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2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards

2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards

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You can't always judge a show's quality by the length of its run. Firefly is a perfect example. Lasting just 14 episodes, it has since carved out a massive and passionate following. Thanks to the growth of TV on DVD and now streaming on places like Netflix, the show (and the movie that spun out of it) lives on in a big way. 2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse trading cards take a different kind of spin on the series with a release that uses new art to flesh out the show's world.

The base set is nearly 180 cards, which is the biggest to date for the franchise. Previously, Inkworks released sets for both the show and the movie, Serenity. Characters like Captain Mal, Wash, Jayne, Kaylee and Zoe get the spotlight alongside more base cards that delve into the ships and different types of weapons.

Base set parallels include Foil, Canvas and Autographs. Collectors can also find Printing Plates.

2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse also has a handful of premium inserts. Sketch cards come with original art done directly on the card. Replica Patch Cards have manufactured pieces of embroidery designed to look like patched found on wardrobe from the show.

The product has plenty of autographs. While the big draw will be cards signed by the actors, artists who worked on the set also have signatures in the set.

Product Configuration: 20 packs per box, 7 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Browncoats, Art Card Fans, Autograph Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors

2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Box Break

  • 140 Total Cards

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Set Checklist

2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

171 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Foil, Leather #/99, Printing Plates
2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards 22

1 Serenity
2 Serenity
3 Serenity
4 Serenity
5 Serenity
6 Serenity
7 Serenity
8 Serenity
9 Serenity
10 The Train Job
11 The Train Job
12 The Train Job
13 The Train Job
14 The Train Job
15 The Train Job
16 The Train Job
17 The Train Job
18 The Train Job
19 Bushwhacked
20 Bushwhacked
21 Bushwhacked
22 Bushwhacked
23 Bushwhacked
24 Bushwhacked
25 Bushwhacked
26 Bushwhacked
27 Bushwhacked
28 Shindig
29 Shindig
30 Shindig
31 Shindig
32 Shindig
33 Shindig
34 Shindig
35 Shindig
36 Shindig
37 Safe
38 Safe
39 Safe
40 Safe
41 Safe
42 Safe
43 Safe
44 Safe
45 Safe
46 Our Mrs. Reynolds
47 Our Mrs. Reynolds
48 Our Mrs. Reynolds
49 Our Mrs. Reynolds
50 Our Mrs. Reynolds
51 Our Mrs. Reynolds
52 Our Mrs. Reynolds
53 Our Mrs. Reynolds
54 Our Mrs. Reynolds
55 Jaynestown
56 Jaynestown
57 Jaynestown
58 Jaynestown
59 Jaynestown
60 Jaynestown
61 Jaynestown
62 Jaynestown
63 Jaynestown
64 Out of Gas
65 Out of Gas
66 Out of Gas
67 Out of Gas
68 Out of Gas
69 Out of Gas
70 Out of Gas
71 Out of Gas
72 Out of Gas
73 Ariel
74 Ariel
75 Ariel
76 Ariel
77 Ariel
78 Ariel
79 Ariel
80 Ariel
81 Ariel
82 War Stories
83 War Stories
84 War Stories
85 War Stories
86 War Stories
87 War Stories
88 War Stories
89 War Stories
90 War Stories
91 Trash
92 Trash
93 Trash
94 Trash
95 Trash
96 Trash
97 Trash
98 Trash
99 Trash
100 The Message
101 The Message
102 The Message
103 The Message
104 The Message
105 The Message
106 The Message
107 The Message
108 The Message
109 Heart of Gold
110 Heart of Gold
111 Heart of Gold
112 Heart of Gold
113 Heart of Gold
114 Heart of Gold
115 Heart of Gold
116 Heart of Gold
117 Heart of Gold
118 Objects In Space
119 Objects In Space
120 Objects In Space
121 Objects In Space
122 Objects In Space
123 Objects In Space
124 Objects In Space
125 Objects In Space
126 Objects In Space
127 Malcolm Reynolds
128 Inara Serra
129 Zoe Washburne
130 Hoban Washburne
131 Kaylee Frye
132 Jayne Cobb
133 River Tam
134 Simon Tam
135 Derrial Book
136 Malcolm Reynolds
137 Inara Serra
138 Zoe Washburne
139 Hoban Washburne
140 Kaylee Frye
141 Jayne Cobb
142 River Tam
143 Simon Tam
144 Derrial Book
145 Alliance Cruiser
146 Carrion House
147 Niska's Skyplex
148 Ariel
149 St. Albans
150 Reaver Ship
151 Ariel City Hospital
152 S.S. Walden
153 Regina
154 Bellerophon
155 Join the Browncoats
156 The Alliance Calls
157 Browncoats Monthly
158 Be On Alert
159 Tales of Serenity - Inara
160 Tales of Serenity - Jayne and Book
161 Tales of Serenity - Malcolm Reynolds
162 Tales of Serenity - Reavers Hunt
163 Serenity Ships
164 Serenity Ships
165 Serenity Shuttle
166 Cry Baby
167 Alliance Cruiser
168 Carrion House
169 Ambulance Ship
170 Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel
171 Jubal Early's Ship

