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2015 Topps The Warriors Trading Cards

2015 Topps The Warriors Trading Cards

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The Warriors have finally come out to play. After originally planning to have cards from the 1979 cult classic in 2014 Topps Archives Baseball, the cancelled inserts have returned as an exclusive to the Topps website. 2015 Topps The Warriors features over-sized cards and a retro feel.

The set comes packaged as a 16-card set. Each card measures 5x7 and is printed on a vintage-style clay stock with a matte finish.

Images are taken from the film and focus more on character shots than action.

Topps.com is selling the set for $19.99 plus shipping.

Directed by Walter Hill, The Warriors is about a New York gang trying to get home and clear their name for the murder of a rival gang leader. To do so, they must cross into the territory of other gangs. Somewhat bizarre, particularly in the gang designs and get-ups, The Warriors has built a major following over the years.

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2015 Topps The Warriors Checklist

W-1 On the Run
W-2 Ready to Rumble
W-3 One Step Ahead
W-4 Looking Out for Trouble
W-5 Ajax: Vested Interest
W-6 Lonesome Leader
W-7 Wounded Warrior
W-8 Snow Chills
W-9 Cochise in Battle Garb
W-10 Outlaw Couple
W-11 Next Stop: Danger
W-12 Coney Island Bound
W-13 Strength in Numbers
W-14 Home Turf
W-15 Smoldering Ajax
W-16 The Furies

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Arkansas Dave
Arkansas Dave

Man Rudy, you nailed every one of my points right on the head!! Well said brah.


I do see there actually is a card of the Furies in the photos, but you can’t really see the actual image on the card due to how it’s situated. It’s all the way over the right in the 4th picture. Thanks for this great report. You can’t even see these pictures currently at the Topps website.


Beautiful set, thanks for posting the images and I will be getting one, but c’mon, Topps, no “Baseball Furies” player card?!
I understand there’s no “Lezzies” card given that term may now be fairly un-P.C, but these use the 1979 baseball design, for Pete’s sake! They needed to have that Fury “player” card. Maybe they can’t remind us too much that the Warriors are technically a gang fighting others gangs, even though this movie is a close to a cartoon (in a good way!) that a movie can get. You have to figure that’s why it was pulled from its original intended release in Topps Archives and instead issued here on it’s own, separate from any product containing MLB licensed material. The movie “Major League”‘s off-color jokes weren’t as problematic as glorifying gangs (as some feel the “Warriors” did) was.
Whatever, I’m just glad they’re out now, and oversized is not bad on these. They would look amazing signed. I didn’t think we’d hear of these cards again after they were cancelled at regular card size, which I’d still like to see them issued in, in a full set, if possible.
Plus, where’s the card titled “Warriors, Come Out to Play-eeee-aaaa!!!” showing that little jerk Luther maniacally clinking the bottles?
How about Cyrus with “Can you dig itttttt?” to the assembled masses, or “Riff To the Rescue on Coney Island!”. The card titles write themselves with this fan favorite.
They need to make more of these sets to get more of the classic images and quotes from this film on the cards for this effort to be a complete success.
The several closeups of the lady DJ’s, Lynne Thigpen’s, heavily glossed lips with the warnings she gives the Warriors over the radio would each make a great card. This should have been a regular set. Much of the remaining cast would sign, I’m sure. Michael Beck already has for Americana, James Remar for Dexter, and David Patrick Kelly for “Twin Peaks”, and probably a few others I’m forgetting. Sketches could be fantastic, too. Thanks for these, Topps.

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