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2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards

2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards

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Captain America: Civil War is already shaping up as one of the biggest movies to hit during 2016 and this is further realized by the vast amount of collectibles that are being produced. Similar to the previous movies, 2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War gives collectors a detailed cardboard release to work with. Highlights inlcude premium options like actor autographs and costume prop cards.

Kicking things off, the 60-card base set is enhanced with Blue Foil, Red Foil (#/100), Green Foil (#/10) and PETG (1/1) parallels.

Among the more popular choices, 2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War comes with a variety of hit options. This includes Sign of Times Actor Autographs, Dual Versus Actor Autographs, and Dual Team Captain American Actor Autographs. No checklist was provided but Chris Evans is listed as a tentative signer.

In addition to the signed cards, there are also Sketch cards as well as multiple Costume Prop cards that average 1:5 packs. This includes Single, Dual, Triple and Quad relics.

Offering more for set collectors, inserts consist of Behind the Scenes (1:3 packs), Concept Art (1:4 packs), Team Captain America Bios (1:6 packs), Team Iron Man Bios (1:5 packs), and Tension Builders (1:9 packs). There is also a premium Captain America 75 Memorable Moments (1:30 packs) insert that celebrates the 75th anniversary of the legendary hero. Limited on-card 75th artist Autograph parallels can also be found, including Stan Lee.

2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 1

Release Date: 5/4/2016
Product Configuration: 8 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Box Break

  • 1 Actor Autograph or Sketch Card or Premium Insert
  • 2 Costume Prop Cards
  • 80 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Set Checklist

Base Hobby Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Design, Red Design #/100, Gold Design #/10, PETG Plastic 1/1.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 2

1 Scarlet Witch
2 Avenger Vantage Points
3 The Avengers Were Wrong
4 Falcon Vantage Point
5 Falcon Aerial Attacks
6 Scarlet Witch Not Too Far Behind
7 Falcon Jumps Off a Building
8 Crossbones Leading Mercenaries
9 Crossbones Sneaks Out
10 Black Widow Apprehends Mercenary
11 Captain America Catches Crossbones
12 Crossbones Distracts Captain America
13 Scarlet Witch Uses Telekinesis
14 Avengers Compound
15 Steve and Wanda
16 Steve Connects with Wanda
17 Secretary Thaddeus Ross Visits the Avengers
18 Lagos, Secretary Ross
19 Secretary Ross Presents Sokovia Accords
20 Steve Does Not Like the Restrictions
21 Steve and Natasha
22 The Avengers Move
23 Tony Stark Iron Man
24 Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers
25 Soldier James Rhodes
26 Wanda Stays on the Team
27 Avengers Disharmony
28 Steve Devastated
29 Agent 13 Influenced by Peggy Carter
30 Agent 13's Eulogy
31 Steve Lingers in the Church
32 Natasha and Steve
33 Peggy's Wake
34 Steve and Agent 13
35 Agent 13 Transferring to Berlin
36 Wakanda and World Affairs
37 Natasha Attends Signing Ceremony
38 The Wakandan King and T'Challa
39 Agent 13 and Steve Elevator
40 Sam Finds Steve
41 Unharmed Natasha
42 Natasha Calls Steve
43 Steve and Sam Disobey Natasha
44 Bucky in Romania
45 Bucky Notices People Look at Him Strangely
46 Bucky Sneaking Back to His Apartment
47 Captain America Asks if Bucky Was Involved
48 Bucky Denies Part in the Explosion
49 Counter-terrorism Task Force Fires Gas
50 Bucky Tries to Escape
51 Black Panther Wakanda's Greatest Warrior
52 Captain America Reaches Rooftop
53 Bucky Steals a Motorcycle
54 Captain America Stays in the Chase
55 Former Avengers and Black Panther
56 Captain America Surrenders
57 Steve and Sam
58 Tony Upset
59 Bucky Wakes in Abandoned factory
60 Tony Dons the Iron Man Suit Again


Base Retail Set Checklist

50 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Foil, Red Foil.

