2016-17 Fleer Showcase Hockey Cards

2016-17 Fleer Showcase Hockey Cards


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Bringing the inserts of the 1990s to modern NHL stars and rookies, 2016-17 Fleer Showcase Hockey maintains a legacy of wild designs and rare cards. Collectors can find one autograph per hobby box along with quite a few inserts and parallels. While the 2015-16 edition promised three hits per box, this new configuration yields a lower box price.

Kicking things off, the 100-card base set for top players is accompanied by Hot Prospects (#/399) rookies cards and Hot Prospects Quads (#/399). Parallels enhance this main set with Red Glow (Base - 1:6 packs; RC #/25) and White Hot (#/25 or #/5).

Adding to the Hot Prospects options are Hot Prospects Autos (#/499 or #/299) with Red Glow (#/49 or #/25) and White Hot parallels (#/15 or #/5). Incorporating a relic piece, Hot Prospects Auto Patches (#/135 or #/85) also has White Hot FX (#/10) parallels.

Just like in previous years, 2016-17 Fleer Showcase Hockey honors some of the most popular sets of the past. Metal Universe (1:5 packs) come in base form while Previous Metal Gems (PMGs) parallels put a new spin on the foil-covered inserts. Options include Red (#/150), Blue (#/50), Green (#/10) and Purple (#/5). Ultra Rookies (#/599) also sees good coverage with Platinum Medallion (#/99) and Ultra Violet Medallion (#/25) versions.

Continuing the format of a limited insert with even more rare parallels, Skybox Premium Prospects cards are numbered to 499 and offer Star Rubies (#/50) and Sparkling Diamond (#/5) parallels. Flair Row 0 Rookies and Flair Row 1 inserts each average 1:5 packs with Blue Ice (#/199 or #/99) and 1-of-1 Masterpiece parallels. Debuting the ever-popular EX brand into Fleer Showcase, EX-2017 (1:18 packs) highlights 42 players with base Legends and Rookies as well as limited Essential Credentials Future and Now parallels, each numbered to 42 or less.

Rounding out the 2016-17 Fleer Showcase Hockey inserts are Flair Hot Gloves (1:90 packs), Ultra Scoring Kings (1:12 packs), and Metal Universe Planet Metal (1:60 packs).

Release Date: 3/15/2017
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2016-17 Fleer Showcase Hockey Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 4 Metal Universe Inserts
  • 4 Flair Row Inserts
  • 3 Red Glow Base Parallels
  • 3 Chase Inserts (EX-2017, Scoring Kings, Planet Metal, Hot Gloves)
  • 1 Card #/150 or less
  • 3 Additional #'d cards
Top eBay Listings

2016-17 Fleer Showcase PMG Precious Metal Gems Blue Emerald Purple Lot Matthews

2016-17 Fleer Showcase Skybox Premium RUBY Travis Konecny RC #50 50 Flyers

2016-17 Fleer Showcase Hot Prospects Auto Hudson Fasching #52 499 Jersey #!

2016-17 Fleer Showcase Ultra Rookie Jake Guentzel 599 Pittsburgh Penguins



2016-17 fleer showcase fleer ultra retro tony amonte and sergei zubov 25

2016-17 fleer showcase Jimmy Vesey auto 499

2016-17 Auston Matthews Fleer Showcase EX Green *RARE*

2016-17 Fleer Showcase Brendan Leipsic Hot Prospects Rookie Auto Patch 107 135

2016-17 Fleer Showcase Metal Universe Red Travis Konecny Flyers 079 150 PMG


16-17 Fleer Showcase Martin Frk 5 Rookie Hot Prospects White Hot Panthers 2016

16-17 Fleer Showcase Patrik Laine Rookie Flair Jets 2016

16-17 Fleer Showcase Joel Eriksson Ek 10 Auto Patch Rookie White Hot 2016 Wild

William Nylander 2016-17 Fleer Showcase Skybox Premium Prospects Ultra (4)
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User Reviews

  1. Cards look to be nice, however, the checklist is a joke! Could it be any more thin? extremely limited in terms of vets or legends. Less hits than prior years and a strange configuration change, no Patch per box anymore??

