2015 Topps High Tek Football Short Print Patterns and Variations Guide

2015 Topps High Tek Football Short Print Patterns and Variations Guide


Carrying over from baseball, 2015 Topps High Tek Football brings many of the same patterns first displayed with MLB players. Although the guide is still in progress, this is a great place to start when looking into the many patterns found in the release.

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While the 2015 Topps High Tek Football pattern differences are quite obvious, it can be somewhat confusing given that there are several for each player and two distinct groups of subjects. The main change is the shape/design of the foil background for each player. The pattern groupings increase in rarity and each player is only found with designs on their side of the pattern tree. It appears that the same basic system is in place from the baseball patterns, but that has not been confirmed.

The main thing to know is that the 112-card checklist has two separate design groups. So, for example, Marcus Mariota is in Group A and his base design is Grass. He is only found with other A designs. Likewise, fellow rookie Todd Gurley is in Group B, so his base design is Waves and he is only found wth B designs. Also in play is the individual rarity. While the specific pattern amounts remain unknown, the higher the number for the pattern, the more rare the version is for each player.

At this point, it also seems that Topps made things a little more convenient for collectors, and the checklist, listed on the tab above, features Group A designs for first part of the checklist and Group B designs for the latter half. Originally thought to be an even split, it now looks like the Group A designs extend further into the checklist and likely occupy cards #1-72. Group B seems to pick up starting at #73 and continues to the end of the base set. We will update this as soon as we have more information.

2015 Topps High Tek Football Patterns Grass Mariota2015 Topps High Tek Football Patterns Waves Todd Gurley

In addition to the base patterns, there are also a variety of parallels, most of which are numbered.

  • Purple Rainbow Diffractor (Grass Design - Group A)
  • Confetti Diffractor #'d
  • Tidal Diffractor #/75
  • Gold Rainbow Diffractor #/50
  • Clouds Diffractor #/25
  • Red Orbit Diffractor #/5
  • Black Rainbow Diffractor 1/1
  • Black Galactic Diffractor 1/1
  • Printing Proofs 1/1

Beyond the patterns and parallels, there are ten additional image variations that feature the players in throwback uniforms.

Using the tabs above, view a full gallery for the patterns and retro variations, along with a complete checklist.

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Base Patterns

2015 Topps High Tek Football Patterns Visual Guide

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Work in progress. We are operating on the belief that the basic pattern rarities mirror the baseball set. However, that is not confirmed.

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

Pattern 5

Pattern 6

Pattern 7

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Uniform Variations

2015 Topps High Tek Football Retro Uniform Variations Visual Guide

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Much easier to spot because of the jersey image, the Retro Variations feature ten players in their throwback uniform. There are also Red Orbit Diffractor (#/5) and Black Galactic Diffractor (1/1) parallels.

We will add to this list as more cards surface. Let us know if you spot any others.

RUSP-AB Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers

Base (Purple Rainbow parallel)

2015 Topps High Tek Football Patterns Grass Purple Antonio Brown


RUSP-AR Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers


2015 Topps High Tek Football Patterns Grass Base Aaron Rodgers


2015 Topps High Tek Football Patterns Grass Retro Variation Aaron Rodgers

RUSP-BR Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers



RUSP-JN Jordy Nelson - Green Bay Packers



RUSP-LB Le'Veon Bell - Pittsburgh Steelers



RUSP-MF Matt Forté - Chicago Bears

Base (Blade pattern)

2015 Topps High Tek Football Patterns Blade Forte


RUSP-RC Randall Cobb - Green Bay Packers



RUSP-RG Robert Griffin III - Washington Redskins



RUSP-SW Sammy Watkins - Buffalo Bills


2015 Topps High Tek Football Base Sammy Watkins


2015 Topps High Tek Football Retro Uniform Variations Sammy Watkins

RUSP-TM Tre Mason - St. Louis Rams


2015 Topps High Tek Football Base Pyramids Tre Mason


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2015 Topps High Tek Football Base Set Checklist

112 cards. It is believed that the design groupings are split in the checklist. However, it does not appear that it is an even split, as Group A designs extend from cards #1 to #72 and Group B includes the remainder of the cards (#73-#112).