CW1 Captain America
CW2 Iron Man
CW3 Black Widow
CW4 Winter Soldier
CW5 Black Panther
CW6 Falcon
CW7 Hawkeye
CW8 Ant-Man
CW9 Agent 13
CW10 War Machine
CW11 Vision
CW12 Crossbones
CW13 Captain America
CW14 Iron Man
CW15 Black Widow
CW16 Winter Soldier
CW17 Black Panther
CW18 Falcon
CW19 Hawkeye
CW20 Ant-Man
CW21 Agent 13
CW22 War Machine
CW23 Vision
CW24 Crossbones
CW25 Black Widow
CW26 Winter Soldier
CW27 Falcon
CW28 Hawkeye
CW29 Black Panther
CW30 War Machine
CW31 Vision
CW32 Crossbones
CW33 Iron Man
CW34 Black Widow
CW35 Iron Man vs. Captain America
CW36 Black Panther
CW37 Winter Soldier vs. Black Panther
CW38 Hawkeye
CW39 Ant-Man
CW40 Black Panther vs. Captain America
CW41 War Machine
CW42 Vision
CW43 Crossbones
CW44 Team Captain America
CW45 Team Iron Man
CW46 Team Captain America
CW47 Team Iron Man
CW48 Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man
CW49 Captain America and Iron Man
CW50 Captain America vs. Iron Man


Sign of the Times: Single Actor Autographs Set Checklist

11 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 3

SA-CE Chris Evans
SA-CH Chris Evans
SA-EV Emily VanCamp
SA-FG Frank Grillo
SA-GF Frank Grillo
SA-JR Jeremy Renner
SA-RV Jeremy Renner
SA-SS Sebastian Stan
SA-ST Emily VanCamp
SA-SV Sebastian Stan
SA-VG Frank Grillo


Dual Signs of the Times Autograph Team Captain America Checklist

6 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 4

CA-EE Emily VanCamp
CA-EE Chris Evans
CA-ER Jeremy Renner
CA-ER Chris Evans
CA-ES Sebastian Stan
CA-ES Chris Evans
CA-RV Jeremy Renner
CA-RV Emily VanCamp
CA-SR Jeremy Renner
CA-SR Sebastian Stan
CA-SV Sebastian Stan
CA-SV Emily VanCamp


Broken Bonds Single Auto Memorabilia Set Checklist

4 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 5

WT-CE Chris Evans SP
WT-EV Emily VanCamp
WT-FG Frank Grillo
WT-SS Sebastian Stan SP


Broken Bonds Relic Set Checklist

19 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 6

BB-AM Captain America
BB-BA Winter Soldier
BB-BL Black Panther SP
BB-BW Black Widow SP
BB-CA Agent 13
BB-CO Crossbones
BB-CR Crossbones
BB-CT Captain America
BB-FA Falcon
BB-JB Winter Soldier
BB-RO Steve Rogers
BB-SC Agent 13 SP
BB-SR Steve Rogers
BB-SW Sam Wilson
BB-TC T'Challa
BB-TS Tony Stark
BB-WA Scarlet Witch
BB-WD Black Widow
BB-WM Scarlet Witch


Broken Bonds Dual Team Captain America Relic Set Checklist

15 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 7

BBC-AB Captain America
BBC-AB Winter Soldier
BBC-AC Captain America
BBC-AC Agent 13
BBC-AW Captain America
BBC-AW Sam Wilson
BBC-BC Winter Soldier
BBC-BC Agent 13
BBC-BM Winter Soldier
BBC-BM Scarlet Witch
BBC-BW Winter Soldier
BBC-BW Sam Wilson
BBC-CM Agent 13
BBC-CM Scarlet Witch
BBC-FC Falcon
BBC-FC Captain America
BBC-MW Scarlet Witch
BBC-MW Sam Wilson
BBC-RB Steve Rogers
BBC-RB Winter Soldier
BBC-RC Steve Rogers
BBC-RC Agent 13
BBC-RF Steve Rogers SP
BBC-RF Falcon SP
BBC-RM Steve Rogers
BBC-RM Scarlet Witch
BBC-RW Steve Rogers
BBC-RW Sam Wilson
BBC-SW Sam Wilson SP
BBC-SW Falcon SP


