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Ultimate Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy’s Figures Checklist and Gallery


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No longer confined to your computer screen, Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy’s joins the Pop! line. The FNaF set includes multiple versions of characters found in the game series with several retail-specific variants and exclusives.

The first game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series introduced players to creepy characters Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy the Pirate. Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy’s largely keeps the look of the animatronics while making them less frightening and more adorable.

Order Funko Five Nights at Freddy's Figures on Entertainment Earth.

The second installment of Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's includes Cupcake, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica, while FNaF: Sister Location adds Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy.

Expanding outside of Pop! Games, Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's also features Pop! Books characters from The Twisted Ones novel, which is the second release in the book series

Since Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's is numbered into Pop! Games and Pop! Books, the checklist below is divided by series, including variants and exclusives. All images are provided on the visual guide tab above.

2016 Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy  2016 Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's Bonnie

Funko Pop Five Nights at Freddy's Checklist

106 Freddy
106 Freddy Flocked - Barnes & Noble
107 Bonnie
108 Chica
109 Foxy the Pirate
109 Foxy the Pirate GITD - Toys R Us
110 Springtrap
110 Springtrap Flocked - GameStop
110 Springtrap GITD - GameStop
111 Nightmare Freddy
111 Nightmare Freddy GITD - Walmart
119 Golden Freddy - 2016 SDCC
126 Shadow Freddy - Hot Topic
127 Shadow Bonnie - Target
128 Toy Freddy - Walmart
128 Toy Freddy GITD - FYE
129 Funtime Foxy - GameStop
129 Funtime Foxy Flocked - Best Buy
205 Phantom Foxy - Target
206 Jack-O-Chica - GameStop
213 Cupcake
213 Cupcake Phantom - Chase Variant
214 Nightmare Foxy
215 Nightmare Bonnie
216 Nightmare Chica
217 Balloon Boy - Walmart
218 Nightmare Cupcake - Target
345 Marionette - Walmart
Sister Location
223 Jumpscare Funtime Foxy - 2017 SDCC
224 Jumpscare Baby - 2017 SDCC
225 Funtime Freddy
225 Funtime Freddy Jumpscare - Chase Variant
226 Baby
227 Ballora
227 Ballora Jumpscare - Chase Variant
228 Funtime Foxy
229 LOLBIT - 2017 NYCC
230 Bon Bon - GameStop
231 Jack-O-Bonnie GITD - Barnes & Noble
232 Withered Bonnie - Walmart
242 Dark Springtrap - Target
Pop! Books - The Twisted Ones (March 2018) *
15 Twisted Freddy
16 Twisted Wolf
17 Twisted Bonnie
18 Twisted Foxy
19 Twisted Chica
20 Theodore
21 Stanley - Hot Topic
22 Ella - GameStop
Combo Packs
2-Pack: Foxy the Pirate with Freddy - FYE

Twisted Ones Estimated Release Date*: March 2018

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User Comments

  1. What about the Glow In The Dark Springtrap GS Exclusive

  2. How comes there is another Funtime foxy in wave 3 when there is already one in wave 1?

  3. The two Springtraps listed above are 2 of 3. The Gamestop exclusive is flocked (pictured above) and the GITD is as well. The regular Springtrap is missing from this list.

    Regular Springtrap is not an exclusive and can be found anywhere, he is also #110.

    @Tommy Brimble – That’s how they get you… The design of Funtime Foxy changed in Sister Location, so, they updated the pop as well.

  4. do you know when exactly the nightmare cupcake is set to release according to funko its mid-june, its already mid june and i still cannot find it. online nor at target.

  5. @denise Springtrap is an exclusive to America, but I think in Australia you can find him at just one store!

  6. The numbers for Wave 3 are up on Funko’s site on pages like these:

    All you have to do is replace Funtime Freddy’s name with the other character names and you’ll find the pictures of them with their boxes.

    Funtime Freddy is number 225, Baby is 226, Ballora is 227 and Funtime Foxy is 228.

  7. They announced a Flocked Funtime Foxy Pop exclusive to BestBuy. It will be avaliable on October 2nd.

  8. here’s 10 ideas for fnaf
    1.nightmare fredbear
    3.phantom freddy
    4.phantom chica
    6.flocked funtime freddy
    9.toy freddy/toy bonnie/toy chica 3 pack

  9. My ideas for new fnaf pops

    1. Ennard (we need one)
    2. Bonnet
    3. Yenndo
    4. Bidybab
    5. Minireena
    6. Scrap Baby
    7. Molten Freddy
    8. Lefty
    9. Toy Bonnie
    10. Toy Chica
    11. Puppet
    12. Beackless Toy Chica (she could be a GameStop exclusive)
    13. “The Mangel”
    14. Nightmare Fredbear
    15. Nightmare (2018 summer conversation exclusive
    16. Sitting golden Freddy
    17. Withered Freddy
    18. Withered Bonnie (we know he’s coming)
    19. Withered Chica
    20. Withered Foxy

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