2015 Star Wars Celebration Funko Exclusives Guide

2015 Star Wars Celebration Funko Exclusives Guide

The Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim brings together thousands of fans, artists, filmmakers and hype. And, being Star Wars, there's lots of merch as well. The 2015 Star Wars Celebration Funko exclusives put spins on several existing figures to tackle some of the franchise's more obscure characters.

So far, the company has announced four new Pop! Star Wars figures available nowhere else as well as the first chance to own an Unmasked Vader Pop! vinyl figure. They've also got four premium Hikari figures.

R2-Q5, Shock Trooper and E-3PO are the Pop! exclusives available at the Funko booth along with the first-to-market Unmasked Vader. R2-R9 is available at Toy Tokyo's booth at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration.

The Unmasked Vader Pop is the same as the one that will eventually be offered in a mass market version. However, the box does have a sticker noting it came from the event.

The exclusive Hikari variations are all limited edition figures with production runs ranging from 500 to 1,000. These are Japanese-style figures with wild patterns instead of traditional paint jobs.

Rounding out the Funko Star Wars Celebration exclusives are a pair of Super Shogun figures. Both the Shadow Trooper and Boba Fett stand two-feet tall. They're modeled in the form of Japanese robots, kind of like if the Power Rangers were to go to a galaxy far, far away.

The 2015 Star Wars Celebration runs from April 16-19.

Pop Exclusives

2015 Star Wars Celebration Funko Pop! Exclusives

41 R2-Q5

2015 Star Wars Celebration Funko Exclusive Pop Star Wars 41 R2-Q5

42 Shock Trooper

Funko Pop Star Wars 42 Shock Trooper

43 Unmasked Vader

Funko Pop Star Wars 43 Unmasked Vader SW Celebration

44 R2-R9 - Toy Tokyo Booth

Funko Pop Star Wars 44 R2-R9

46 E-3PO

Funko Pop Star Wars 46 E-3PO

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Hikari Excluisves

Matte Black Boba Fett - #/1,000

2015 Star Wars Celebration Funko Boba Fett Black Matte Hikari

Star Clone Trooper - #/1,000

Verdigris Greedo - #/500

Icy Stormtrooper - #/750

2015 Star Wars Celebration Funko Icy Stormtrooper Hikari

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Super Shogun Exclusives

Super Shogun Boba Fett

Funko Star Wars Super Shogun Boba Fett

Super Shogun Shadow Trooper

Funko Star Wars Super Shogun Shadow Trooper

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  1. Were any of these shared exclusives or did Funko only start doing that after 2015?

  2. LemansPower: Looks like most were shared and Unmasked Vader had a wide release.

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