Broken Bonds Dual Team Iron Man Relic Set Checklist

6 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted below.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 8

BBI-BB Black Panther
BBI-BB Black Widow
BBI-BP Black Panther SP
BBI-BP T'Challa SP
BBI-BT Black Panther
BBI-BT Tony Stark
BBI-TB Black Widow
BBI-TB T'Challa
BBI-TT T'Challa
BBI-TT Tony Stark
BBI-TW Black Widow
BBI-TW Tony Stark


Broken Bonds Dual Vs. Relic Set Checklist

15 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 9

BBV-BB Black Widow
BBV-BB Winter Soldier
BBV-BS Agent 13
BBV-BS Black Widow
BBV-CB Black Panther
BBV-CB Captain America
BBV-CC Captain America
BBV-CC T'Challa
BBV-CS Agent 13
BBV-CS Tony Stark
BBV-CT Agent 13
BBV-CT T'Challa
BBV-CW Black Widow
BBV-CW Captain America
BBV-JT Winter Soldier
BBV-JT T'Challa
BBV-RS Tony Stark
BBV-RS Steve Rogers
BBV-ST Steve Rogers
BBV-ST T'Challa
BBV-SW Sam Wilson
BBV-SW Tony Stark
BBV-TB Winter Soldier
BBV-TB Tony Stark
BBV-TC Tony Stark
BBV-TC Captain America
BBV-TW T'Challa SP
BBV-TW Sam Wilson SP
BBV-WB Scarlet Witch SP
BBV-WB Black Widow SP


Broken Bonds Triple Relic Set Checklist

15 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 10

BB-BCC Black Widow
BB-BCC Crossbones
BB-BCC Captain America
BB-BCT Captain America
BB-BCT Black Panther
BB-BCT Tony Stark
BB-BJC Black Panther
BB-BJC Winter Soldier
BB-BJC Captain America
BB-BSC Captain America
BB-BSC Agent 13
BB-BSC Black Widow
BB-CCS Crossbones
BB-CCS Agent 13
BB-CCS Captain America
BB-SBW Scarlet Witch SP
BB-SBW Agent 13 SP
BB-SBW Black Widow SP
BB-SCS Steve Rogers SP
BB-SCS Steve Rogers SP
BB-SCS Captain America SP
BB-SCW Captain America
BB-SCW Scarlet Witch
BB-SCW Agent 13
BB-STT Tony Stark
BB-STT Steve Rogers
BB-STT T'Challa
BB-TBJ T'Challa
BB-TBJ Winter Soldier
BB-TBJ Black Widow
BB-TBT Black Widow
BB-TBT Tony Stark
BB-TBT T'Challa
BB-TCS T'Challa
BB-TCS Crossbones
BB-TCS Steve Rogers
BB-TJS Winter Soldier
BB-TJS Agent 13
BB-TJS T'Challa
BB-TSW T'Challa
BB-TSW Agent 13
BB-TSW Scarlet Witch
BB-WCB Scarlet Witch
BB-WCB Captain America
BB-WCB Black Widow


Broken Bonds Quad Vs. Set Checklist

10 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 11

BB-CFTB Tony Stark
BB-CFTB Captain America
BB-CFTB Falcon
BB-CFTB Black Panther
BB-CJBT Captain America
BB-CJBT Tony Stark
BB-CJBT Winter Soldier
BB-CJBT Black Widow
BB-CJTT Winter Soldier
BB-CJTT Tony Stark
BB-CJTT Captain America
BB-CJTT T'Challa
BB-CSTB Captain America SP
BB-CSTB Tony Stark SP
BB-CSTB Agent 13 SP
BB-CSTB Black Widow SP
BB-JSTB Black Widow
BB-JSTB Winter Soldier
BB-JSTB Steve Rogers
BB-JSTB T'Challa
BB-JSTT T'Challa
BB-JSTT Agent 13
BB-JSTT Winter Soldier
BB-JSTT Tony Stark
BB-SCTB Steve Rogers SP
BB-SCTB Black Panther SP
BB-SCTB Captain America SP
BB-SWTB T'Challa
BB-SWTB Scarlet Witch
BB-SWTB Agent 13
BB-SWTB Black Widow
BB-SWTT Agent 13
BB-SWTT Tony Stark
BB-SWTT Scarlet Witch
BB-SWTT T'Challa
BB-WCTT T'Challa
BB-WCTT Scarlet Witch
BB-WCTT Captain America
BB-WCTT Tony Stark


