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2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football Cards

2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football Cards

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2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football offers an annual look at the top NFL Draft prospects. While previous editions utilized a consistent look, 2016 incorporates earlier Leaf Baseball designs. Each box includes five autographs.

Mainly showcasing the top names heading into the 2016 NFL Draft, Tom Brady is also included in the all-autograph release. The Base Autographs feature the 1990 Leaf design and are joined by Leaf Gold Rookie Autographs (1991 Leaf Rookie Insert) and Leaf Black Gold Autograph (1992 Leaf Black Gold Insert). All autograph designs feature multiple limited parallels with print runs as low as 1/1.

In addition to Tom Brady autographs, signers include Hesiman winner Derrick Henry (RB - Alabama), Cardale Jones (QB - Ohio State), Ezekiel Elliott (RB - Ohio State), Payton Lynch (QB - Memphis), LaQuon Treadwell (WR - Ole Miss), Jared Goff (QB - California), Carson Wentz (QB - North Dakota State), Braxton Miller (QB/WR - Ohio State), Christian Hackenberg (QB - Penn State) and Connor Cook (QB - Michigan State), among others.

Leaf Ultimate Football is a limited release with less than 300 total cases produced.

Release Date: 3/14/2016
Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack, 12 boxes per case
Price Point: Mid-End Football Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Prospectors

2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football Box Break

  • 5 Autographs
  • 5 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football Set Checklist

Base 1990 Leaf Autographs Set Checklist

73 cards
*Redemptions (R) noted below.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/50 or less, Silver Spectrum #/25 or less, Gold Spectrum #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Purple 1/1 (No #ASR,DRW,KD1)
2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football Cards 1

BA-AB1 Aaron Burbridge
BA-AC1 Alex Collins
BA-AG1 Aaron Green
BA-ASR A'Shawn Robinson
BA-BA1 Bralon Addison
BA-BA2 Brandon Allen
BA-BD1 Brandon Doughty
BA-BM2 Braxton Miller - R
BA-BW1 Bryce Williams
BA-CB1 Chris Brown
BA-CC1 Connor Cook
BA-CC3 Corey Coleman
BA-CH1 Christian Hackenberg
BA-CJ1 Cardale Jones
BA-CJP C.J. Prosise
BA-CK1 Cody Kessler
BA-CW1 Carson Wentz
BA-DB1 Devontae Booker
BA-DC1 Devon Cajuste
BA-DFB DeForest Buckner
BA-DH1 Derrick Henry
BA-DL1 Darron Lee
BA-DMR Demarcus Robinson
BA-DP1 Dak Prescott
BA-DRW De'Runnya Wilson
BA-EE2 Ezekiel Elliott
BA-HH1 Hunter Henry
BA-JA1 Jerell Adams
BA-JB1 Jacoby Brissett
BA-JB3 Joey Bosa
BA-JD1 Jeff Driskel
BA-JD2 Josh Doctson
BA-JF1 Josh Ferguson
BA-JG1 Jared Goff
BA-JH1 Jordan Howard
BA-JK1 Jayron Kearse - R
BA-JP1 Jordan Payton
BA-JR1 Jalen Ramsey
BA-JS1 Jaylon Smith
BA-JW1 Jonathan Williams
BA-JW2 Jordan Williams
BA-KC1 Kyle Carter
BA-KD1 Kenneth Dixon
BA-KD2 Kenyan Drake
BA-KH2 Kevin Hogan
BA-KM1 Keith Marshall
BA-LC1 Leonte Carroo
BA-LF1 Leonard Floyd
BA-LT1 Laquon Treadwell
BA-LT2 Laremy Tunsil
BA-MJ1 Myles Jack
BA-MM2 Mekale McKay
BA-MN1 Marquez North
BA-MT1 Michael Thomas
BA-NS1 Nate Sudfeld
BA-NS2 Nelson Spruce
BA-NV1 Nick Vannett
BA-PC1 Pharoh Cooper
BA-PL1 Paxton Lynch
BA-RH1 Rashard Higgins
BA-RN1 Robert Nkemdiche
BA-RR1 Reggie Ragland
BA-SL1 Shaq Lawson
BA-SS1 Sterling Shepard
BA-SW1 Scooby Wright
BA-TB1 Tom Brady
BA-TB2 Trevone Boykin
BA-TC1 Tra Carson
BA-TH1 Tyler Higbee
BA-TM1 Tre Madden
BA-TS1 Tajae Sharpe
BA-VH3 Vernon Hargreaves III
BA-WF1 Will Fuller

