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2016 Futera Unique Liverpool

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Soccer Cards – Checklist Added

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Building on the brand's team-specific offerings, 2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool is entirely dedicated to The Reds. Each pack includes one special insert or relic while display boxes promise an autograph, The Mythicals relic or one-of-one insert.

The 50-card base set documents past and present players, as well as coaches for Liverpool FC. Meanwhile, the 40-card Heritage set puts a retro spin on many of the same names from the base set and averages 1:2 packs.

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool is also loaded with premium hits. Featuring game-used or training-used memorabilia pieces, the relics come in several themed inserts. Memorable features 11 top subjects and Superstars covers 17 more options, with each relic set numbered to 43. More elaborate are the Kitcard inserts that feature dual relics for 12 cards and a print run of 27. The ultimate chase is the first Kitcard in the production run for each player that features a certified diamond.

Both incorporating actual gold plating, Memostars (#/15) utilizes a 24ct gold-plated title while The Mythicals (#/7) showcases a 24ct gold-plated frame.

Doubling up the relic hits in 2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool, Team Heroes (#/32) and Then & Now (#/29) pairs two current or former players. Collectors can also find rare Autograph inserts.

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Soccer is limited to just 30 total cases.

Popular clubs Manchester City and Arsenal also have team releases from Futera in 2016.

Release Date: 1/10/2017
Product Configuration: 13-14 cards per Pack, 4 Packs per Display Box, 6 Display Boxes per Mini-Case, 3 Mini-Cases per Case

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Pack Break

  • 1 Memorabilia Card or Special Insert
  • Up to 12 Base Cards

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Display Box Break (4 packs)

  • 1 Autograph, Mythicals or 1/1 Insert

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Designs and contents subject to change. 

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Soccer Cards - Checklist Added 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Checklist

Base Set Checklist

50 cards.

1 Loris Karius
2 Alex Manninger
3 Simon Mignolet
4 Nathaniel Clyne
5 Joe Gomez
6 Ragnar Klavan
7 Tiago Ilori
8 Dejan Lovren
9 Joel Matip
10 Alberto Moreno
11 Connor Randall
12 Mamadou Sakho
13 Cameron Brannagan
14 Emre Can
15 Pedro Chirivella
16 Philippe Coutinho
17 Marko Grujic
18 Jordan Henderson
19 Adam Lallana
20 Lucas Leiva
21 James Milner
22 Sheyi Ojo
23 Kevin Stewart
24 Georginio Wijnaldum
25 Roberto Firmino
26 Danny Ings
27 Sadio Mane
28 Divock Origi
29 Daniel Sturridge
30 Zeljko Buvac
31 Jurgen Klopp
32 John Barnes
33 Peter Beardsley
34 Ian Callaghan
35 Jamie Carragher
36 Ray Clemence
37 Kenny Dalglish
38 Jerzy Dudek
39 Robbie Fowler
40 Steven Gerrard
41 Bruce Grobbelaar
42 Dietmar Hamann
43 Alan Hansen
44 Emlyn Hughes
45 Kevin Keegan
46 Ray Kennedy
47 Mark Lawrenson
48 Steven McManaman
49 Ian Rush
50 Graeme Souness


Base Production Set Checklist

16 subjects. Serial numbered 1/1.

Emre Can
Nathaniel Clyne
Loris Karius
Philippe Coutinho
Roberto Firmino
Jordan Henderson
Adam Lallana
Lucas Leiva
Dejan Lovren
Sadio Mane
Joel Matip
Simon Mignolet
James Milner
Divock  Origi
Daniel Sturridge
Georginio Wijnaldum


Heritage Set Checklist

40 cards. 1:2 packs. Serial numbered #/30.

HT01 Loris Karius
HT02 Alex Manninger
HT03 Simon Mignolet
HT04 Nathaniel Clyne
HT05 Joe Gomez
HT06 Ragnar Klavan
HT07 Tiago Ilori
HT08 Dejan Lovren
HT09 Joel Matip
HT10 Alberto Moreno
HT11 Connor Randall
HT12 Mamadou Sakho
HT13 Cameron Brannagan
HT14 Emre Can
HT15 Pedro Chirivella
HT16 Philippe Coutinho
HT17 Marko Grujic
HT18 Jordan Henderson
HT19 Adam Lallana
HT20 Lucas Leiva
HT21 James Milner
HT22 Sheyi Ojo
HT23 Kevin Stewart
HT24 Georginio Wijnaldum
HT25 Roberto Firmino
HT26 Danny Ings
HT27 Sadio Mane
HT28 Divock Origi
HT29 Daniel Sturridge
HT30 Zeljko Buvac
HT31 Jurgen Klopp
HT32 John Barnes
HT33 Jamie Carragher
HT34 Ray Clemence
HT35 Jerzy Dudek
HT36 Robbie Fowler
HT37 Ray Kennedy
HT38 Mark Lawrenson
HT39 Steven McManaman
HT40 Graeme Souness

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Memorabilia Card Checklist


Kitcard Memorabilia Dual Set Checklist

12 cards. Serial numbered #/27.
The first card for each player (#1/27) features a certified diamond.

KC01 Daniel Agger
KC02 Emre Can
KC03 Jamie Carragher
KC04 Nathaniel Clyne
KC05 Philippe Coutinho
KC06 Steven Gerrard
KC07 Jordan Henderson
KC08 Adam Lallana
KC09 Lucas Leiva
KC10 Sheyi Ojo
KC11 Kevin Stewart
KC12 Daniel Sturridge


Memorable Memorabilia Set Checklist

11 cards. Serial numbered #/43.

