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2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures


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Closely following the 20-year anniversary of the movie, 2016 Funko Pop Clueless vinyl figures capture the essence of the coming-of-age tale with several figures.

Clueless centers on a group of teenagers with plenty of teen issues. While most could not relate to the affluent Beverly Hills lifestyle, the film proved to be a hit and led to bigger things for some of the cast.

While there are only a handful of figures, Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne (Stacey Dash) are the main focus of the plot and are both covered. There is also a figure for their frenemy Amber. The line does not include other notable options like Paul Rudd as Josh, Donald Faison as Murray, Brittany Murphy as Tai or Breckin Meyer as Travis.

The vinyl figures stand approximately 3 3/4" tall and are numbered as part of the Pop! Movies line.

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures 12016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures 2

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Checklist

247 Cher
248 Dionne
249 Amber

Estimated Release Date: February, 2016

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures 3
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2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures 20

Visual Guide

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Gallery

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247 Cher

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures 21

248 Dionne

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures 22

249 Amber

2016 Funko Pop Clueless Vinyl Figures 23

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