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2016 Funko Pop Gears of War Vinyl Figures

2016 Funko Pop Gears of War Vinyl Figures


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Looking back at one of the most popular third-person shooters of the new millennium, Funko Pop Gears of War details the video game franchise with figures from the first three games and Gears of War 4.

The original Gears of War video game debuted in 2006, laying down the groundwork for multiple future titles. Funko Pop Gears of War is heavy on the 2016 edition (GoW4), which picks up 25 years after Gears of War 3 with JD Fenix, the son of the main figure from the first three games: Marcus Fenix. JD is also joined by Kait Diaz and Del Walker from Gears of War 4.

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Filling out the Funko Pop Gears of War lineup are notable options from the earlier games, including Clayton Carmine and the Locust Drone. Gears of War legend Marcus Fenix has a base figure in addition to an early pair of exclusive releases at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. These are easy to spot as Fenix is holding a severed locust head. The version with the black gun is limited to 1,000 pieces and there is also a Golden Lancer variant.

Adding to that, other Funko Pop Gears of War exclusives include a Glow-in-the-Dark Swarm Gunk variant for JD Fenix at Best Buy. The creepy Swarm Sniper figure is only found in GameStop's Funko Mystery Box.

The second round of Funko Pop Gears of War figures features newcomer Oscar Diaz along with the original Gears crew–Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, and Augustus Cole. Other options include Marcus Fenix, who is affectionately referred to as 'Old Man Fenix', and a 6" Super-Sized Brumak.

Funko Pop Gears of War figures are part of the Pop! Games line and each vinyl collectible are just under 4" tall.

2016 Funko San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Funko Pop Gears of War #112 Marcus Fenix Golden Lancer

Funko Pop Gears of War Checklist

Wave 1
112 Marcus Fenix
112 Marcus Fenix with head - 2016 SDCC (PR=1,000)
112 Marcus Fenix Golden Lancer with head - 2016 SDCC
113 Clayton Carmine
114 JD Fenix
114 JD Fenix GITD Swarm Gunk - Best Buy
115 Kait Diaz
116 Del Walker
117 Locust Drone
130 Swarm Sniper - GameStop
Wave 2
195 Oscar Diaz
196 Dominic Santiago
197 Damon Baird
198 Augustus Cole
199 Brumak 6"
204 Marcus Fenix


Wave 2 Estimated Release Date: May 2017


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