Base Autographs Set Checklist

171 cards
2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards 23

1 Matthew Clark
2 Matthew Clark
3 Matthew Clark
4 Matthew Clark
5 Matthew Clark
6 Matthew Clark
7 Matthew Clark
8 Matthew Clark
9 Matthew Clark
10 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
11 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
12 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
13 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
14 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
15 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
16 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
17 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
18 Spencer Brinkerhoff III
19 Mick and Matt Glebe
20 Mick and Matt Glebe
21 Mick and Matt Glebe
22 Mick and Matt Glebe
23 Mick and Matt Glebe
24 Mick and Matt Glebe
25 Mick and Matt Glebe
26 Mick and Matt Glebe
27 Mick and Matt Glebe
28 Karen Hallion
29 Karen Hallion
30 Karen Hallion
31 Karen Hallion
32 Karen Hallion
33 Karen Hallion
34 Karen Hallion
35 Karen Hallion
36 Karen Hallion
37 DeJon Parnell
38 DeJon Parnell
39 DeJon Parnell
40 DeJon Parnell
41 DeJon Parnell
42 DeJon Parnell
43 DeJon Parnell
44 DeJon Parnell
45 DeJon Parnell
46 Harold Edge
47 Harold Edge
48 Harold Edge
49 Harold Edge
50 Harold Edge
51 Harold Edge
52 Harold Edge
53 Harold Edge
54 Harold Edge
55 Patrick Giles
56 Patrick Giles
57 Patrick Giles
58 Patrick Giles
59 Patrick Giles
60 Patrick Giles
61 Patrick Giles
62 Patrick Giles
63 Patrick Giles
64 Matthew Brazier
65 Matthew Brazier
66 Matthew Brazier
67 Matthew Brazier
68 Matthew Brazier
69 Matthew Brazier
70 Matthew Brazier
71 Matthew Brazier
72 Matthew Brazier
73 Bob Petrecca
74 Bob Petrecca
75 Bob Petrecca
76 Bob Petrecca
77 Bob Petrecca
78 Bob Petrecca
79 Bob Petrecca
80 Bob Petrecca
81 Bob Petrecca
82 Kevin Sharpe
83 Kevin Sharpe
84 Kevin Sharpe
85 Kevin Sharpe
86 Kevin Sharpe
87 Kevin Sharpe
88 Kevin Sharpe
89 Kevin Sharpe
90 Kevin Sharpe
91 Bill Pulkovski
92 Bill Pulkovski
93 Bill Pulkovski
94 Bill Pulkovski
95 Bill Pulkovski
96 Bill Pulkovski
97 Bill Pulkovski
98 Bill Pulkovski
99 Bill Pulkovski
100 Rupam Grimoeuvre
101 Rupam Grimoeuvre
102 Rupam Grimoeuvre
103 Rupam Grimoeuvre
104 Rupam Grimoeuvre
105 Rupam Grimoeuvre
106 Rupam Grimoeuvre
107 Rupam Grimoeuvre
108 Rupam Grimoeuvre
109 Lisa Redfern
110 Lisa Redfern
111 Lisa Redfern
112 Lisa Redfern
113 Lisa Redfern
114 Lisa Redfern
115 Lisa Redfern
116 Lisa Redfern
117 Lisa Redfern
118 Tony Santiago
119 Tony Santiago
120 Tony Santiago
121 Tony Santiago
122 Tony Santiago
123 Tony Santiago
124 Tony Santiago
125 Tony Santiago
126 Tony Santiago
127 David Hindelang
128 David Hindelang
129 David Hindelang
130 David Hindelang
131 David Hindelang
132 David Hindelang
133 David Hindelang
134 David Hindelang
135 David Hindelang
136 Tim Shay
137 Tim Shay
138 Tim Shay
139 Tim Shay
140 Tim Shay
141 Tim Shay
142 Tim Shay
143 Tim Shay
144 Tim Shay
145 Joel Gomez
146 Joel Gomez
147 Joel Gomez
148 Joel Gomez
149 Joel Gomez
150 Joel Gomez
151 Joel Gomez
152 Joel Gomez
153 Joel Gomez
154 Joel Gomez
155 Robert Jimenez
156 Robert Jimenez
157 Robert Jimenez
158 Robert Jimenez
159 Robert Jimenez
160 Robert Jimenez
161 Robert Jimenez
162 Robert Jimenez
163 Chris Meeks
164 Chris Meeks
165 Chris Meeks
166 Chris Meeks
167 Chris Meeks
168 Chris Meeks
169 Chris Meeks
170 Chris Meeks
171 Chris Meeks