1991 Leaf Rookie Autographs Set Checklist

42 cards
*Redemptions (R) noted below.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/20, Silver Spectrum #/15, Gold Spectrum #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1 (No #CJ1,KD1,LC1)
All subjects do not have Purple parallels.
2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football Cards 2

GLR-AC1 Alex Collins
GLR-ASR A'Shawn Robinson
GLR-BA1 Bralon Addison
GLR-BD1 Brandon Doughty
GLR-BM2 Braxton Miller - R
GLR-CC1 Connor Cook
GLR-CC3 Corey Coleman
GLR-CH1 Christian Hackenberg
GLR-CJ1 Cardale Jones
GLR-CJP C.J. Prosise
GLR-CK1 Cody Kessler
GLR-CW1 Carson Wentz
GLR-DB1 Devontae Booker
GLR-DH1 Derrick Henry
GLR-DP1 Dak Prescott
GLR-EE2 Ezekiel Elliott
GLR-HH1 Hunter Henry
GLR-JB1 Jacoby Brissett
GLR-JB3 Joey Bosa
GLR-JD2 Josh Doctson
GLR-JG1 Jared Goff
GLR-JP1 Jordan Payton
GLR-JW1 Jonathan Williams
GLR-KD1 Kenneth Dixon
GLR-KD2 Kenyan Drake
GLR-KH2 Kevin Hogan
GLR-LC1 Leonte Carroo
GLR-LT1 Laquon Treadwell
GLR-MJ1 Myles Jack
GLR-MN1 Marquez North
GLR-MT1 Michael Thomas
GLR-NS1 Nate Sudfeld
GLR-NV1 Nick Vannett
GLR-PC1 Pharoh Cooper
GLR-PL1 Paxton Lynch
GLR-PP1 Paul Perkins
GLR-RH1 Rashard Higgins
GLR-RN1 Robert Nkemdiche
GLR-SS1 Sterling Shepard
GLR-TB2 Trevone Boykin
GLR-TM1 Tre Madden
GLR-WF1 Will Fuller

1992 Gold Leaf Rookie Autographs Set Checklist

40 cards
*Redemptions (R) noted below.*
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/20 (No #VH3), Silver Spectrum #/15, Gold Spectrum #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1 (No #AB1,VH3)
2016 Leaf Ultimate Draft Football Cards 3

BG-AB1 Aaron Burbridge
BG-AC1 Alex Collins
BG-AG1 Aaron Green
BG-BA1 Bralon Addison
BG-BA2 Brandon Allen
BG-BM2 Braxton Miller - R
BG-CB1 Chris Brown
BG-CC1 Connor Cook
BG-CC3 Corey Coleman
BG-CH1 Christian Hackenberg
BG-CJ1 Cardale Jones
BG-CJP C.J. Prosise
BG-CK1 Cody Kessler
BG-CW1 Carson Wentz
BG-DB1 Devontae Booker
BG-DC1 Devon Cajuste
BG-DFB DeForest Buckner
BG-DH1 Derrick Henry
BG-DMR Demarcus Robinson
BG-DRW De'Runnya Wilson
BG-EE2 Ezekiel Elliott
BG-JB3 Joey Bosa
BG-JD1 Jeff Driskel
BG-JF1 Josh Ferguson
BG-JG1 Jared Goff
BG-JR1 Jalen Ramsey
BG-JS1 Jaylon Smith
BG-JW2 Jordan Williams
BG-KC1 Kyle Carter
BG-KD1 Kenneth Dixon
BG-KD2 Kenyan Drake
BG-LT1 Laquon Treadwell
BG-MT1 Michael Thomas
BG-NS2 Nelson Spruce
BG-NV1 Nick Vannett
BG-PC1 Pharoh Cooper
BG-PL1 Paxton Lynch
BG-RN1 Robert Nkemdiche
BG-RR1 Reggie Ragland
BG-VH3 Vernon Hargreaves III

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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Mike Pereira
Mike Pereira

Leaf just knows how to do it. Love that they clearly tell you which players are redemptions. And the price point is in real world stratosphere. If it was Topps and Panini I can only assume a product with 5 autos including Brady would cost more in the $250 range.

Thank the cardboard gods for LEAF.

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