:1,578 packs.

SKT-P Albert Morales
SKT-P Arturo Romero
SKT-P Bryan "SilverBaX" Sheppard
SKT-P Clint Langley
SKT-P Cruddie Torian
SKT-P Eric Fournier
SKT-P Eric Van Elslande
SKT-P Gilbert Monsanto
SKT-P Ian Quirante
SKT-P James Hill
SKT-P James Hooks
SKT-P Jason Kemp
SKT-P Justin Ayers
SKT-P Melike Acar
SKT-P Michael Duron
SKT-P Mitch Ballard
SKT-P Patricio Carrasco
SKT-P Patrick Giles
SKT-P Raymundo Racho
SKT-P Ryan Kincaid

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User Reviews




Great work, Trey, thank you! How rare is the set as a whole, meaning how available are these boxes in relation to past hobby boxes?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Scott: Production is unknown as Upper Deck does not normally reveal this sort of information.

Michael Comstockl
Michael Comstockl

Thank you, Trey, for the checklist. This set is, for me, is thoroughly disappointing. Spectrum was included, but how could Marvel/Upper Deck gloss over Blue Marvel, Ms. America Chavez, Galactus- the Lifebringer, or the stories of The Ultimates? They were all part of Civil War–Captain Marvel and Black Panther are group members. Marvel promotes this series as their preeminent Avengers series. Do you have information on how Marvel made the decisions to include and exclude what they did for Annual 2016?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

We only know what the sell sheet and checklist provided. Honestly, there really has not been much coverage for this set that I have seen.

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