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2016 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards

2016 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards

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Well known in the entertainment card world, 2016 Leaf Pop Century continues a tradition of notable celebrity cards with a variety of options. Each hobby box includes four hits which can include autographs, jumbo relics or signed sketch cards.

Featuring a wide mix of signers, the main 2016 Leaf Pop Century autograph set boasts quite a few musicians, actors and actresses with themes like Co-Stars Dual Autographs, Hit Makers, Perfectly Cast, Pop Century Signatures, Sci-Fi Signatures, Star Power, and Stunning Starlets. There are also limited Cut Signatures.

Noteworthy signers include Daisy Ridley of The Force Awakens fame as well as more seasoned options such as Kevin Coster and Chevy Chase. Rare Sketch Autographs feature a painted image of a celebrity that is also signed by the subject depicted.

While the brand is more thought of for the signed cards, 2016 Leaf Pop Century also brings relics into the fold with Jumbo Swatch Memorabilia cards for select entertainers.

Release Date: 8/3/2016
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 10 boxes per case

2016 Leaf Pop Century Hobby Box Break

  • 4 Autographs or Relics Cards
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Set Checklist

2016 Leaf Pop Century Set Checklist

Pop Century Signatures Set Checklist

78 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Blue #/10 or less, Red #/5 or less, Gold 1/1. Printing Plates*.
*Printing Plates not found for all subjects. View specific options with the full spreadsheet.
2016 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards 1

BA-AC1 Alice Cooper
BA-AP1 Al Pacino
BA-AR1 Alfonso Ribeiro
BA-BD1 Buster Douglas
BA-BE1 Barbara Eden
BA-BG1 Boy George
BA-BH1 Bo Hopkins
BA-CA1 Christina Applegate
BA-CC1 Chevy Chase
BA-CL1 Carl Lewis
BA-CN1 Chuck Negron
BA-CS1 Connie Stevens
BA-DC1 Dyan Cannon
BA-DC2 Dean Cain
BA-DR1 Daisy Ridley
BA-DR2 Dennis Rodman
BA-DVD Dick Van Dyke
BA-EA1 Ed Asner
BA-EBJ Ed Begley Jr.
BA-EON Ed O'Neill
BA-ER1 Eric Roberts
BA-FT1 Frank Thomas
BA-GA1 Gillian Anderson
BA-GE1 Giancarlo Esposito
BA-GL1 George Lazenby
BA-GL2 Gina Lollobrigida
BA-GW1 Gene Wilder
BA-GW2 George Wendt
BA-HMC Holly Marie Combs
BA-IM1 Idina Menzel
BA-IZ1 Ian Ziering
BA-JF1 Joey Fatone
BA-JL1 Jerry Lewis
BA-JOH John O'Hurley
BA-JP1 Joe Pantoliano
BA-JQ1 Jonathan Ke Huy Quan
BA-JR1 Jeri Ryan
BA-KC1 Kevin Costner
BA-KK1 Kato Kaelin
BA-KM1 Katie Morgan
BA-KR1 Kim Richards
BA-KS1 Kevin Sorbo
BA-MB1 Max Baer Jr
BA-MF1 Megan Fox
BA-MF2 Mick Foley
BA-ML1 Martin Landau
BA-ML2 Mark Lester
BA-MM1 Malcolm McDowell
BA-MS1 Mena Suvari
BA-MS2 Marina Sirtis
BA-MS3 Matt Stonie
BA-NC1 Neve Campbell
BA-NR1 Norman Reedus
BA-NT1 Nicholas Turturro
BA-PLM Phil LaMarr
BA-PMB Paul McBeth
BA-RC1 Richard Chamberlain
BA-RH1 Robert Hays
BA-RL1 Robert Loggia
BA-RM1 Ralph Macchio
BA-RM2 Roger Moore
BA-RT1 Richard Thomas
BA-SD1 Shannen Doherty
BA-SF1 Samantha Fox
BA-SJ1 Shirley Jones
BA-SPF Sean Patrick Flanery
BA-SU1 Skeet Ulrich
BA-TA1 Tatyana Ali
BA-TC1 Tim Curry
BA-TF1 Tom Felton
BA-TH1 Tippi Hedren
BA-TR1 Tara Reid
BA-VH1 Valerie Harper
BA-VP1 Vincent Pastore
BA-VT1 Verne Troyer
BA-WN1 Wayne Newton
BA-WS1 William Shatner
BA-XP1 X-Pac


Co-Stars Autographs Set Checklist

4 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/15 or less, Blue #/10 (Card #02 - #/2), Red #/5 (Card #02 - #/2), Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

CS-01 Kelly LeBrock / Ilan Mitchell-Smith
CS-02 Idina Menzel / Kristen Bell
CS-03 Sean Patrick Flanery / Norman Reedus
CS-04 Tatyana Ali / Alfonso Ribeiro / Karyn Parsons


Cut Signature Set Checklist

1 card.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Red #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1.