Actor Autographs Set Checklist

30 cards
2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards 24

AB Adam Baldwin
AD Eddie Adams
AN Andrew Bryniarski
AU Andy Umberger
BB Bonnie Bartlett
BR Blake Robbins
BU Richard Burgi
CJ Carlos Jacott
DC Dennis Cockrum
DS Doug Savant
EA Edward Atterton
FL Fredric Lehne
FR Franc Ross
GH Gregg Henry
GI Gregory Itzin
IH Isabella Hofmann
JR Jeff Ricketts
JS Jewel Staite
KG Kevin Gage
LD Larry Drake
MB Morena Baccarin
MC Melinda Clarke
MF Michael Fairman
MS Mark Sheppard
NF Nathan Fillion
RB Richard Brooks
RG Ron Glass
SM Sean Maher
WC William Converse-Roberts
WO Jonathan Woodward

Dual Actor Autographs Set Checklist

14 cards

BA Edward Atterton
BA Morena Baccarin
BG Adam Baldwin
BG Kevin Gage
FB Andrew Bryniarski
FB Michael Fairman
FM Nathan Fillion
FM Morena Baccarin
FT Nathan Fillion
FT Sean Maher
GM Sean Maher
GM Adam Baldwin
GS Adam Baldwin
GS Ron Glass
HB Ron Glass
HB Morena Baccarin
HC Isabella Hofmann
HC William Converse-Roberts
HF Adam Baldwin
HF Nathan Fillion
LC Melinda Clarke
LC Fredric Lehne
RC Jeff Ricketts
RC Dennis Cockrum
SD Mark Sheppard
SD Larry Drake
WB Jonathan Woodward
WB Richard Burgi

Triple Actor Autographs Set Checklist

8 cards

BJR Blake Robbins
BJR Richard Brooks
BJR Carlos Jacott
FBT Sean Maher
FBT Nathan Fillion
FBT Adam Baldwin
FSF Nathan Fillion
FSF Michael Fairman
FSF Mark Sheppard
GBM Sean Maher
GBM Ron Glass
GBM Adam Baldwin
GRC Sean Maher
GRC Jeff Ricketts
GRC Dennis Cockrum
HFB Ron Glass
HFB Nathan Fillion
HFB Morena Baccarin
RWA Jonathan Woodward
RWA Eddie Adams
RWA Franc Ross
SFD Nathan Fillion
SFD Mark Sheppard
SFD Larry Drake

Patches Set Checklist

42 cards.
2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards 25

F-1 Firefly - Tier 3
F-2 Mal - Tier 3
F-3 Zoe - Tier 2
F-4 Wash - Tier 3
F-5 Kaylee - Tier 2
F-6 Jayne - Tier 3
F-7 Book - Tier 2
F-8 Inara - Tier 1
F-9 River - Tier 1
F-10 Simon - Tier 2
F-11 Blue Sun Corp - Tier 1
F-12 Sheriff Shoulder Patch - Tier 3
F-13 Browncoats - Tier 3
F-14 Ariel EMT Patch - Tier 2
F-15 Ariel Chest Patch - Tier 3
F-16 Alliance Security Shield - Tier 2
F-17 Alliance Flag - Tier 3
F-18 Alliance Soldier Patch - Tier 3
F-19 Alliance Security Patch - Tier 3
F-20 Wash's Lyndono - Tier 3
F-21 Tri-Planet Patch - Tier 3
F-22 Jayne's Hat - Tier 2
F-23 Mal's Pistol - Tier 2
F-24 Wash's Jacket Patch - Tier 1
F-25 Book's Hair - Tier 3
F-26 Zoe's Gun - Tier 3
F-27 Kaylee's Fluffy Dress - Tier 3
F-28 Serenity Control Panel - Tier 2
F-29 Alliance Lieutenant - Tier 3
F-30 Alliance Commander - Tier 2
F-31 Alliance Cruiser - Tier 3
F-32 Jayne's T-Shirt Logo - Tier 3
F-33 ATV Plate - Tier 1
F-34 Jubal Early's Ship - Tier 3
F-35 Kaylee's Teddy - Tier 3
F-36 Jayne's Gun Vera - Tier 1
F-37 Wash's Dinosaurs - Tier 3
F-38 Jayne in Airlock - Tier 3
F-39 Fenced Cows - Tier 2
F-40 Jaynestown Statue - Tier 3
F-41 Mal Waiting - Tier 3
F-42 Serenity - Tier 2