Captain America's 75 Best Moments Set Checklist

75 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 12

BM-1 Captain America Comics #1
BM-2 Captain America Comics #7
BM-3 Avengers Vol 1 #4
BM-4 Avengers Vol 1 #10
BM-5 Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos Vol 1 #13
BM-6 Tales of Suspense Vol 1 #80
BM-7 Captain America Vol 1 #100
BM-8 Captain America Vol 1 #109
BM-9 Captain America Vol 1 #113
BM-10 Captain America Vol 1 #114
BM-11 Captain America Vol 1 #117
BM-12 Captain America Vol 1 #119
BM-13 Captain America Vol 1 #133
BM-14 Captain America Vol 1 #139
BM-15 Captain America Vol 1 #156
BM-16 Captain America Vol 1 #174
BM-17 Captain America Vol 1 #176
BM-18 Captain America Vol 1 #177
BM-19 Captain America Vol 1 #179
BM-20 Captain America Vol 1 #184
BM-21 Captain America Vol 1 #198
BM-22 Captain America Vol 1 #200
BM-23 Captain America Vol 1 #212
BM-24 Avengers Vol 1 #170
BM-25 Captain America Vol 1 #227
BM-26 Captain America Vol 1 #230
BM-27 Captain America Vol 1 #241
BM-28 Captain America Vol 1 #242
BM-29 Captain America Vol 1 #246
BM-30 Captain America Vol 1 #260
BM-31 Captain America Vol 1 #263
BM-32 Captain America Vol 1 #297
BM-33 Avengers Vol 1 #277
BM-34 Captain America Vol 1 #332
BM-35 Captain America Vol 1 #333
BM-36 Captain America Vol 1 #334
BM-37 Captain America Vol 1 #337
BM-38 Thor Vol 1 #390
BM-39 Captain America Vol 1 #347
BM-40 Captain America Vol 1 #348
BM-41 Captain America Vol 1 #350
BM-42 Captain America Vol 1 #354
BM-43 Captain America Vol 1 #362
BM-44 Captain America Vol 1 #365
BM-45 Captain America Vol 1 #375
BM-46 Captain America Vol 1 #379
BM-47 Infinity Gauntlet #4
BM-48 Avengers Vol 1 #347
BM-49 Captain America Vol 1 #401
BM-50 Captain America Vol 1 #404
BM-51 Captain America Vol 1 #405
BM-52 Captain America Vol 1 #411
BM-53 Captain America Vol 1 #416
BM-54 Captain America Vol 1 #425
BM-55 Captain America Vol 1 #427
BM-56 Captain America Vol 1 #428
BM-57 Captain America Vol 1 #432
BM-58 Captain America Vol 3 #19
BM-59 Captain America Vol 3 #22
BM-60 Captain America Vol 5 #1
BM-61 Captain America Vol 5 #8
BM-62 Civil War Vol 1 #3
BM-63 Civil War Vol 1 #7
BM-64 Captain America Vol 5 #25
BM-65 Captain America Vol 1 #600
BM-66 Captain America: Reborn Vol 1 #1
BM-67 Captain America: Reborn Vol 1 #6
BM-68 Avengers: The Initiative Vol 1 #34
BM-69 Secret Avengers Vol 1 #4
BM-70 Captain America: Makes Out of Time #1
BM-71 Avengers: X-Sanction Vol 1 #1
BM-72 Captain America Vol 7 #1
BM-73 New Avengers Vol 3 #3
BM-74 Captain America Vol 7 #10
BM-75 Captain America Vol 7 #25


Captain America Best Moments Autographs Set Checklist

24 cards.

