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2016 Funko Pop Call of Duty Vinyl Figures

2016 Funko Pop Call of Duty Vinyl Figures


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As one of the biggest video game franchies of all-time, most are likely familiar with Call of Duty. Giving collectors a tangible option, the first-person shooter has been honored with Funko Pop Call of Duty vinyl figures.

Released in multiple installments starting in 2003, the games cover both historic battles and more modern skirmishes. The actual Pop! line features figures from characters across several of the games. The initial group includes Master Sergeant Frank Woods, Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley, Captain John Price and the zombie Brutus in both plain and muddy versions. In addition to the mainstream "dirty" figures, collectors got a shot at the "clean" line thanks to an earlier edition from GameStop.

More releases came later, including Soap MacTavish, Riley (the dog), sniper All Ghillied Up and enemy Juggernaut. Several exclusives like Spaceland Zombie (Target) and Monkey Bomb (GameStop) are available at certain retail outlets.

The Pop Call of Duty figures are each around 3 3/4" tall and come individually boxed. These COD figures are numbered as part of the larger Pop! Games line.

If you need a refresher, peruse the many Call of Duty video game options on Amazon.

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Funko Pop Call of Duty Checklist

Series 1
69 Msgt. Frank Woods - GameStop
69 Msgt. Frank Woods (Muddy)
70 Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley - GameStop
70 Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley (Muddy)
71 Brutus - GameStop
71 Brutus (Muddy)
72 Capt. John Price - GameStop
72 Capt. John Price (Muddy)
Series 2
143 John "Soap" MacTavish
144 All Ghillied Up
145 Juggernaut
146 Riley
147 Monkey Bomb - GameStop
147 Toasted Monkey Bomb - GameStop PowerUp Rewards
148 Spaceland Zombie - Target

Series 2 Estimated Release Date: November 2016

2016 Funko Pop Call of Duty Vinyl Figures 3
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