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Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery

Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery


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The crew of the Ghost starship finally get the Funko treatment joining the Pop! brand with Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels. The Star Wars offshoot offers main figures that are available at most major retailers along with a few exclusives.

Airing on Disney XD, the animated series Star Wars Rebels follows a small group of resistance fighters who oppose the Galactic Empire. The show is set five years before Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, as the Empire uses its Imperial Army to eliminate the Jedi Knights. The crew aboard the Ghost lead the fight against the corrupt Galactic Empire, ultimately creating the Rebel Alliance.

Order Pop Star Wars Rebels Figures at Entertainment Earth.

Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels features each of the crew members: Ahsoka, C1-10P (better known as "Chopper"), Ezra, Hera, Kanan, Sabine, and Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios. The Ahsoka figure is a Hot Topic exclusive, while the Sabine Masked variant can be found only at Walgreens. Additionally, figures for The Inquisitor, Seventh Sister, and Fifth Brother are issued exclusively through Walmart.

Numbered as part of the main Pop! Star Wars line, the Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels figures are each around 3 3/4" tall.

2016 Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka  2016 Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels Kanan

Funko Pop Star Wars Rebels Checklist

130 Ahsoka - Hot Topic
130 Ahsoka GITD - 2017 Comikaze / Hot Topic
131 Sabine Masked - Walgreens
132 Kanan
133 Chopper
133 Chopper Imperial Disguise - 2017 Star Wars Celebration
134 Ezra
135 Sabine
136 Hera
137 Zeb
164 Captain Rex - Smuggler's Bounty
165 Darth Maul - Smuggler's Bounty
166 The Inquisitor - Walmart
167 Seventh Sister - Walmart
168 Fifth Brother - Walmart
170 Grand Admiral Thrawn - 2017 Star Wars Celebration

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