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2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards

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2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium brings a reflective card technology to the Marvel Universe. Each hobby box includes one autograph, sketch or manufactured relic.

Treated as an annual look at the characters of Marvel, the product is built around a 90-card chromium base, with several limited parallels. The parallels showcase an Adamantium theme and include Raw (1:3 packs), Molten (#/299), Refined (#/99), Radiance (#/50) and Bar (#/5).

A variety of limited shiny inserts are also available in the product. In Memoriam, Hero Pow-Ore, When Worlds Collide and Universal Heroes each average one per box (1:13.5 packs). Rookie Heroes are the rarest insert at 1:27 packs.

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium also offers collectors a mix of hit options. This includes Sketch Cards and Dual Comic Autographs. Manufactured Patches can also be found in Single, Double or Short Print form.

Release Date: 12/9/2015
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 20 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Box Break Average

  • 1 Autograph, Sketch or Manufactured Patch Card


Set Checklist

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Raw Vibranium, Molten Vibranium #/299, Refined Vibranium #/99, Radiance Vibranium #/50, Vibranium Bar #/5.
2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards 2

1 Captain America
2 Captain Marvel
3 Colossus
4 Cyclops
5 Daredevil
6 Hulk
7 Kitty Pryde
8 Lockheed
9 Rocket Raccoon
10 Ronin
11 Sabretooth
12 Scarlet Witch
13 Star-Lord
14 Taskmaster
15 Thanos
16 Ultimate Iron Man
17 Spider-Woman
18 Vision
19 Wolverine
20 War Machine
21 Nightcrawler
22 Emma Frost
23 Cannonball
24 Doctor Strange
25 Cable
26 Black Panther
27 Radioactive Man
28 Gamora
29 Iron Fist
30 Iron Man
31 Thor
32 Lockjaw
33 Black Bolt
34 Beast
35 Baron Zemo
36 Black Widow
37 Spider-Gwen
38 Psylocke
39 Angel
40 Winter Soldier
41 Enchantress
42 Leader
43 Chamber
44 Punisher
45 Bishop
46 Hela
47 Green Goblin
48 Iceman
49 Nick Fury
50 Namor
51 Quicksilver
52 She-Hulk
53 Black Swan
54 Blindfold
55 Darkhawk
56 Magik
57 Nightmask
58 Moon Knight
59 Hyperion
60 Black Cat
61 Drax The Destroyer
62 Paladin
63 Rogue
64 Misty Knight
65 Shroud
66 Speedball
67 White Tiger
68 Loki
69 Luke Cage
70 Havok
71 Groot
72 Amadeus Cho
73 Magneto
74 Mockingbird
75 Red Hulk
76 Hawkeye
77 Nova
78 Storm
79 Ultimate Spider-Man
80 Ultimate Venom
81 Sentry
82 Gladiator
83 Death Locket
84 Manifold
85 Valkyrie
86 Hope
87 Whirlwind
88 Ulysses Klaw
89 Warpath
90 Deadpool

Single Manufactured Patch Set Checklist

25 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted below.
2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards 3

P-1 Hulk
P-2 Deadpool
P-3 Ultimate Iron Man
P-4 Thor
P-5 Magneto
P-6 Black Panther
P-7 Captain Marvel
P-8 Ultimate Spider-Man
P-9 Black Widow
P-10 Sabretooth
P-11 Star-Lord
P-12 Colossus
P-13 Namor
P-14 Scarlet Witch
P-15 Loki
P-16 Jean Grey
P-17 Cyclops
P-18 Thanos
P-19 Ghost Rider
P-20 Daredevil
P-21 Spider-Gwen SP
P-22 Nightcrawler SP
P-23 Iron Man SP
P-24 Wolverine SP
P-25 Captain America SP

Double Manufactured Patch Set Checklist

25 cards. Short Prints (SP) noted below.
2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards 4

