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2015 The Man Who Fell To Earth Trading Cards - David Bowie Autographs

2015 The Man Who Fell To Earth Trading Cards – David Bowie Autographs

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David Bowie will forever be an icon of the rock and roll era. His music, showmanship, and dedication to his art were rarely paralleled and his successful recording career touched six decades. Often forgotten, though, is Bowie's prolific and lauded acting career which took a giant leap with his starring role in The Man Who Fell To Earth. 2015 The Man Who Fell To Earth trading cards chronicle the sci-fi tale with a full release.

Based on the Walter Tevis novel of the same name, The Man Who Fell To Earth features David Bowie in the role of Thomas Jerome Newton, an alien searching for water to bring back to his home planet. The film, which has become a cult hit and is ranked favorably among critics, earned Bowie a Saturn Award for Best Actor.

In 2015, UK-based manufacturer Unstoppable Cards released a product to commemorate this classic film. Much like the Rittenhouse releases in the United States, Unstoppable Cards issued the product in a very limited quantity — boxes are individually numbered — and has completely sold out their stock. Luckily for collectors of Bowie, science fiction, or British pop culture, there is an active secondary market for this set, including the occasional unopened hobby box.

The base set of 54 cards includes color stills from the film on the front as well as black-and-white images on the rear. Collectors should be able to pull one complete base set out of a typical box and possibly two.

In addition, there is a Gold Foil puzzle chase set of nine cards, as well as Sketch and Film Cel cards, but the crown jewel of this set is the five Autograph cards, two of which are of David Bowie. These cards are incredibly rare and their value is skyrocketing in the wake of Bowie's passing as there are only 50 of each of card. The two Bowie autographs combine to average one per case.

2015 Unstoppable Cards The Man Who Fell To Earth David Bowie Autograph2015 Unstoppable Cards The Man Who Fell To Earth David Bowie Autograph 2

As is the norm for sets like this, there are a number of artist-submitted sketch cards to be found, although they are more rare than the autographs and are not guaranteed per box. There are several promo cards and various printing plates as well.

Also like most entertainment releases, custom binders can also be found but they are limited to just 199 copies and contain two promo cards.

Because of the generous collation of cards, base sets are pretty easy and inexpensive to come by online. Sketch cards, particularly those featuring David Bowie, are generating a much higher asking price and the Bowie autograph cards were already fetching several hundred dollars prior to his passing and will, likely, increase in value at a steady rate as collectors clamor for his memorabilia.

If your only knowledge of Bowie's acting is his role in The Labyrinth, go seek out this film. Blu-ray and DVD copies can be found online for reasonable prices and once you have a better understanding, track down this card set as a tribute to the Thin White Duke.

Product Configuration:  24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack, 12 boxes per case
Price Point: 
Low to Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: 
Set Builders, Entertainment Collectors, David Bowie Collectors

2015 The Man Who Fell to Earth Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 3-4 Gold Foil Puzzle Cards
  • 120 cards

The Man Who Fell To Earth (2016) vinyl 2xLP + 2xCD box set NEW SEALED OST BOWIE $56.51
The Man Who Fell To Earth (2016) vinyl 2xLP + 2xCD box set NEW SEALED OST BOWIE $56.52
DAVID BOWIE The Man Who Fell To Earth OST Euro vinyl 2-LP + 2-CD box set SEALED $56.52
The Man Who Fell To Earth OST David Bowie 2LP, 2CD & Book Box Set - Unopened $50.24
VARIOUS The Man Who Fell To Earth BOX SET LP CD 2016 FREE UK P $57.76

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Set Checklist

2015 The Man Who Fell To Earth Set Checklist

Base Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates
2015 Unstoppable Cards Man Who Fell to Earth Base David Bowie

1 - Official Trading Card Set
2 - Observer
3 - Strange Place
4 - Picked Up
5 - Waiting
6 - Shop Keeper
7 - Passport
8 - Supplies
9 - Thomas Jerome Newton
10 - Oliver Farnsworth
11 - Elaine
12 - Nathan and Elaine
13 - Research
14 - Coppers
15 - Collapsed
16 - What's Wrong?
17 - Mary-Lou
18 - Recovered
19 - Talking
20 - Watching
21 - Day Dreaming
22 - Home
23 - Church
24 - Family
25 - Telescope
26 - Face to Face
27 - Checklist
28 - Thinking
29 - Nathan Visits
30 - Questions
31 - Peters and Farnsworth
32 - Alien Home
33 - Reveal
34 - True Face
35 - Alien
36 - Pre-Flight
37 - Defensestrate
38 - Poolside
39 - Gunplay
40 - Investigate
41 - Memories
42 - Recluse
43 - Nathan and Mary-Lou
44 - Listening
45 - The Visitor
46 - Clapper (Behind the Scenes)
47 - Living Room (Behind the Scenes)
48 - Papers (Behind the Scenes
49 - Tape Decks (Behind the Scenes)
50 - Libation and Lollipop (Behind the Scenes)
51 - Table Tennis (Behind the Scenes)
52 - Helicopter (Behind the Scenes)
53 - Checklist 1-30
54 - Checklist 31-54 and Chase Inserts

Autograph Set Checklist

5 cards. 1:24 packs. Casey has inscriptions.

PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates* (Only select cards)

2013 Unstoppable Cards Man Who Fell To Earth David Bowie Auto

A1 - David Bowie (no hat) #/50
B1 - David Bowie (w/ hat) #/50
MWFRT - Rip Torn*
MWFBC - Bernie Casey*
MWFCC - Candy Clark

Gold Foil Puzzle Cards Set Checklist

9 cards. 1:6 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates

2015 Unstoppable Cards Man Who Fell to Earth Gold Foil David Bowie F4

F1 - Top Right
F2 - Top Middle
F3 - Top Left
F4 - Center Right
F5 - Center Middle
F6 - Center Left
F7 - Bottom Right
F8 - Bottom Middle
F9 - Bottom Left

Sketch Cards Set Checklist

1:36 packs

2013 Unstoppale Cards Man Who Fell To Earth David Bowie Sketch

SK1 - Blue banner
SK2 - White banner

Film Cel Cards Set Checklist

1:72 packs

2015 Unstoppable Cards Man Who Fell To Earth Film Cell David Bowie

FC1 - Film Cell Card

Promo Set Checklist

7 cards. Available separately.
2013 Unstoppable Cards Man Who Fell to Earth Promo David Bowie

MP1 - Dealer Promo #/100
NSP1 - Coming Soon #/100
PR1 - Strictly Ink Promo
PR1 - Right profile
PR2 - Coming Soon (Mountains)
RC-P1 - Dealer Promo
RTP1 - Coming Soon #/100

Preview Set Checklist

6 cards. Available separately. Issued in 2013.

P1 - Thomas Newton
P2 - Mary-Lou
P3 - Arms Crossed
P4 - Wind-Blown
P5 - Fedora
P6 - In Bed

Tony Frye  |  E-Mail Author
Tony is a musician and writer in the SF bay area and is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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