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Store Hopping for the 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Retail Exclusives

Store Hopping for the 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Retail Exclusives

The Heritage brand is one that brings a lot of master set collectors out who piece together full base sets, short prints and inserts. It's also a set that's popular with team collectors thanks to the larger checklist and more affordable entry point. And then there are the player collectors, many of whom try to track as much down as possible of their selected favorites. Four retail exclusives in 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball make that quest a little bit trickier.

Below is a look at all four of the product's retail exclusives including checklists, what types of packs they're found in and where you need to go to get them.

1966 Bazooka

Where to find them? All retail packs.

Store Hopping for the 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Retail Exclusives 1

Available in all retail packs, the 1966 Bazooka minis are tough. Jumbo retail packs have them at 1:108 packs. Combine that rarity with a 25-card checklist and it's easy to see why relatively few are showing up. It's also leading to strong prices for the basic inserts.

66B-AC Aroldis Chapman, Cincinnati Reds
66B-AG Adrian Gonzalez, Los Angeles Dodgers
66B-AJ Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles
66B-AM Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates
66B-AW Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals
66B-BP Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants
66B-CK Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers
66B-CS Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox
66B-DO David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox
66B-FH Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners
66B-GS Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins
66B-JA Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox
66B-JAL Jose Altuve, Houston Astros
66B-JB Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs
66B-JBA Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays
66B-JF Jose Fernandez, Miami Marlins
66B-MB Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants
66B-MC Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
66B-MT Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels
66B-MTA Masahiro Tanaka, New York Yankees
66B-PG Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks
66B-SS Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals
66B-VM Victor Martinez, Detroit Tigers
66B-YD Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers
66B-YP Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers

A Legend Begins

Where to find them? Target packs.

Store Hopping for the 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Retail Exclusives 2

While it may not have seemed important at the time, 1966 was a passing of the torch of sorts for great pitchers. Sandy Koufax called it a career while a young fireballer made his debut with the New York Mets. Both get their own tribute set in 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball that are similar to the Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson Story sets from 2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball.

A Legend Begins dedicates all 15 of its cards to Nolan Ryan. Although the name suggests an "early years" kind of focus, it's just referring to 1966 being his major league debut. The set delves into key milestones throughout his career.

2015 Topps Heritage A Legend Begins is exclusive to Target packs.

NR-1 Ryan Clinches the NL Pennant
NR-2 Ryan Slams the Door
NR-3 Ryan Tames the Phillies
NR-4 Desperate Measures
NR-5 Ryan One-Ups Koufax
NR-6 Twins Feel the Breeze
NR-7 Nolan No-Nos the Orioles
NR-8 Astros Soar on Ryan's Wing
NR-9 High Five for Ryan
NR-10 Nolan Cops ERA Crown
NR-11 Nolan Roars Past Johnson
NR-12 "Old Man Ryan" Fans 300
NR-13 Nolan Rolls to Win No. 300
NR-14 No-No No. 6 for Ryan
NR-15 Nolan No-Hits Toronto at 44

A Legend Retires

Where to find them? Walmart packs.

Store Hopping for the 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Retail Exclusives 3

A Legend Retires is the same sort of deal as the Nolan Ryan set, only focusing on Dodgers great, Sandy Koufax. This set recaps key moments in his short but storied career as one of the most dominant pitchers ever.

The 15-card set can only be found in 2015 Topps Heritage packs sold at Walmart.

SK-1 Sandy Notches Shutout at 19
SK-2 Teenage Whitewash
SK-3 "Student-Athlete"
SK-4 Koufax Proves He Belongs
SK-5 Sandy Isn't Rusty
SK-6 18 Go Down on Strikes
SK-7 Matty's Mark Falls
SK-9 Sandy Slays the Giants
SK-10 Sandy Pitches L.A. to Title
SK-11 Practically Perfect in Philly
SK-12 Absolute Perfection
SK-13 Koufax Sets Season K Mark
SK-14 Twins Tamed by Koufax
SK-15 One for the Ages


Where to find them? Retail hanger boxes.

Store Hopping for the 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Retail Exclusives 4

In past years, Heritage retail blister packs have been home to exclusive Black cards. The blister packs are gone and so are the Blacks. Instead, 2015 Topps Heritage has hanger boxes. Included in them are foil cards not available anywhere else.

The 2015 Topps Heritage Foil cards parallel the Chrome cards found in hobby packs. The set has a total of 100 cards. Unlike the Chrome cards, Foils are not serial numbered. You can get a full checklist on our 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball profile.

Store Hopping for the 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Retail Exclusives 5Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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A Legend Retires SK-15 is “One for the Ages”

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A Legend Retires SK-14 is “Twins Tamed by Koufax”

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