2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis

2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis


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Building on the options geared to the Suicide Squad movie, 2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis offer shrunken versions that largely mirror the Pop! editions. This includes several exclusives specific to GameStop or Hot Topic and multiple figures for Harley Quinn and The Joker.

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Issued in a blind-box format, by the case, 2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis follow the main Pop Suicide Squad figures. This means figures for most of the main characters from the film as well as a mix of figure designs for two of the biggest names in Jared Leto as The Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis 1

While the unknown element of the product can make completing a set much tougher, that is further compounded by exclusives that are issued through two different retailers. Both GameStop and Hot Topic have three specific figures available in their case layout. This means that in order to make the full set, collectors will either have to hit both stores or visit eBay. I

While the exclusives add more work, specific rarity for 2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis is consistent across all formats with 1:12 odds. Each figure is approximately 2 1/2" tall.

Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis Checklist

2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis 2

Specific figures available at GameStop and Hot Topic are shown below.

Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis - GameStop

2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis 3

Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis - Hot Topic

2016 Funko Suicide Squad Mystery Minis 4

Deadshot Masked
Enchantress Black - Hot Topic
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Gown - Main
Harley Quinn Inmate - Gamestop

Killer Croc
Rick Flag
The Joker - Main
The Joker GITD - Hot Topic
The Joker Boxer - GameStop
The Joker Suit - Main
The Joker Suit GITD - GameStop
The Joker Tuxedo - Hot Topic


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  1. Brent Castro Not sure. Three separate groupings were released: one for the main set and one each for Hot Topic and Gamestop. The Harley Quinn Gown is shown in the main image.

  2. You never pointed out the glow in the dark Jokers that are Gamestop and Hot Topic exclusives (one per store). You picture them but don’t mention them (they’re the ones with the slight halo around them). And the gown Harley is party pod the basic set, not an exclusive.

  3. Wow. Sorry about my spelling errors. My last name got auto corrected wrong and “part of the basic assortment” got badly twisted. My fault. This is why I don’t like doing this from a phone, Hahaha.

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