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Kidrobot South Park Fractured But Whole Vinyl Figures

Kidrobot South Park Fractured But Whole Vinyl Figures


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Collectors can again obtain the South Park series in vinyl with Kidrobot South Park Fractured But Whole blind mini figures. Based around the role-playing video game, the mystery box set offers figures for the children of South Park as they assume secret identities and battle for town supremacy.

Featuring 3" figure likenesses from the long-running show, South Park: The Fractured But Whole picks up after the events of the South Park: A Stick of Truth video game from 2014. The 2017 game works with superhero versions of the main subjects that first debuted in the cartoon series. The basic plot revolves around the conflict between Carman's Coon and Friends superhero group, and their chief rivals, the Freedom Pals.

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The Kidrobot South Park Fractured But Whole line consists of 12 figures that present the alter egos of the main South Park children. This includes fan favorites like Eric Cartman as The Coon and Kenny McCormick as Mysterion. While each figure falls at varying odds, collectors should be able to pull 11 different figures in each 20-box case, with the mystery chase as the only outlier. Although the specifics for the chase are not shown on the box, it has been revealed as a glow-in-the-dark version of Mysterion with unknown odds.

Issued in a blind-box format, Kidrobot South Park Fractured But Whole figures remain a surprise until opened. This 2016 release follows a Cartman-only series from 2015 and a more standard South Park set from 2011. Separate 7" versions exist for The Coon, Mysterion and Professor Chaos.
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Kidrobot South Park Fractured But Whole Checklist

Individual figure odds shown below. 

Call Girl - 1/20
Captain Diabetes - 2/20
General Disarray - 2/20
Human Kite - 2/20
Mintberry Crunch - 3/40
Mosquito - 1/20
Mysterion - 2/20
Mysterion GITD Chase - ??/??
Professor Chaos - 2/20
Super Craig - 2/20
The Coon - 3/20
Toolshed - 1/20

Product Configuration: 1 figure per blind box, 20 blind boxes per case

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