Dressing Room Relics Set Checklist

1 card.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/25, Blue Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1.

DR-KB1 Kristen Bell


Hit Makers Autographs Set Checklist

6 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Blue #/10, Red #/5, Gold 1/1.
2016 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards 2

HM-AC1 Alice Cooper
HM-BG1 Boy George
HM-CS1 Connie Stevens
HM-JF1 Joey Fatone
HM-SF1 Samantha Fox
HM-WN1 Wayne Newton


Marquee Materials Jumbo Relics (Gold) Set Checklist

26 cards. *Card #06 only found in parallels.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/25, Blue Spectrum #/10, Silver Spectrum #/5, Gold Spectrum 1/1, Printing Plates (Only card #02).
2016 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards 3

MM-01 Ashley Judd
MM-02 Brad Pitt
MM-03 Bruce Willis
MM-04 Burt Reynolds
MM-05 Charlize Theron
MM-06 Cher*
MM-07 Cyd Charisse
MM-08 Dean Martin
MM-09 Elvis Presley
MM-10 Frank Sinatra
MM-11 Halle Berry
MM-12 Hayden Panettiere
MM-13 Jack Ruby
MM-14 James Cagney
MM-15 James Stewart
MM-16 Jane Fonda
MM-17 Jennifer Aniston
MM-18 Jennifer Lopez
MM-19 Jennifer Love Hewitt
MM-20 Julia Roberts
MM-21 Mila Kunis
MM-22 Molly Ringwald
MM-23 Samuel L. Jackson
MM-24 Sarah Michelle Gellar
MM-25 Whitney Houston
MM-26 William Shatner


Perfectly Cast Autographs Set Checklist

11 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Blue #/10 or #/7, Red #/5 or #/3, Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

PC-EBJ Ed Begley Jr.
PC-GE1 Giancarlo Esposito
PC-GL1 George Lazenby
PC-GW2 George Wendt
PC-IM1 Idina Menzel
PC-IZ1 Ian Ziering
PC-JOH John O'Hurley
PC-KC1 Kevin Costner
PC-KS1 Kevin Sorbo
PC-MM1 Malcolm McDowell
PC-RT1 Richard Thomas


Sci-Fi Signatures Set Checklist

8 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Blue #/10 or #5, Red #/5 or #/3, Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards 4

SF-DR1 Daisy Ridley
SF-GA1 Gillian Anderson
SF-JR1 Jeri Ryan
SF-MF1 Megan Fox
SF-MS2 Marina Sirtis
SF-NN1 Nichelle Nichols
SF-PL1 Phil LaMarr
SF-WS1 William Shatner


Star Power Metal Autographs Set Checklist

12 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/25 (*Card #CC1 - #/20), Purple #/20 (*Card #CC1 - #/15), Pink #/15 (*Card #CC1 - #/10), Black #/10, Green #/7, Red #/5, Gold 1/1, Super 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Leaf Pop Century Trading Cards 5

SP-AR1 Alfonso Ribeiro
SP-BG1 Boy George
SP-CC1 Chevy Chase*
SP-GA1 Gillian Anderson
SP-GW1 George Wendt
SP-IM1 Idina Menzel
SP-JR1 Jeri Ryan
SP-KK1 Kato Kaelin
SP-NC1 Neve Campbell
SP-NT1 Nicholas Turturro
SP-SU1 Skeet Ulrich
SP-TR1 Tara Reid


Stunning Starlets Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Blue #/10 or #/5, Red #/5 or #/3, Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

SS-CS1 Connie Stevens
SS-DC1 Dyan Cannon
SS-DR1 Daisy Ridley
SS-GA1 Gillian Anderson
SS-JR1 Jeri Ryan
SS-KM1 Katie Morgan
SS-MS1 Mena Suvari
SS-NC1 Neve Campbell
SS-SD1 Shannen Doherty
SS-TR1 Tara Reid


Sketch Autographs Set Checklist

17 subjects.

50 Cent
Adam West
Amanda Seyfried
Anna Kendrick
Ed Asner
Hugh Jackman
Idina Menzel
Jenny McCarthy
Josh Gad
Kate Beckinsale
Kevin Bacon
Kiefer Sutherland
Marcus Mumford
Mark Ruffalo
Olivia Munn
Rupert Grint
Sharon Stone


2014 Pop Century Live Autograph Bronze Set Checklist

1 card.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25, Gold #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.

LA-MJ1 Magic Johnson


2015 PC Live and Clear Autograph Gold Set Checklist

1 card.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/20, Blue #/10, Purple 1/1.

LC-AK1 Anna Kournikova

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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charlene kremer
charlene kremer

am very intrested in your 2016 pop century why does the pricing vary from 116 to 161 for a box thanks

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