P2-1 Groot
P2-1 Rocket Raccoon
P2-2 Lockheed
P2-2 Kitty Pryde
P2-3 Thor
P2-4 Iron Fist
P2-4 Daredevil
P2-5 Cyclops
P2-5 Jean Grey
P2-6 Gamora
P2-6 Star-Lord
P2-7 Spider-Man
P2-7 Spider-Gwen
P2-8 Thor
P2-8 Captain America
P2-9 Hulk
P2-9 She-Hulk
P2-10 Cable
P2-10 Cyclops
P2-11 Captain Marvel
P2-11 Luke Cage
P2-12 Hawkeye
P2-12 Black Widow
P2-13 Ultimate Venom
P2-13 Ultimate Spider-Man
P2-14 Ronin
P2-14 Mockingbird
P2-15 Cyclops
P2-15 Emma Frost
P2-16 Black Panther
P2-16 Ulysses Klaue
P2-17 Taskmaster
P2-17 Captain America
P2-18 Nova
P2-18 Thanos
P2-19 Nightcrawler
P2-19 Beast
P2-20 Magneto
P2-20 Storm
P2-21 Wolverine SP
P2-21 Sabretooth SP
P2-22 Spider-Woman SP
P2-22 Ultimate Spider-Man SP
P2-23 Ultimate Iron Man SP
P2-23 Iron Man SP
P2-24 Vision SP
P2-24 Scarlet Witch SP
P2-25 Lockjaw SP
P2-25 Black Bolt SP

Dual Comic Auto Set Checklist

22 cards

C-BC Cory Petit
C-BC Mark Bagley
C-BL Matteo Lolli
C-BL Cullen Bunn
C-CE Chris Eliopoulos
C-CE Olivier Coipel
C-CV Laura Villari
C-CV Joe Caramagna
C-ES Chris Eliopoulos
C-ES Declan Shalvey
C-IC Joe Caramagna
C-IC Stuart Immonen
C-ML Steve McNiven
C-ML Jay Leisten
C-OE Chris Eliopoulos
C-OE Victor Olazaba
C-PH Ramon Perez
C-PH Ian Herring
C-RN Rico Renzi
C-RN Ryan North
C-SD Jim Starlin
C-SD Frank D'Armata

Dual Comic Auto Variant Set Checklist

10 cards
2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards 5

V-CV Joe Caramagna
V-CV Laura Villari
V-DL Jim Starlin
V-DL Frank D'Armata
V-IC Joe Caramagna
V-IC Stuart Immonen
V-LO Steve McNiven
V-LO Jay Leisten
V-OE Chris Eliopoulos
V-OE Victor Olazaba

Hero Pow-Ore Set Checklist

20 cards

HP-1 Nova
HP-2 Thanos
HP-3 Hulk
HP-4 Ultron
HP-5 Doctor Strange
HP-6 Magneto
HP-7 Black Bolt
HP-8 Black Panther
HP-9 Wolverine
HP-10 Spider-Man
HP-11 Daredevil
HP-12 Scarlet Witch
HP-13 Winter Soldier
HP-14 Storm
HP-15 Kitty Pryde
HP-16 Squirrel Girl
HP-17 Ultimate Venom
HP-18 Spider-Gwen
HP-19 Moon Knight
HP-20 Captain America

In Memoriam Set Checklist

20 cards

IM-1 Wolverine
IM-2 Black Widow
IM-3 Eternity
IM-4 Dum Dum Dugan
IM-5 Gladiator
IM-6 Lady Bullseye
IM-7 Thor
IM-8 Superior Spider-Man
IM-9 Nightmask
IM-10 Black Panther
IM-11 Bova
IM-12 Captain Universe
IM-13 Zoran
IM-14 Ex Nihilo
IM-15 Ultimate Captain America
IM-16 Black Dwarf
IM-17 Flashfire
IM-18 Nova
IM-19 Star Brand
IM-20 Deadpool