  2. Why dose UD not include eichel in thier set. It’s it due to him signing an auto dealers with leaf?

  3. Can’t wait to grab some Matthews and Marner Pmgs

  4. Final lots of nucks RCs Garteig,Rodin,Labate,Demko,Stecher,and maybe Freisen

  5. Love PMG cards. Looking forward to adding my my McDavid collection.
    Also noticed UD followed up the employee exclusive PMG rookie set with another rookie set this year.
    Last year’s set was numbered to 150 and this year the set is numbered to 175.
    Can’t wait to see what the Fleer PMGs look like this year.

  6. I pulled an unsigned Luc Robitaille 92 Ultra buyback. Why not go the slight extra step and get them all signed? It’s only numbered out of 25.

  7. just an average product. I love the exls. as ususal this product has two many different rookie sets. but for price the product is not bad.

  8. Maybe I’m biased, but this product, (like most 16-17 products), represent the Kings with only 3-4 players, and those 3-4 players are not even presented in all the inserts. The Kings had 4 rookies start this year. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  9. Upper Deck really is not the company they used to be. This product always delivered well under the radar. Now, they shrink the patch window and make patches hard to get. Trying to capture the SPA fan I guess. Doesn’t work here. Some Good ideas carried out poorly and thrown together without a plan

  10. Guys, we have to stop giving negative feedback on everything lol.

    Last Year, patch was on 499, one color and could be a non star rookie auto patch.

    Price was around 140!

    Now , we have a box for 100$ with one auto for sure, maybe a patch. only 135 so make it hard and more valuable. One ex per box, rookie Ultra and etc.

    this products , for the price and the rookie class , is really good.

    Why 4 stars and not 5, just because the Matthews is hard to pulled ( really low numbered )

  11. I am going to give my completely biased and invalid opinion, because it’s based on only one half case group break I bought in to; but here goes anyways!

    I love this product! I bought into Toronto for $185CDN and I scored a Matthews showcase rookie, Nylander metal universe rookie, Brown Skybox premium prospects /499, Marner Ultra rookie /599 and to top it all off, an Auston Matthews Hot Prospects auto /99!!! That auto alone is currently selling for around $500 on ebay, so I am super happy! :D

  12. Any idea if any of the Hot Prospects Quads players will get cards of their own? I know some of them already have rookie cards, but a number of them do not.

  13. What is the deal with Laine Rookie Auto Patches? Some are numbered to 85 and then the same card is numbered to 135? Is this a numbering issue or did Upper Deck make more card than listed on the checklist in this product?

  14. OK product. Way too many rookie subsets though. The base cards are dull, but the checklist looks ok. EX-2017 are a nice addition. I love acetate cards, but it would have been cool if they were serial numbered. On the other hand, the Metal Universe Planet and Scoring Kings are awful. The design is too childish and tasteless. The Flair Hot Gloves are nice too with their glove shape but they could have put more goalies in the checklist.

  15. Just broke a box last night to see this product in real. Seems pretty solid.
    Yes, checklist as for me, a European collector should be better, but what to do…
    Was kind of lucky with this box, pulled the Hot Prospects Auto Patch White Hot FX 10/10 of Kasperi Kapanen …
    By a simple calculation, these are falling very rarely, so I am glad for that pull.

  16. Love the quality of the Rookie Auto cards. Decent price point for the hit potential.

    Has anyone else seen the Laine Patch Auto /135 cards on eBay? Are those not counterfeit? List above only lists /85 and /10 for Laine Patch Auto.

  17. We got clarification from Upper Deck and apparently there are still just 85 copies of the base auto patch for Laine. It appears some were mistakenly stamped as being out of 135. UD will correct the numbering if you contact them and send in your card.

  18. Martin Frk is the Canes Hot Prospect? Seriously, this couldn’t have been change after he was canned from Raleigh after his brief but regrettable stint here? Thank god there are only 5 of those cards in the world!

  19. Opened a hobby box last night and hit 4 autographa in the same box along with a Matthews blue ice #’d to 199. Ive heard of two autos including the buy back card. Has anyone hit 4 prospect autographs? I was quite surprised and pleased I must say.

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