MEM01 Emre Can
MEM02 Jamie Carragher
MEM03 Nathaniel Clyne
MEM04 Philippe Coutinho
MEM05 Steven Gerrard
MEM06 Dietmar Hamann
MEM07 Jordan Henderson
MEM08 Harry Kewell
MEM09 Lucas Leiva
MEM10 Kevin Stewart
MEM11 Daniel Sturridge


Memostars Memorabilia Set Checklist

10 cards. Serial numbered #/15.

M01 Emre Can
M02 Jamie Carragher
M03 Nathaniel Clyne
M04 Philippe Coutinho
M05 Steven Gerrard
M06 Dietmar Hamann
M07 Harry Kewell
M08 Lucas Leiva
M09 Kevin Stewart
M10 Daniel Sturridge


Mythicals Matchday Programme Set Checklist

39 cards. Serial numbered #/7.

MYTH01 Gerry Byrne
MYTH02 Ian Callaghan
MYTH03 Jimmy Case
MYTH04 Ray Clemence
MYTH05 Kenny Dalglish
MYTH06 Joe Fagan
MYTH07 David Fairclough
MYTH08 Bruce Grobbelaar
MYTH09 Alan Hansen
MYTH10 Steve Heighway
MYTH11 Emlyn Hughes
MYTH12 Roger Hunt
MYTH13 Craig Johnston
MYTH14 Kevin Keegan
MYTH15 Alan Kennedy
MYTH16 Ray Kennedy
MYTH17 Chris Lawler
MYTH18 Tommy Lawrence
MYTH19 Mark Lawrenson
MYTH20 Sammy Lee
MYTH21 Billy Liddell
MYTH22 Alec Lindsay
MYTH23 Terry McDermott
MYTH24 Jan Molby
MYTH25 Phil Neal
MYTH26 Steve Nicol
MYTH27 Bob Paisley
MYTH28 Ian Rush
MYTH29 Bill Shankly
MYTH30 Tommy Smith
MYTH31 Graeme Souness
MYTH32 Ian St John
MYTH33 Albert Stubbins
MYTH34 Peter Thompson
MYTH35 Phil Thompson
MYTH36 John Toshack
MYTH37 Ronnie Whelan
MYTH38 Ron Yeats
MYTH39 Steve McMahon


Superstars Memorabilia Set Checklist

17 cards. Serial numbered #/43.

SS01 Daniel Agger
SS02 Emre Can
SS03 Jamie Carragher
SS04 Nathaniel Clyne
SS05 Philippe Coutinho
SS06 Steven Gerrard
SS07 Dietmar Hamann
SS08 Jordan Henderson
SS09 Emile Heskey
SS10 Harry Kewell
SS11 Adam Lallana
SS12 Lucas Leiva
SS13 Steve Nicol
SS14 Sheyi Ojo
SS15 John Arne Riise
SS16 Kevin Stewart
SS17 Daniel Sturridge


Team Heroes Dual Memorabilia Set Checklist

7 cards. Serial numbered #/32.

TH01 Daniel Agger
Daniel Sturridge
TH02 Jamie Carragher
Jordan Henderson
TH03 Dietmar Hamann
Adam Lallana
TH04 Emile Heskey
Kevin Stewart
TH05 Steve Nicol
Philippe Coutinho
TH06 Harry Kewell
Lucas Leiva
TH07 Jon Arne Riise
Emre Can


Then & Now Dual Memorabilia Set Checklist

6 cards. Serial numbered #/29.

TN01 Steven Gerrard
Jordan Henderson
TN02 Dietmar Hamann
Emre Can
TN03 Emile Heskey
Daniel Sturridge
TN04 Harry Kewell
Philippe Coutinho
TN05 Steve Nicol
Lucas Leiva
TN06 Jon Arne Riise
Nathaniel Clyne

2016-17 Futera Unique Liverpool Autograph Card Checklist


Incredibles Autograph Memorabilia Set Checklist

11 cards. Serial numbered #/35 or less.

INC01 Emre Can
INC02 Roberto Firmino
INC03 Jurgen Klopp
INC04 Dejan Lovren
INC05 Sadio Mane
INC06 Joel Matip
INC07 James Milner
INC08 Divock Origi
INC09 Georginio Wijnaldum
INC10 Sheyi Ojo
INC11 Kevin Stewart


Gold-Plated Frame Autograph Set Checklist

9 subjects. Serial numbered 1/1.

Zeljko Buvac
Emre Can
Loris Karius
Ragnar Klavan
Jurgen Klopp
Sadio Mane
Joel Matip
Divock Origi
Georginio Wijnaldum


Gold-Plated Frame Threads Autograph Set Checklist

38 subjects. Serial numbered 1/1.

Home Shirt
John Barnes
Peter Beardsley
Emre Can
Philippe Coutinho
Kenny Dalglish
Steven Gerrard
Gary Gillespie
Bruce Grobbalaar
Alan Hansen
Jordan Henderson
Ray Houghton
Joey Jones
Kevin Keegan
Alan Kennedy
Ragnar Klavan
Jurgen Klopp
Adam Lallana
Mark Lawrenson
Sammy Lee
Lucas Leiva
Sadio Mane
Terry McDermott
Simon Mignolet
Jan Molby
Alberto Moreno
Phil Neal
Divock Origi
Ian Rush
Graeme Souness
Georginio Wijnaldum
Away Shirt
Emre Can
Ragnar Klavan
Jurgen Klopp
Lucas Leiva
Sadio Mane
Simon Mignolet
Divock Origi
Georginio Wijnaldum

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