Metal Engravings Sketch Set Checklist

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards 6

SKT David Hindelang
SKT D.J. Coffman
SKT Damon Bowie
SKT Dan MacIsaac
SKT Clint Langley
SKT Eric Fournier
SKT Eric Van Elslande
SKT Elton Thomasi
SKT Dominike Stanton
SKT Gilbert Monsanto
SKT Gemma Magno
SKT Gener Pedrina
SKT Adam Cleveland
SKT Al Milgrom
SKT Arturo Romero
SKT Bryan "SilverBaX" Sheppard
SKT Bryan Tillman
SKT Patricio Carrasco
SKT Patrick Giles
SKT Paulo Teles
SKT Lucas Pereira
SKT Mark LeMieux
SKT Mark Marvida
SKT Matt Hebb
SKT Melike Acar
SKT Mitch Ballard
SKT Jeffrey Benitez
SKT Jerry Fleming
SKT Jim Faustino
SKT John Jackman
SKT Jon Rademacher
SKT Jucylande Paula de Oliveira Jr.
SKT Kate Carleton
SKT James Hill
SKT James Hiralez and Chris Burkheart
SKT Jarett Walen
SKT Jason Adams
SKT Jason Sobol
SKT Ian Quirante
SKT Sharon Gauthier
SKT Rustico Limosinero
SKT Ryan Edwards
SKT Ryan Kincaid
SKT Robert Zailo
SKT Raymundo Racho

Rookie Heroes Set Checklist

10 cards

RH-1 Captain America
RH-2 Superior Iron Man
RH-3 Silk
RH-4 Thor
RH-5 Proximate Midnight
RH-6 Spider-Gwen
RH-7 Sun Girl
RH-8 Water Snake
RH-9 Spider-UK
RH-10 Ms. Marvel

Universal Heroes Set Checklist

20 cards

UH-1 Wolverine
UH-2 Iron Man
UH-3 Spider-Man
UH-4 Cyclops
UH-5 Captain America
UH-6 Thor
UH-7 Jean Grey
UH-8 Deadpool
UH-9 Daredevil
UH-10 Cable
UH-11 Black Widow
UH-12 Hulk
UH-13 Punisher
UH-14 Doctor Strange
UH-15 Power Man
UH-16 Spider-Woman
UH-17 Ghost Rider
UH-18 Iron Fist
UH-19 Captain Marvel
UH-20 Hawkeye

When Worlds Collide Set Checklist

20 cards

WC-1 Captain Universe
WC-1 Solus
WC-2 Thanos
WC-2 Nova
WC-3 2099 Spider-Man
WC-3 Superior Spider-Man
WC-4 Thor
WC-4 Wolverine
WC-5 Thanos
WC-5 Hulk
WC-6 Superior Spider-Man
WC-6 Spider-Man
WC-7 X-23
WC-7 Xavier
WC-8 Nova
WC-8 Carnage
WC-9 Beast
WC-9 Hulk
WC-10 Hammer of God
WC-10 Black Widow
WC-11 Captain America
WC-11 Iron Nail
WC-12 Hulk
WC-12 Zoran
WC-13 Nick Fury
WC-13 Captain America
WC-14 Nova
WC-14 Star-Lord
WC-15 Hulk
WC-15 Captain Marvel
WC-16 Malekith
WC-16 Thor
WC-17 Spider-Man
WC-17 Medusa
WC-18 Captain America
WC-18 Batroc the Leaper
WC-19 Spider-Man
WC-19 Vulture
WC-20 Deadpool
WC-20 Hawkeye


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User Reviews


@gary ehn, that’s actually a better box than average! You definitely got shorted a hit, but many of the patches are worth less than the refined/radiance parallels

gary ehn
gary ehn

just popped a box I bought from Dave and Adam’s. factory sealed. I did not get any of the hits listed. No sketch, patch or autograph. 1 Bar parallel which is super thick and the pack contained 3 cards. the next pack was 1 card short also, but had a raw parallel in it.

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