Group A (Suspected)
1 Tom Brady - New England Patriots
2 Jerry Rice - San Francisco 49ers
3 John Elway - Denver Broncos
4 Eli Manning - New York Giants
5 Odell Beckham Jr. - New York Giants
6 Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins
7 Jameis Winston - Tampa Bay Buccaneers RC
8 Marcus Mariota - Tennessee Titans RC
9 Eric Dickerson - Los Angeles Rams
10 Matt Forté - Chicago Bears
11 Deion Sanders - Dallas Cowboys
12 Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints
13 Kurt Warner - St. Louis Rams
14 Jerome Bettis - Pittsburgh Steelers
15 Warren Moon - Houston Oilers
16 Barry Sanders - Detroit Lions
17 Howie Long - Los Angeles Raiders
18 Tim Brown - Oakland Raiders
19 Jordan Matthews - Philadelphia Eagles
20 Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos
21 Kelvin Benjamin - Carolina Panthers
22 Joique Bell - Detroit Lions
23 Alshon Jeffery - Chicago Bears
24 Andre Williams - New York Giants
25 Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers
26 Donte Moncrief - Indianapolis Colts
27 John Riggins - Washington Redskins
28 Ryan Tannehill - Miami Dolphins
29 Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers
30 Len Dawson - Kansas City Chiefs
31 Mike Evans - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
32 Dwight Clark - San Francisco 49ers
33 Sammy Watkins - Buffalo Bills
34 Ronnie Lott - San Francisco 49ers
35 Emmanuel Sanders - Denver Broncos
36 Terrell Davis - Denver Broncos
37 Marshall Faulk - St. Louis Rams
38 Devin Smith - New York Jets RC
39 Shane Ray - Denver Broncos RC
40 Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions
41 Eddie Lacy - Green Bay Packers
42 Curtis Martin - New York Jets
43 Trae Waynes - Minnesota Vikings RC
44 Davante Adams - Green Bay Packers
45 Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks
46 Shaq Thompson - Carolina Panthers RC
47 Tre Mason - St. Louis Rams
48 Arik Armstead - San Francisco 49ers RC
49 Maxx Williams - Baltimore Ravens RC
50 Emmitt Smith - Dallas Cowboys
51 Derek Carr - Oakland Raiders
52 Landon Collins - New York Giants RC
53 Jeremy Hill - Cincinnati Bengals
54 Randy Gregory - Dallas Cowboys RC
55 Dante Fowler Jr. - Jacksonville Jaguars RC
56 Tre McBride - Tennessee Titans RC
57 David Johnson - Arizona Cardinals RC
58 Alvin Dupree - Pittsburgh Steelers RC
59 Greg Olsen - Carolina Panthers
60 Danny Shelton - Cleveland Browns RC
61 Vic Beasley - Atlanta Falcons RC
62 Roger Craig - San Francisco 49ers
63 Jamaal Charles - Kansas City Chiefs
64 Steve Young - San Francisco 49ers
65 Isaiah Crowell - Cleveland Browns
66 Terry Bradshaw - Pittsburgh Steelers
67 Clive Walford - Oakland Raiders RC
68 Jamison Crowder - Washington Redskins RC
69 Martavis Bryant - Pittsburgh Steelers
70 Terrance West - Cleveland Browns
71 Alfred Morris - Washington Redskins
72 Brett Favre - Green Bay Packers
Group B (Suspected)
73 Nelson Agholor - Philadelphia Eagles RC
74 Garrett Grayson - New Orleans Saints RC
75 Luke Kuechly - Carolina Panthers
76 Bryce Petty - New York Jets RC
77 Jeremy Langford - Chicago Bears RC
78 Cameron Artis-Payne - Carolina Panthers RC
79 Kevin White - Chicago Bears RC
80 Jaelen Strong - Houston Texans RC
81 Phillip Dorsett - Indianapolis Colts RC
82 Ameer Abdullah - Detroit Lions RC
83 Amari Cooper - Oakland Raiders RC
84 Breshad Perriman - Baltimore Ravens RC
85 T.J. Yeldon - Jacksonville Jaguars RC
86 Devin Funchess - Carolina Panthers RC
87 Lawrence Taylor - New York Giants
88 Dorial Green-Beckham - Tennessee Titans RC
89 Ty Montgomery - Green Bay Packers RC
90 Mike Davis - San Francisco 49ers RC
91 Kenny Bell - Tampa Bay Buccaneers RC
92 Tony Lippett - Miami Dolphins RC
93 Bob Lilly - Dallas Cowboys
94 Tyler Lockett - Seattle Seahawks RC
95 Melvin Gordon - San Diego Chargers RC
96 Sammie Coates - Pittsburgh Steelers RC
97 Clay Matthews - Green Bay Packers
98 Tevin Coleman - Atlanta Falcons RC
99 DeVante Parker - Miami Dolphins RC
100 David Cobb - Tennessee Titans RC
101 Marshawn Lynch - Seattle Seahawks
102 Brandon Marshall - New York Jets
103 Sean Mannion - St. Louis Rams RC
104 Rashad Greene - Jacksonville Jaguars RC
105 Javorius Allen - Baltimore Ravens RC
106 Duke Johnson - Cleveland Browns RC
107 Leonard Williams - New York Jets RC
108 Todd Gurley - St. Louis Rams RC
109 Chris Conley - Kansas City Chiefs RC
110 Victor Cruz - New York Giants
111 Jay Ajayi - Miami Dolphins RC
112 Brett Hundley - Green Bay Packers RC

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