BM-AM Al Milgrom
BM-BU Sal Buscema
BM-EM Ed McGuinness
BM-EP Steve Epting
BM-JB Jerry Bingham
BM-JD J.M. DeMatteis
BM-JE Jerry Bingham
BM-JM Jorge Molina
BM-KD Kieron Dwyer
BM-LE Stan Lee
BM-LS Stan Lee
BM-MC Steve McNiven
BM-MI Mike Zeck
BM-MZ Mike Zeck
BM-RF Ron Frenz
BM-SA Sal Buscema
BM-SB Sal Buscema
BM-SE Steve Epting
BM-SL Stan Lee
BM-SM Steve McNiven
BM-ST Stan Lee
BM-TO Tom Palmer
BM-TP Tom Palmer
BM-ZE Mike Zeck


Character Bio Vertical Set Checklist

6 cards.

CB-1 Steve Rogers
CB-2 Tony Stark
CB-3 Black Widow
CB-4 James "Bucky" Barnes
CB-5 Wanda Maximoff
CB-6 T'Challa


Civil War Necklace Tag Set Checklist

15 cards.

1 OF 15 Captain America
2 OF 15 Iron Man
3 OF 15 Black Widow
4 OF 15 Winter Soldier
5 OF 15 Black Panther
6 OF 15 Falcon
7 OF 15 Hawkeye
8 OF 15 Ant-Man
9 OF 15 Agent 13
10 OF 15 War Machine
11 OF 15 Vision
12 OF 15 Captain America
13 OF 15 Iron Man
14 OF 15 Winter Soldier
15 OF 15 Black Panther


Hollywood Magic Set Checklist

15 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 13

HM-1 Behind the Scenes
HM-2 Behind the Scenes
HM-3 Behind the Scenes
HM-4 Behind the Scenes
HM-5 Behind the Scenes
HM-6 Behind the Scenes
HM-7 Behind the Scenes
HM-8 Behind the Scenes
HM-9 Behind the Scenes
HM-10 Behind the Scenes
HM-11 Behind the Scenes
HM-12 Behind the Scenes
HM-13 Behind the Scenes
HM-14 Behind the Scenes
HM-15 Behind the Scenes


Known Heroes Relic Set Checklist

18 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 14

KH-AM Ant-Man
KH-BL Black Widow
KH-BW Black Widow
KH-CA Captain America
KH-CM Captain America
KH-CT Captain America
KH-FA Falcon
KH-HA Hawkeye
KH-HW Hawkeye
KH-RH Rhodey
KH-RO Rhodey
KH-ST Tony Stark
KH-TO Tony Stark
KH-TS Tony Stark
KH-WM Wanda Maximoff
PKH-CA Captain America
PKH-CM Captain America
PKH-CT Captain America


Strained Relationships Set Checklist

10 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 15

SR-1 Avengers
SR-2 Avengers
SR-3 Avengers
SR-4 Avengers
SR-5 Avengers
SR-6 Avengers
SR-7 Avengers: Age of Ultron
SR-8 Avengers: Age of Ultron
SR-9 Avengers: Age of Ultron
SR-10 Avengers: Age of Ultron


Team Building Set Checklist

10 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 16

TB-1 Captain America
TB-2 Iron Man
TB-3 Falcon
TB-4 War Machine
TB-5 Winter Soldier
TB-6 Black Panther
TB-7 Hawkeye
TB-8 Vision
TB-9 Agent 13
TB-10 Black Widow


Team Bio Off the Grid Set Checklist

1 card.