Original Art Autographs Set Checklist

6 cards

OA-DB Derrial Book - Ron Glass
OA-IS Inara Serra - Morena Baccarin
OA-JC Jayne Cobb - Adam Baldwin
OA-KF Kaylee Frye - Jewel Staite
OA-MR Malcolm Reynolds - Nathan Fillion
OA-ST Simon Tam - Sean Maher

Sketch Cards (Character/Ship/Episode) Set Checklist

30 cards
2015 Upper Deck Firefly: The Verse Trading Cards 26

FS-1 Malcolm Reynolds
FS-2 Zoe Washburne
FS-3 Hoban Washburne
FS-4 Inara Serra
FS-5 River Tam
FS-6 Simon Tam
FS-7 Kaylee Frye
FS-8 Derrial Book
FS-9 Jayne Cobb
FS-10 Serenity
FS-11 The Train Job
FS-12 Bushwhacked
FS-13 Shindig
FS-14 Safe
FS-15 Our Mrs Reynolds
FS-16 Jaynestown
FS-17 Out of Gas
FS-18 Ariel
FS-19 War Stories
FS-20 Trash
FS-21 The Message
FS-22 Heart of Gold
FS-23 Objects In Space
FS-24 Serenity
FS-25 Cry Baby
FS-26 Alliance Cruiser
FS-27 Carrion House
FS-28 Jubal Early's Ship
FS-29 Serenity Shuttle
FS-30 Reaver Ship

Regular Sketch Cards Set Checklist

Full artist list shown below.

Regular Sketch Card Artists
Adam Braun
Alan Myers
Alfredo Lopez Jr.
Anastasia Catris
Ashleigh Popplewell
Bianca Thompson
Brad Utterstrom
Brandon Gallo
Brian DeGuire
Brody Williams
Bryan Tillman
Charles Hall
Chris Henderson
Christopher Foulkes
Cleber Lima
Dan MacIsaac
Daniel Gorman
David Hindelang
Deborah Abbott
DeJon Parnell
Elfie Lebouleux
Elton Thomasi
Eric Van Elslande
Eric Fournier
Erik Reeves
Francois Chartier
Gary Kezele
Gemma Magno
Gener Pedrina
George Vega
Gilbert Monsanto
Harold Edge
Irma Suriani Ahmed
James Bukauskas
Jarett Walen
Jasmine Anderson
Jason Sobol
Jeff Chandler
Jeffrey Benitez
Joe Hogan
John Sloboda
Jomar Bulda
Justin Chung
Kate Carleton
Kimberly Dunaway
Lee Bradley
Loren Bobbitt
Lydi Li Tubillara
Marco Carrillo
Mark Spears
Mark LeMieux
Mary Bellamy
Matt Stewart
Matthew Santorelli
Matthew Brazier
Matthew Parmenter
Melissa Piccone
Michael Duron
Mitch Ballard
Patricio Carrasco
Patrick Giles
Raymundo Racho
Rich Molinelli
Robert Jimenez
Roberto Cota Briceno
Rustico Limosinero
Rusty Gilligan
Scott Zirkel
Ted Woods
Tina Berardi
Vanessa Farano
Victor Rodriguez
Vince Sunico
Walter Rice
William Withers
Character/Ship/Episode Sketch Cards Artists
Bobby Breed
Chris Bradberry
Cris Santos
Daniel Gorman
Deborah Abbott
Diana Greenhalgh
Elfie Lebouleux
Elton Thomasi
Eric Van Elslande
Erik Reeves
Gener Pedrina
Gilbert Monsanto
Irma Suriani Ahmed
Jeffrey Benitez
Joe Hogan
Jun Premiro
Kimberly Dunaway
Loren Bobbitt
Lydi Li Tubillara
Mark Spears
Melissa Piccone
Raymundo Racho
Rusty Gilligan
Scott Zirkel
Vince Sunico
Walter Rice
William Withers

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David Lang
David Lang

Thanks for the work you put in on this site! I wanted to see more about the “2015 Firefly, The Verse” card set and my friend told me to check out your site. Very Well Done!
David Lang


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