OGB1 Crossbones


Team Captain America Bio Set Checklist

7 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 17

CAB1 Captain America
CAB2 Falcon
CAB3 Winter Soldier
CAB4 Hawkeye
CAB5 Ant-Man
CAB6 Scarlet Witch
CAB7 Agent 13


Team Iron Man Bio Set Checklist

7 cards.
2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 18

IMB1 Iron Man
IMB2 War Machine
IMB3 Vision
IMB4 Black Panther
IMB5 Black Widow
IMB6 Thunderbolt Ross
IMB7 Tony Stark


Sketch Artist Checklist

2016 Upper Deck Captain America Civil War Trading Cards 19

Adriana Melo
Al Milgrom
Albert Nguyen
Anthony Tan
Arturo Romero
Babisu Kourtis
Brian DeGuire
Brian Soriano
Cassio Batista
Chris Henderson
Chris Meeks
Clint Langley
Cris Santos
Damien Torres
Dan Borgonos
Daniel Ramirez
Darren Chandler
David Hindelang
DeJon Parnell
Diana Greenhalgh
Dominic Sobrito
Don Mark Noceda
Eric Fournier
Gabe Farber
Gilbert Monsanto
Harold Edge
Helio Oliveira
Ingrid Hardy
Irma Suriani Ahmed
Israel Arteaga
James Bukauskas
James Hill
Jeff Abar
Jim Faustino
Joe Hogan
John Haun
John Sloboda
Jonathan Ramirez
Juan Francisco Calzada
Jucylande Paula de Oliveira Jr.
Juno Sanchez
Justin Castaneda
Kate Carleton
Ken Racho
Kevin Senft
Kokkinakis Achilleas
Lucas Pereira
Lydi Li Tubillara
Marco Carrillo
Mark Spears
Matt Hebb
Matthew Parmenter
Matthew Santorelli
Mauro Fodra
Mel Joy San Juan
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mike "Locoduck" Duron
Mitch Ballard
Nathan Ohlendorf
Patrick Giles
Peejay Catacutan
Rafael De Freitas Loureiro
Raymundo Racho
Rogelio Ibanez
Ron Tan
Rustico Limosinero
Ryan Van Der Draaij
Sherwin Santiago
Tomas Suarez
Walter Rice
William Allan Reyes



Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

David Hodged
David Hodged

I opened some of this and pulled 3 cards that have a prismatic lightning bolt background when moved around. I find no mention of these cards. I pulled CW7 Hawkeye, CW46 Captain America, and CW22 Rhodey. Any info you can provide would be helpful. Thanks. Dave

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

That’s from the Retail format. We haven’t heard of any other base versions beyond the Red and Blue.

David Renshaw
David Renshaw

I have opened 7 cases of the Walmart packs. Each case has 218 packs. The Known Hero relic cards are approximately every 6 packs and are really nice. However, I have only been able to pull 15 different ones and have only seen 15 different ones listed on ebay. Does anyone have a picture of any of the three relic cards on the checklist which are designated as PKH-CA Captain America, PKH-CM Captain America, PKH-CT Captain America? Any input would be appreciated. I really do not think these three cards exist.

David Renshaw
David Renshaw

Cards are nice and the Known Heros are a sharp set.


The Walmart exclusive packs seem to feature an entirely different set of 50 base cards compared to with what is listed in the 60 card set. They are however prefixed with CW as mentioned.

They feature no actual movie screen grabs and seem much more artistic in nature. For example, Chris Evans as Cap with a red or blue background, etc. Generic character writing on the backs.

They are a pack of 10 cards in a foil wrapper, encased in a cardboard hanger. $7.92 CAD up here.

The odds are: Movie Memorabilia 1:6. Base set foil: Blue 1:1. Red 1:1. Movie Images 1:240.

After buying 5 packs, I have exactly 2 actual doubles if you count the red set, blue set and the 2 foil sets separately. I got a KH-BW card as the MM odds.

These cards seem infinitely impossible to complete a set of…


Awesome, thank you!!


I have noticed memorabilia cards showing up on eBay called ‘Known Heroes’ featuring swatches of costumes from Marvel’s past movies
Does anyone know, is that also a chase set from captain america civil war?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Cody I found an updated checklist that includes the Known Heroes cards. I am not sure if they are in retail or hobby or both but they are in UD Captain America Civil War.

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